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Date: October 1965
Location: Ermington Devon England
Time: morning
Summary: A Mrs G, while hanging clothes in her backyard, saw a blue light whirling towards her from the north. It hovered over the garden, and the woman was extremely frightened, and dropped her washing. The she was enveloped in bubbles of light, and she saw three humanoid beings, about 5 feet tall, dressed in bluish metallic like clothing. They said nothing but took the woman by the arms and all were lifted up into a kind of room. There were more of these beings there. A little later she found herself back in her yard, at which time she felt a sharp blow on the back of her neck, which stunned her. She then noticed the UFO departing at high speed.
Source:  Bernard Delair

Date: October 1965
Location: Morales, San Luis PotosiMexico
Time: daytime
Summary: Francisco Estrada Acosta had gone out on a small game hunting expedition near a local mining area; he followed the local Santiago River and arrived at the San Jose dam. There while bending down collecting rocks for his slingshot he felt the presence of someone standing next to him. Standing up he was startled to see a tall figure with a large oval-shaped head huge reddish phosphorescent eyes and a large toad-like mouth. The strange humanoid extended a “flipper” like hand to Acosta and touched one of Acosta’s hands on his palm, the touch felt cold and scaly like that of a reptile or an amphibian. Terrified, Acosta stepped back and ran like a man possessed from the area, looking back he noticed that the creature had membrane wing-like protrusions on its back and was apparently preparing to leave the area also.
Source: Luis Ramirez Reyes, “Contacto Mexico”

Date: October 1965
Location: Mexico City Mexico
Time: evening
Summary: At 0430A a man and his wife had stepped out to empty an ashbin on a nearby empty lot when they saw a bright orange disc shaped object flying low over the area. Two days later at the local Tacubaya Plaza, witnesses saw four very tall human like figures, 2 meters in height. They wore tight-fitting silvery clothing, with knee high boots. They had long silvery hair and large slanted eyes. They remained silent and did not speak to anybody. Several witnesses followed the strangers until they disappeared from view. They were apparently seen again around 2000.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  October 1965
Location:  Lake Norman, NC
Summary:  Light plane encounters three UFOs over McGuire Nuclear Power Station.

Date: October 1965: Saucer-shaped UFO seen in Western Pennsylvania

Date: October 1965
Location: Pocomoke Forest Maryland
Time: night
Summary:  Several men were in a wooded area near a local poultry farm when they noticed a glow among the trees. Their dogs began barking and then they noticed four or five whitish glowing figures with large egg shaped heads. The witnesses fled the scene in terror.
Source:Mark Chorvinsky & Mark Opsasnick, Strange Magazine # 5

Date: October 1965
Location: Monaca Pennsylvania
Time: 2100
Summary: The witness was returning home when he noticed a strange object in a hayfield, and stopped his car to observe it better. It was about 45 ft in diameter and 20 ft high, shaped like an inverted bowl, and dull silver in color. In the upper part were three portholes, in one of which a dark shadow could be seen moving about. The object seemed to rest on 8 to 10 beams of light. The witness drove off and returned with his wife, at which time the object rose vertically and flew off. At the site he later found a perforated disc of stainless steel 20” in diameter.
Source:  Stan Gordon, Mufon Skylook # 84

Date: October 1 1965
Location:  Aguas Blancas Salta Argentina
Time: unknown
Summary: A schoolchild, Luis Ramirez, and two girls, Maria Abela Cabana and Rosa Carbajac, were on their way to a local reservoir to get water when they came upon a gigantic being that rolled on the ground and then disappeared in a cloud of dust.
Source:  The Humanoids Citing newspaper source

Date:  October 2 1965
Time: Oct. 2, 1965; Salem, Massachusetts (BB)
8:20 a.m. EDT. James Centorino was riding his bicycle and observed a cigar-shaped object that was apparently hovering approximately 15 feet above the three smoke stacks of the N.E. Power Station. The object had a white light on both ends and a slight hump towards the rear and was approximately 20-30 feet long. He was facing ESE while viewing the object. James rode to within 500 feet of the power plant to investigate. At this time the object rose up approximately 100 feet and moved off to the SSW as the lights went out on the object. That evening the Coast Guard and Salem police had received telephone calls reporting a strange object hovering over the power plant. (Reference: Raymond E. Fowler, UFOs: INTERPLANETARY VISITORS, page 91-93)

Date: October 4 1965
Location:  Toquepala Peru
Time: 0200A
Summary: A night security guard at a local mine reported seeing a landed luminous disc shaped object. A short humanoid figure briefly exited the craft then went back in. Others in the region reported nightly flights of large lighted disc shaped objects.
Source:  Fabio Picasso

Date:  October 4 1965
Location: Santiago De Estero Salta Argentina
Time: morning
Summary: Three schoolchildren, Santos Vallejo, Antonia Aparti and Adela Sanchez, were on their way to school when, passing through a wooded hill, they encountered “several creatures of short stature, greenish skin, and only remotely resembling human beings,” who tried to catch them; they fled in terror to the school.
Source:  The Humanoids by Hanlon

Date: October 4 1965
Location: Rio Vista California
Time: evening
Summary: During the evening, Mrs Betty Valine was sitting outside with her 12-year old son Robbie when they sighted a large plate shaped machine with a dome on top. Inside this dome stood three “people,” plainly visible. No other information.
Source:  Jerome Clark, FSR Vol. 10 # 3

Date:  October 4 1965
Location:  West Middletown to Poast Town, Ohio (BBU 10066)
Time:  6:45 p.m. 
Summary:  Mrs. Helen Tucker and 3 teenage girls driving in a car turned S onto Brown’s Run Road and saw a bright, flashing red and white object, at one point with sparks shooting off. As they drove W to Poast Town, the object stopped flashing and appeared steady red and white (and possibly bluish) and began moving fast (to the SW?) toward the airport, then it landed past Carmody Blvd. on the river bank but before reaching the airport, where it looked like a Christmas tree (lights?), a winged­ fuselage object with a possible cockpit dome, then lifted off like a helicopter and looked like (red?) “hot metal.” (Case data missing.)
Source:   Berliner; Middletown Journal, Oct. 5, 1965


Date: October 7 1965
Location: Heytesbury England
Time: 2332
Summary: Annabelle Randall & John Plowman were driving at night when at a railway bridge they nearly ran over a figure sprawling beside the road, his legs in the road. They stopped & ran back, but no one was there.
Source: Arthur Shuttlewood

Date:  October 7, 1965: Edwards AFB visited by UFOs – The Incident

Date: October 8 1965
Location: Near Norton Bravant England
Time: 0025A
Summary: Annabelle Randall was driving back along the same road as before, when at the same bridge she saw beside the railway embankment a large brilliant orange-glowing ball. Her headlights dimmed, and her engine began to miss. Then she noticed an unlit circular object beside the road. The luminous ball then moved in front of her car, red & blue sparks flying from its spinning rim; it turned bright crimson, & flew off. When it moved, her engine stopped. Immediately after this, she saw 2 people in the middle of the road, wearing dark balaclava hoods & dark skin tight clothing like frogmen, which glistened as though wet below the thighs. Her engine now working again, she swerved to avoid them, just barely missing them, and drove on.
Source:  Arthur Shuttlewood

Date:  October 14 1965
Location:  Sawyer AFB, Mich.      BBU
Time:  7:50 p.m. EST 
Summary:  The pilot, Capt. Dewaine P. Jensen, and co-pilot of a KC-135 tanker observed a sharply outlined colored light in the western sky on top of an overcast. At first the light was white and then it turned red and brilliant red when it accelerated away. The object had the ability to accelerate rapidly but at first it appeared stationary. Thinking that the light might be a Cessna 172 aircraft reported to be lost in the area, the KC-135 was give permission to descend to 13,000 feet and investigate. The KC-135 seemed to be closing on the light. At that time the light appeared to climb and accelerate away. The effort to identify the object was discontinued as the light continued to accelerate and climb away on a SW course. The KC-135 crew stated that the performance of the sighted object far surpassed that of any aircraft known to the crew. The sighting lasted for approximately 5-10 minutes.
Source:  McDonald list


Date: October 17 1965
Location:  Near Farellones, Parcela Rucacura, Chile
Time: unknown
Summary: A young student, Hector Abarca, who suffered from poliomyelitis, was walking home when he reported being enveloped by a strange cloud or fog. He was reportedly carried away for a short distance, but does not remember much of the incident. No other information.
Source: Ovnis Extraterrestres y Otros en Chile


Date: October 21 1965
Location: Saint George, Minnesota   BB
Summary: At least five witnesses reported seeing this glowing ball of light over Minnesota in 1965. The incident was investigated by the U.S. Air Force but never explained. Sheriff’s deputy Arthur Strauch drew this picture of the object he photographed in St. George, Minnesota, in 1965. (Strauch’s photograph appears on page 315.) The craft was also seen by his wife, his son and two friends. Strauch stated: “The round top of the dome was a metallic-silver gray that reflected the rays of the setting sun, turning the object into a large orange ball. Surrounding the dome were four small portholes that emitted a bright yellow light. Just below the window or ports was an area that glowed a light blue. This light seemed to be a reflection of some inner light or perhaps exhaust. From the edge of the blue light’s reflection to the edge of the flat saucer-like surface (outer edge), the outer ring was rotating counterclockwise, causing it to throw it off an aurora or halo of light that changed from orange to white with an overall tinge of blue and green. The extreme outer edge of the saucer glowed a bright orange, and this part did not move or rotate.” – Coral & Jim Lorenzen

Date:  October  1965

Date: October 21 1965
Location: Guaymallen, Mendoza, Argentina
Time: 0100A
Summary: A man named Quinteros reported that he heard loud knocks at his front door and when he opened the door he was confronted by a strange “deformed” being that emitted loud guttural sounds and struck him with a “metal wand,” however according to Quinteros the blows did not hurt. The bizarre being also emitted flames that did not burn. According to local police the witness had numerous scratches on his body.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: October 22 1965
Location: Canhotinho Pernambuco Brazil
Time: noon
Summary: Jose Camilho, a mechanic, came upon two small men sitting on a stump; when they jumped to their feet, he saw that they were only 31-35 inches tall. Their hair was white, their heads rather large, with slanted eyes, and their complexions brown and wrinkled; one, who had a sparse beard, wore a cap. One wore shiny clothing, blue and green, as well as a broad luminous “belt” across his chest, which emitted dazzling flashes of yellow, purple and green light. The other carried a rod-shaped object like a long flashlight. Between them stood a cylindrical object 4 ft tall and 6” wide; the man with the flashing light grabbed this and ran off with it, staggering and bumping against his companion. At about this same time, two local people reported seeing a luminous object fly over.
Source: The Humanoids, quoting newspaper source

Date: October 23 1965
Location: Long Prairie Minnesota   BBU
Time: 1915
Summary: James F. Townsend, 19, was driving outside Long Prairie when his engine failed and his headlights went out. 20 ft ahead, in the middle of the road, was a metallic rocket shaped object illuminated “as bright as the sunlight,” 30-40 ft high, and standing on leg-like fins about 10 ft wide. He got out of his car to go up to it, but stopped upon seeing three tiny entities emerge from behind the object and approach him. Not more than six inches high, they looked like tin beer cans with matchstick legs and arms. After a confrontation of about three minutes, they went back to the object and a few seconds later it began to rise slowly. When it had attained some altitude the car’s lights and motor both came back on. Three streaks of an oil-like substance were later found at the site.
Source: Sheriff James Bain, Jerome Clark in FSR Vol. 10 # 3 & Apro

Date:  October  1965

Date: October 29 1965
Location: Near Vaggaro Sweden
Time: 2200
Summary: A married couple had parked their car on the road near a hillside to practice meditation sitting in their car. The woman had received a “mental” impression that they should visit the spot in question on the evening and that they ought to be careful “because there is a fight for power going on the earth.” As they parked, they spotted about 5 or 6 small creatures in the twilight falling over the nearby field. They were floating in the air at a continuous speed and came up to the car, at times approaching very close to the witnesses. The creatures moved around the car, one by one, not in a group. They were between 120 and 150 cm tall with oversized heads and glowing eyes. The eyes had a reddish, phosphorus glow and lacked pupils. The battery radio in the back seat was playing all the time while they watched the creatures. A while later the creatures disappeared and then suddenly the car jolted and the radio turned on, roaring. Extremely frightened the witnesses hid under the dashboard, thinking the car would break into pieces. The incident lasted for about five minutes. They arrived at home at 0400A, which seems to indicate a considerable loss of time, but the couple does not want to relive the incident under hypnotic regression. They went back to the site the following day but found no traces.
Source: Sven Olof Svensson 

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