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Date: January 1969
Location: Pirassununga Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A large circular object descended slowly and landed on the grass near some farm animals. Three men wearing white uniforms and helmets emerged from the craft. One carried an object resembling a pair of binoculars, the second a large bright “lantern”, and the third carried some type of cartridge. There was a red luminous light source on top of the object. The object later took off at high speed.
Source: J Antonio Huneeus, Fate December 1993 Quoting SIOANI Brazil

Date:  January 1969
Location: Uruapan, Mexico
Time: afternoon
Summary: Seven-year-old Maria Del Carmen Ocampo was strolling in the woods when she observed a being materialize in front of her. The being was described as a beautiful female wearing a shiny dress that identified herself as the “Virgin of Guadalupe.” The girl was sick for several days after the encounter.
Source: Keel, Operation Trojan Horse

Date: January 1969
Location: Domback, Angermanland Sweden
Time: evening
Summary: Gottfried Olsson was looking out the window of his home when he saw a strange humanoid standing on the side of the road. It appeared to be as big as a human and lighted. It was about the length and width as an ordinary human, having the shoulder part clearly marked, so was his lower part, somewhat like a box. Its head had dim contours and appeared hazy. It stood perfectly still for about 3 minutes radiating a strong red/white light except for a vertical blue line on the middle. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash and the figure disappeared.
Source: John Magor, Aliens Above Always

Date: January 1969
Location: Gines-Sevilla Spain
Time: night
Summary: Two reputable bank officials, in a car, saw a strange creature, about 10-feet tall, green in color, and with two protruding antennas on the head area walking alongside of the road on the embankment. They “suffered a nervous shock” and would not talk about the incident. No other information.
Source: Jose Darnaude

Date: January 1969
Location: Whangamata New Zealand
Time: 2200
Summary: A man and his wife were strolling on the beach, when suddenly they felt an uncanny silence and a strange oppressive feeling. Then 4-6 tall figures floated down some nearby sand hills and approached them. The figures were dressed completely in black, with no visible face, arms, or feet. Then a large dark gray balloon like object appeared nearby, it had a flat bottom. Both witnesses turned and ran.
Source: Keith Basterfield, Mufon UFO Journal # 177

Date: January 1969
Location: Near Haymarket Virginia
Time: night
Summary: Four men were in a farm when they heard a peculiar rushing sound coming from near a small lake. Grabbing flashlights they set out to investigate taking a couple of dogs with them. Suddenly the dogs howled and ran away. The men then noticed standing by a tree a huge dark man like figure with wing like protrusions and large red orange eyes. The men fled the area in their vehicle.
Source: John Keel, Fate November 1992

Date: January 1969
Location: Los Alisos Jujuy Argentina
Time: late night
Summary: A farmer felt a powerful odor apparently emanating from outside, going outside to investigate he came upon two short green skinned humanoids with large luminous eyes.
The two beings were gesticulating and were walking towards the witness. The frightened witness ran inside and locked the door.
Source: Hector P Anganuzzi, Historia de Los Platos Voladores en Argentina

Date: early January 1969
Location: Edina Missouri
Time: night
Summary: Adeline Davis had been asleep when she suddenly found herself sitting up in bed; looking out the window. Outside, about 6 feet away, she saw a curious object, shaped like two deep bowls put together rim-to-rim but separated in the connecting mid-section by a band of windows; the object was resting on 3 legs, and its color was dark, olive green. The window directly facing her was lit up, and inside was visible an occupant, apparently working on something below the level of the window. Mrs Davis pinched her arm to be sure she was not dreaming, and went to bathe her face in water. The figure looked up and, apparently seeing the witness, showed surprise; then he reached up for something and the object began backing away slowly from the house, just above the ground. From its bottom projected a “bent” white beam of light. The object then moved out of Mrs Davis’s view around the corner of the house. In the morning the electrical clocks were all 20 minutes slow; her neighbors apparently had no such power failure in their homes.
Source: Ted Phillips for Apro

Date: January 5 1969
Location: Near HaltwhistleNorthumberland, England
Time: noon
Summary: On December 29 1968 the witness, Mr. D Robson, (a National Trust) employee was on patrol along the Roman wall, which is near the town and was sitting at the top of Winshields Crags listening to the radio when he glanced up at a sparrow-hawk which was hovering above him, and in a break in the clouds there appeared a silvery disc, which was coming down very fast but with no noise. It was spinning very fast, trailing smoke. At first he thought it was a plane but when it was at about 1000 ft from the ground it leveled off and went away to the north. He must have followed it for about 12 miles when it suddenly just nose dived out of sight. The witness decided to go and looked for the object the next Saturday (January 5). After covering about 10 miles he discovered the object in a piece of marshy ground between two hills. It was a silver disc-shaped object that was sticking out of the bog, half in. He hurried down to where it was and discovered that the object must have been around 100ft in diameter. It resembled a huge spinning top. He noticed an open doorway, which was open so he walked in. Inside he encountered a “fantastic” sight, all the walls were a mass of equipment. Everything appeared to be working, lights flashing and weird noises, but not a sign of life. As he walked back to the door he noticed the door was half submerged in the bog. The object was sinking se he jumped out. He thought it was going to disappear but it stopped, leaving about 2 ft sticking out of the marsh. He was disappointed that he had not managed to pick anything up before it went under. Later after being interviewed by the police, the witness admitted that he had made the whole story up, that he had only seen the UFO in flight. (Why did the witness made the story up in the first place?).
Source: Andy Roberts

Date: January 6 1969: Jimmy Carter’s UFO Sighting

Date: January 6 1969
Location: Pontejos Santander Spain
Time: 2115
Summary: Maren Merino was working in the kitchen of a small café owned by her family when she looked out the kitchen window and sees an intense brilliance but originally does not give it any importance. Her daughter, 25-year old Felicidad Fernandez Merino then enters the kitchen and also looks out the window and observes the light. Felicidad asks her mother about the light, but this one continues to ignore the light, thinking that it was something abnormal she yells out to two other women, including a woman called Paquita. All three women then open the window and observe an incredible scene, on a field about 30 meters in distance, hovering about 3 meters from the ground they see a luminous square of four to five meters wide, intensely illuminated with a light of orange-white color. Inside the luminous square they see the silhouette of man walking about. Suddenly from the right another similar figure appears and both walk towards the left side of the luminous square. Then from the opposite of the square three more squares appear, thus making a total of five figures within the luminous square. By now the witnesses are totally fascinated and cry out to the beings, they are now joined by another witness, 35-year old Antonio. At this moment Antonio looks out the window and the craft disappears from sight. According to the witnesses the movements of the humanoids was somehow mechanical, with arms straight on their sides without any apparent joint movement. The beings were tall and very well built, with normal features, chestnut-color hair and light skin. They wore something similar to dark or black, very tight-fitting coveralls with sleeves and turtlenecks. The incident lasted for about 5 minutes. Suddenly as the witnesses look for the object a small shiny sphere descended from the middle of the air falling to the soil in a curvilinear trajectory, the body of the UFO also became visible clearly displaying the shiny square section and the section of the object hat had remained invisible to the witnesses thus far, it was an ash-silver color, lightly fluorescent half spherical cupola. The object then rose slowly and disappeared very quickly leaving behind a brilliant greenish track that persisted for about 15 minutes after the object left.
Source: Manuel Pedrajo, Ballester-Olmos

Date:  January 12 1969
Location: Mount Misery, Long Island New York
Time: 0800A
Summary: Two local UFO investigators had driven into an isolated area in order to photograph the landscape. They were now on foot near a wooded hill when they caught sight of a tall human like figure that apparently had a disfigured face and long wild black hair, he also wore a long black garment. The being upon seeing the witnesses retreated silently into the woods without attempting to communicate.
Source: John A Keel, Strange Mutants

Date: January 14 1969
Location: Near Childers Queensland Australia
Time: 0430A
Summary: George Vas and his wife and 2 daughters were asleep in their trailer when they were awakened by the barking of their dog, and heard a loud noise like the buzzing of a swarm of wasps. It came from an object shaped like a sombrero, 25-30 yards in diameter, which was brilliantly violet-luminous. From the craft descended three beings “about 3 times as large as humans,” which had “blocky arms and legs and shapeless bodies,” and emitted a purple and yellow glow. For about 10 minutes they gathered sugar cane and other plant specimens, without concern for the observers. Olga Vas said that the beings descended from the larger craft in a small object similar in shape. At one point one of the entities moved close enough to the group for Mr. Vas to call out in alarm; the ‘spaceman” showed no concern and, after picking up several rocks, moved away. They re-entered their craft and the object took off vertically; as it did so, the hair on the witnesses’ bodies stood up “as if affected by a form of magnetism.”
Source: Keith Basterfield

Date: January 15 1969
Location: Isla Del Altar, El Salvador
Time: afternoon
Summary: After feeling a burning sensation from a ring given to him by a presumed extraterrestrial, that was to signify an upcoming contact, Ludwig Pallmann took his motorboat to a local sandy beach. There he noticed that several huge concentric circles ruffled the normally placid waters of the lake. Shortly after that, he encountered the human like humanoid named Satu Ra, who he had met on previous occasions. Satu Ra was sitting motionless on nearby rock. Ra was inexpressively sad and was wearing dark green coveralls, a broad instrument belt on which was a much larger device that the one he usually carried. The stunned Pallmann was told that another extraterrestrial, which he knew, Xiti, among others, had been killed. Supposedly a disaster had befallen and expedition on another planet. Shortly after this encounter locals reported observing a silvery disc shaped object hovering over the capital San Salvador.
Source: Timothy Good, Alien Base

Date: January 15 1969
Location: Las Pajanosas Sevilla Spain
Time: 2030
Summary: An anonymous man driving from Extremadura stopped and got out to investigate a light seen nearby on the ground. When he got to within 600 ft of it he could see an illuminated rectangle in which several figures were seen passing by. A dog that was watching the light had its hair raised and was growling softly. Alarmed, the witness left the scene. When he returned a few days later with a friend, 3 apparent landing marks, 6 ft apart, were found at the site.
Source: Felipe Laffitte

Date: Jan 17, 1969
Location: Crittenden, VA BBU 12607
Time: 3:24 a.m.
Summary: Mr. Roman Lupton, test facility mechanic.  Several amber lights–one of them blinking–in an elliptical formation, flew forward slowly while moving up and down, then turned and disappeared after 2 minutes.  Made a humming sound.

Date: January 25 1969
Location: Jales Sao Paulo Brazil
Time: 2230
Summary: In the suburbs of Jales, a flying saucer landed on a roadside, and two occupants were seen. They were 5 ft tall, dressed in white, bareheaded, and apparently normal human beings. The disc, which stood on a central column, left a crater 20” deep.
Source: Nigel Rimes, FSR Special Bulletin # 3

Date: Jan. 25, 1969
Location: Plattville, IL
Time: 12:30 & 1:00 AM. 
Summary: A couple was driving home. She had picked her husband up after he had injured himself on a construction project and he was asleep in the front seat. She saw a bright light ahead of her and approaching. As it neared, it was revealed to be like a giant “ice-cream cone” traveling round end first. They were very near home, on the last roadway in fact. The object came to a halt over their landlord’s house nearby. It then hovered at treetop level and reoriented itself with the point of the cone upwards. The thing was tremendous, perhaps between two and three stories high. It had a surface consisting of “paneling” each slab of which was the same bright white illumination. At the “bottom” [around the circular end of the cone], was a wide strip of multicolored lights, sparkling like jewels. The bottom “flat” area was mainly open and when the object tipped, it revealed a large dull light within and walls the color of iron ore. At one point, a panel on the surface swung out and closed again without anything else noticeably happening. All this of course was bizarre and mystifying but the worst was yet to come. The car engine died and the lights went out. The car rolled to a stop. The wife also noticed that all the outdoor farm security lights were out as well. And then…the front end of the car began to rise off the ground! “I thought: it”s going to pull us up inside it !” She frantically tried to restart the car, shouting as she did so. This woke up her husband to what was probably the strangest situation he ever had to rapidly adjust to. [the car was, by the way, a Chrysler Imperial; no lightweight]. He was nearly blinded by the brilliance of the object but recovered to try to help his panicking wife–himself ineffectively trying to restart the car. Both of them then felt the car lowering, ending in a final quite noticeable “bump” as the front end hit the road. The object rose and flew away to their northwest [they had been facing north]. The car was able to be restarted, and the farm security lights came back on. The couple drove the short distance to their landlords’ home and told the story. The lady of the house said that she had seen a very bright flash of light that illuminated the interior of her house; however, none of the lights in her home were affected. To those who may be interested, a diagram of the object, “cleaned up” from the witness’ drawing, has been attempted by this reporter (Michael Swords) and is appended to this case. Plattville stands as one of the best “mass-displacement” cases in the literature [due to multiple credible witnesses and some degree of corroberation] and is one of a handful of incidents which make researchers wonder if some sort of control or unexpected counteraction of gravity is possible with these objects. 
Source: Mike Swords; Reference:  Fred Merritt. Narrative and report of investigation of the case (with J. Allen Hynek) , undated c.1973, Hynek/CUFOS files

Date: January 31 1969
Location: Alexandria Brazil
Time: 2000
Summary: A small “astro ship” approached General Moacyr Uchoa and his investigating team on Wilson P Gusmao’s Alexania Fazenda, where UFO phenomena had been frequent for more than a year. It made some maneuvers, then landed 100 yards away. Gusmao left the group and walked up to within a yard of the vessel, which he found to, be only 6.5 ft long and 3 ft wide, hovering 18” above the ground. A door opened, and a crewmember stood up in the entrance. He looked at Gusmao while manipulating something on his belt, which Gusmao thought was a camera. Then he turned his back, and “as if obeying an order, a big light arose from the nearby ridge.” The man then again faced Gusmao; he put his hand to his belt again, which caused a luminous halo to surround his body. After this the onlookers could see him only as a ball of light. Then, with a little gesture, he slipped down again into the craft, which took off rapidly.
Source: SBEDV and General Moacyr Uchoa

Date:  January 1969

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