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Date: December 7 1970
Location: Vader Washington
Time: 0715A
Summary: After finding huge mysterious footprints in their property three days before, the witnesses watched a very bright object approaching their house. It seemed to have a central dome with a revolving ring around it and was deep orange in the center. The craft now slightly tilted to one side, hovered briefly above some nearby power lines, the craft then became brighter then made a low sweep over the area. Before leaving two of the witnesses saw what appeared to be a gray colored “shape” drop from the object and scurry away into the woods. Later that week a mysterious dark “prowler” was seen peering through windows.
Source:Loren Coleman, Mysterious America

Date: December 15 1970
Location:  Flisa, Solør, Hedemark Norway
Time:  00:40
Summary: 3 disks with firetails,moving quite fast over a mountain, went vertically up in a flash and disappeared. I am not sure of the year or date, it was after midnight, somewhere between 1969-72, I was very young maybe 8-10 years old, parents witnessed. We came home from my aunt and uncle and it was no other vehicle around. When I saw it, I told my parents to stop the car and shut the lights off. I felt instinctively it was what we had to do. We watched the objects flowing over the small mountain range for maybe 3-4 minutes. It was absolutely silent. They were quite distant, but anyway, the winter night and cold had brought sound if there were any. SInce this wasn’t any fantasy objects, and no outrageous things beyond this happened, I believe it is a trustworthy sight, and not some exaggerated nonsense. No big deal, but we saw them. They were not aviation or other. Just three ufo, that’s that. No sound, clear winter cold sky. — — — formation, firetails which started somewhere in the middle of the crafts could have been from a jet, but it wasn’t. The speed of disappearance was to fast, and they just went straight up to the universe in a faster than eye flash. Well, it was not a special thing beside of I saw what I saw, and can’t deny the fact, but we was a little stunned I remember. I wonder if there were more sightings in norway that time around that area, close to the Swedish border, about two hours drive from Oslo(pretty deserted at that time, forests). I do not believe in anything before I see it, and I saw it. The crafts moved from the right to the left at the night sky, and all held the same tempo. They also vertically went straight up in the same formation, but this time the first one at the first, and the next one , and the next, like a necklace. It looked like they took of upwards without changing the horizontal position of the crafts, like that modern airforce jet which can lift vertical straight up. The crafts was never landing, just flying (flowing) and then swish….I am sure no planes ever have been built to have that speed of acceleration in just less than a second, then or now. Well, this isn’t ! a big record to remember, but I thought I just mention it. I am a sceptic so I really never speak much about such things, but I know we are not alone anyway. Any intelligent non arrogant person should understand that. The color was light yellow glowing like any distant light for instance from a strong light and not changing, so was the fire tails but you could clearly see what was the firetails, since the object moved. I dont know if to call it disk, or oval horizontal egg shaped, pancakes whatever. Thank you for reading my bad english grammar. Sincerely
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: December 20 1970
Location: Itaperuna, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A humanoid figure about 90 cm in height was seen floating up into a transparent round object. Inside the object two other figures waited for him. No other information.
Source:Revista Brasileira Ovnis

Date: December  1970

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