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Date: April 1970
Location: Near Madison Wisconsin
Time: night
Summary: Raymond Shearer, a Madison lawyer, drove beneath a hovering light that produced static on the car radio and a sensation of heat. When he was nearly home, he had an impulse to turn onto a dead-end gravel road leading into a marshland. On the road was an aluminum like UFO 100-125 ft in diameter, sitting on 3 legs, with a row of blinking lights around it. The witness got to within 15 ft of it and was starting to back up when his car engine stopped, the headlights went out, and the radio stopped playing. Then he remembered nothing more until he reached home, at dawn. On the back of his neck was a painful welt. In the weeks that followed, he neglected his practice and got into politics. Under hypnotic regression, later, it was revealed that he had been taken on board the UFO and had had an extensive conversation with the occupants, who were human-like and wore white coverall type uniforms with black belts, and who were “collecting specimens.” Inside the UFO it was cold. He was told they came from another galaxy, used antigravity motors, and traveled faster than light. Following these hypnotic revelations, his life returned to normal.
Source: Eric Norman, Saga Magazine May 1973

Date: April 6, 1957
Location: Puerto Rico
Time: ll and l1:15 a.m,
Summary: UFO Phenomenon in Puerto Rico APRO’S Representative in Puerto Rico, Sebastian Robiou L., recently sent Headquarters his full reports on several investigations into UFO incidents on that Caribbean island. Below are summaries of two of his reports. The latest incident took place between 11 am and 11:15 a.m, (local time) on the 6 of April, 1967, near Tortuguero, while two Cessna 150 aircraft were flying under unlimited visibility conditions. Aircraft A contained a flight instructor, whose name cannot be published, and flight student Alvaro Munoz. The names of the instructor and student aboard aircraft B cannot be published. Aircraft A and B were flying in formation at 3,000 feet in an east-northeast direction, north of Vega Baja, on the nodh coast of Puerto Rico- Aircraft A was slightly ahead and 1,000 feet above aircraft B. Wh e student Munoz was practicing “blind flying,” his instructor observed an unidentified object behind and below aircraft B. He called the pilot of aircraft B, who then commenced a l80o turn, at which the UFO dropped sharply (estimated about 200 feet above sea level and passed under aircraft b without the pilot seeing it . Aircraft A continued its normal route and the pilot observed the UFO pass him on the north side, He pointed the object out to Munoz, who exclaimed (in Spanish): “My God! Thats a flying saucer!” The pilot then told Munoz not to loose sight of the object while he piloted the Cessna. M unoz got a good look at it as it passed on their north side, about 1,500 feet below them, while the pilot was attempting a tum to brine the object closer, The descending turn increased the speed of the Cessna tom 90 mph to l4o mph, while the UFO appeared to be moving at least double their speed. The pilot of Aircraft A leveled the Cessna out and the UFO made a sudden 90o turn without any pre-deceleration and disappeared. The pilot of aircraft B was meanwhile terminating his tur: neither the pilot or the student aboard saw the UFO, The total sighting lasted between 15 and 20 seconds The two witnesses aboard atcraft A described the UFO as “oval, not round” and with a dull-white, metal color, Comparing its approximate size to the Cessna B, the UFO was estimated to be 60 feet long (3 times that of a Cessna 150). It had an apparent size of 8 inches at arm’s length. The two witnesses did not observe any other structural details on the object but they described it as” solid” and following “intelligent maneuvers, not erratic.” Upon landing at San Juan, Munoz called his wife to tell her about the sighting, which she confirmed to Representative Rabiou. Munoz, who is now a flight instructor with the Isla Grande Flying School and Service Corp., says that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gathered data on the sighting after it happened, but stated that they had not tracked any unidentified object at the time. Representative Robiou, who calls this “one of the most interesting UFO cases in Puerto Rico,” notes that the pilot-instructor of Aircraft A does not want publicity; Munoz is more cooperative. Neither took UFOs seriously before their observation. Mr. Robiou’s conclusion is: “If we accept the statements of the witnesses as true, as they seem to be, we cannot find any explanation within our frame of knowledge. The object seen by the witnesses deserves the title: Unidentified Flying Object.”
Source: APRO

Date: April 10 1970
Location: Shawnee National Park Illinois
Time: 2030
Summary: A man driving along the perimeter of the park suddenly experienced total engine failure. As soon as he stepped out to investigate the problem, a strange creature attacked him. The being was six-foot tall, black, upright and with greenish glowing almond shaped eyes. The creature knocked the witness to the ground and began wrestling with him. The creature appeared cat like and gave off a musty odor. The headlights of an approaching truck apparently frightened the creature away and the witness only suffered superficial wounds from the creature’s claws.
Source: Ian Blake, UFO Universe July 1990, quoting Creatures of the outer Edge

Date: April 15, 1970
Location: Mar del Plata, Argentina
Summary: Daylight disc photo similar to August 3, 1965, Santa Ana, CA, photos.
Source: UFOE II, Section VII

Date: April 15 1970
Location: Kursu, Salla, Finland
Time: 1700
Summary: Locally well known and former respected athlete Kalle Tiihonen had just come from the sauna and was drinking coffee in the kitchen when he heard a sound resembling that of a swarm of bees, which was also heard by other members of the family. Then he had a feeling that someone was staring at him from the door, which was behind him. He turned and saw on the doorstep a small creature about 120cm in height, clad in a tight fitting shining green suit and helmet. The creature had large, very dark eyes, with a human look. Tiihonen thought that the creature did not come in through the door since he would have heard any noise. For some moments they stared at each other speechless and then Tiihonen asked the creature where he was from. “From the space” was the answer. Tiihonen was unsure if he heard it or if it was a mental message. In an effort to make conversation Tiihonen asked the alien if the Apollo 13 astronauts (then stranded in space) would get back home safely. “Yes they will”, was the answer. Tiihonen spoke of other subjects for some time with the humanoid but could not recall later what he spoke about, other than the humanoid promised to return. The humanoid then stepped back and disappeared in an instant, at this point the witness also heard the noise resembling a swarm of bees. Tiihonen’s 8-year old son was sitting in another room during the encounter and heard his father talking to someone, but the dividing wall kept him from seeing the humanoid. However, he had seen a bright object land on the grass outside through the window and also saw it lift up. Tiihonen ran to the sauna where his wife was and told her about his observation. After the incident, Tiihonen was unable to sleep for three nights in a row, and experienced a sort of malaise for over a week.
Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland

Date: April 20, 1970
Location: Near Evansville IN
Time: 4:10 p.m. 10 minutes.
Summary: Saucer shaped object above cornfield. 
Source: NUFORC

Date: April 24 1970
Location: Kristiansand Norway
Time: 2020
Summary: Four people observed a donut-shaped object above Tronstad Hill; entities could be seen inside the object. The UFO had 7 projections ending in small spheres, which melted the snow. No other information.
Source: Mark Rodeghier & Bernard Delair

Date: April  1970

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