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Date: February  1971
Location:  Alpine California
Time:  various
Summary:  A family that lived at the end of a desolate road reported seeing bizarre hairy creatures of different heights prowling the area at night. These were accompanied by a strong pungent odor resembling rotten garbage. One of the creatures was about 7-feet tall, the other 5-feet and another one about 3 or 4-feet tall. In one reported incident the hairy creatures seemed to mimic human speech, their voice sounding very guttural. The main witness, a Dr. Baddour insisting in calling the creatures “Zoobies” and speculated that they were interdimensional in nature.
Source:  Matt Moneymaker

Date: February  1971
Location:  Lawton, Oklahoma
Time:  evening
Summary:  Ron Dee and his wife were relaxing for the evening when Jackie realized that she had forgotten to bring in some things from the back porch. When she opened the door and stepped out onto the porch, Jackie realized that she was not alone. In the moonlight she saw a humanoid creature whose body was covered with fur, its face a bizarre mixture of wolf and human. Ron Dee sprinted across the room when he heard his wife’s scream. He was at her side in time to see the “wolf man” leap over the wooden fence that surrounded their backyard and disappear into the darkness. It emitted a horrible growling sound as it left.
Source:  Sharon Jarvis, Dark Zones

Date: February 2 1971
Location:   Kiiminki, Finland
Time:  2000
Summary:  Two women, Mrs. Sinikka Kuittinen and Mrs. Manninen were driving from Kuusamo towards Oulu when in Kiiminki they observed a light behind the car on the right side of the road. After some time the light passed over to the left side of the road, during which the ears of Mrs. Kuittinen plugged up. When they came to a field the light disappeared. Suddenly Mrs. Kuittinen, who was driving, saw a creature one meter tall, with a helmet on its head. It was clad in a brown-green suit and crossed the road using small jumps, disappearing on the other side of the road. There were no houses or other buildings in the area. The women were very scared and did not stop to investigate if it left tracks and drove straight to Oulu.
Source:   reported in LDLN August 1972, Mervi Virtanen

Date: February 5 1971: UFO with humanoid encountered by two forestry workers in Finland


Date:  February 12 1971
Location: North Corsica Island, France
Time:  4:00 PM
Summary: At  on February 12, a family who had recently purchased a new home in the northern part of the French island of Corsica, were preparing their camera to take a picture of the new house when one of the party noticed a glint in the sky and looked up. They all looked up to see a shiny, metallic object glinting brilliantly where it caught the sun’s rays in the clear blue sky. The object was disc-shaped and had a low-profile curved dome on the top, with some kind of oval-shaped or rounded-rectangular black marks or openings around its sides.

Date: mid February 1971
Location: Altas Bardas Rio Negro, Argentina
Time: 1400
Summary: Driving along an old road, Franklin Altamirano saw 3 strange figures walking toward him in the middle of the road. They were clad entirely in black, with black hoods over their heads with eyeholes through which the eyes glowed phosphorescently. As they made no move to get out of the way, the witness was force to run onto the shoulder to turn around, at a distance of under 10 meters, to return to town, rather than pass them. Returning later to the site, he could find no traces; however, 3 days later, while driving over the same route, he again saw a similar entity, but moving in the opposite direction to the first occasion.
Source: FSR Vol. 18 # 4

Date: February 16 1971
Location: Near Straken, Sweden
Time: 1800
Summary: Waiting for a bus, Ake Westerberg saw a little man in the middle of the road, about 50 ft away, just standing motionless. ” I couldn’t see his face; there was just a gray spot there.” Westerberg stepped closer out of curiosity, and he heard the little figure growl; then there suddenly appeared a flash of white light so intense that the had to shut his eyes for a few seconds; when he re-opened them, the little figure had disappeared.
Source: FSR Case Histories # 4

Date: February 18 1971
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Time: 0950A
Summary: Dr. J Mueller, D C Martin Thoele and Theodore Thoele observed a cone-shaped, “cage like” object, 10 feet wide by 10 feet high, tipped at an angle, approximately 400 feet above the street. The object was noiseless, and a string of lights extended down on what would correspond to three wires of the “cage” to a point mid-way between the tip of the cone and its base. The object was occupied by a single figure.
Source: Mufon Skylook # 45

Date: February 26 1971
Location:  Brooksville, Florida
Time:  2230
Summary:  Robert Milcher, 18, and a 10-year old boy saw a hovering UFO at least 50 feet in diameter, with red lights and a searchlight like beam, which responded to flashlight signals. In a lighted dome, 6-10 occupants dressed in green coveralls were visible around a control panel; they waved at the witnesses. The latter felt a numbness and stinging sensation in their arms and wrists. When the UFO departed, it emitted a sound like a swarm of bees.
Source:  William H Lefevre, Florida UFO Study Group

Date: February 27 1971
Location:  Lawton Oklahoma
Time:  early evening
Summary:  Matt Dickson heard something out in front of his house. In the dark he caught a glimpse of a vaguely human-like figure kneeling on the front lawn near a nearby empty fishpond. Curious, Dickson decided to find out who the stranger was. He then stepped out on his front porch for a better look and was terrified to see a wolf-like man attempting to scoop up puddles of water from the bottom of the fish pond, crouched on its hands and knees. The sight was so shocking that Dickson suffered a heart attack and had to be rushed to Comanche County Memorial Hospital. In a report to the policed Dickson described the creature as tall, with a lot of hair all over its face and body and dressed in an indescribable manner. Others saw the same or similar creature that same night.
Source:  Sharon Jarvis, Dark Zones

Date: February  1971

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