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Date: winter 1972 
Location: Victorville, California 
Time: night 
Summary: Three airmen pursued an orange glowing object for 10 minutes until it vanished. They then saw two metallic cylinders, 9-10 feet tall, standing on the hard desert soil. The airmen ran for their lives. Later in a mountain area there were reports of a huge, hair covered, upright walking creature which left three-toed tracks, measuring 18 inches long. 
Source: Mark Moravec “The UFO Anthropoid Catalog”

Date: winter 1972
Location: Montbeliard, France
Time: afternoon 
Summary: The witness, Edmonde B. was driving home from work with two colleagues when they encountered a landed saucer-shaped object 10 meters in diameter, in a field near the road…Suddenly it was dark! The three were puzzled at first and then shocked as they realized that 3 hours had vanished from their lives. It was only when she was placed under hypnosis many years later that Edmonde was able to reveal that during her episode of missing time she had undergone a typical abduction examination. During the period of the abduction, Edmond’s colleagues had simply been left in the car in a comatose type state but she had been subjected to medical examinations by beings with greenish scaly skin. Although they had such an unconventional appearance, she had described them in her own words as “beautiful”. (She would have further contacts). 
Source: Paul Ponssot in: FSR Vol. 49 # 2

Date: December 1972
Location: Aguas Buenas Puerto Rico
Time: evening 
Summary: David Delmundo (an ordained Southern Baptist Minister and involved in other episodes) heard the now familiar beeping sound and the loud high pitched tone came every few seconds, and he then observed a strange flying machine in the vicinity. Suddenly it seemed to fly off and disappear. He then became aware of a very strange human-like creature standing beside him. He did not see him arrive. The being was estimated to be about 5’3” tall and he was dressed in a thin one-piece uniform like coverall which covered him from feet to head. He had thin lips and a small nose and looked very stern. Delmundo could see no teeth when he opened his mouth which was seldom. The stranger had wide wrap-around eyes of an elongated oval shape that slanted up on the outer sides. He wore a sort of wrap around turban-like headdress that had a 10 or 12 pointed star set into the front of it. The turban was thin and light weight and of a dark color. The eyes were the most striking thing about the figure. They were a pale bright green; almost the color of new grass or a new leaf shoot and the whole eye was the same color throughout, having no “white” as we are accustomed to. The eyes also had no pupil like ours. At times he thought he detected a ladder of slits in the green color of the eye but he couldn’t see them all the time. The green elongated orb of the eye had an uncountable number of flecks of what looked like silver points of light that appeared and disappeared in the green of the eye that seemed to make them scintillate and gave them radiant light. At times the eyes seemed to flash and the gaze was very intense. The skin was pale gray. The uniform like garment was of some very lightweight material and was a pale gray to smoky gray in color. The hands were covered with a long gauntlet and the feet were covered with an extension of the uniform that became a little heavier and formed a kind of boot. The neck of the outfit ended in a narrow band of material sort of like a minister’s collar. There was a silvery colored metallic rib-like device fastened to the uniform that came over the mid-shoulder from back to front, and below the ending of that in front there was an angled “U” shaped device of the same metallic material that was mounted on the breast with the open part of the “U” pointed toward the center of the waist. They seemed to be emblems of some kind.

The being took Delmundo by the hand and he became “totally controlled”. They walked a distance of a couple of thousand feet over a hilly type of terrain. All of the sudden there was a craft waiting. The ship must have been 30 ft or better in diameter, it was sitting on three legs. As they got closer to the ship the being took out a little box and a thin beam went straight into the craft which suddenly became bright. Soon a ramp came down and there was a greenish light inside and they walked in. Inside he saw four cushioned seats, two at 126 the controls and two in the front. It was all transparent, all around. The whole cabin was enclosed in the same metal and he could see through it. The seats were of a leathery type of material, soft, very wide and very comfortable. The being then communicated with Delmundo and told him that he could call him “Ohnesto”, that his origin was a planet called Koshnak located “in the direction of Orion”. He discussed energy briefly and explained that we were limited in time and space, and therefore he could speak of simple things. He discussed matter and antimatter of the universe and why man dies and why he exists at all. According to Delmundo he was taken into some type of underground realm, very deep underground and ate something resembling cornmeal which was very satisfying. Ohnesto further explained that there were 13 known dimensions of being and that their normal life span was about 800 to 1,000 of earth years. Delmundo would have subsequent contacts. (No details on those). 
Source: Wendelle Stevens, Enigma # 52/53

Date: December 10 1972 
Location: Kemijarvi Finland
Time: 1730 & 1930
Summary: Aarno Heinonen (involved in other encounters) was on his way through the woods to visit a neighbor, Mr. Vaananen, a walk of about 1 ½ km. He soon spotted an object with a vividly red cupola on its lower part. The machine was 5 to 7 meters in diameter. In fact, the sighting occurred at the same spot as the January 1970 encounter. Aarno became frightened and ran the remaining part of the distance to his neighbor. Arriving, he told him that he had seen the UFO land in the woods 127 amongst young 1 to 2 meter birch trees. His neighbor did not believe him, however and Aarno made no further attempts to convince him. Two hours later Heinonen starts for home on the same path as before. Arriving at the spot where he last saw the UFO he notices a heavy wind coming towards him, which increases to the force of a gale. Aarno couldn’t move and when he spotted the humanoid woman coming from behind some pines, asking, “My friend, why did you run away? I wished you no harm and you haven’t done me any harm either.” It was so dark Aarno couldn’t see the girl’s face, but her clothing shone in a yellow, phosphorous tone. Her yellow shoes were connected to the rest of her dress. From the bottom of the shoes came a “beam” in such a way that the foot never touched the ground. As she lifted her foot this “beam” became thicker. Aarno asked why she had this “transparent thing” under her feet. She answered that she could walk on the snow without leaving traces. The nature of the beam was unknown to Heinonen as well as to all other earthmen, she stated. Aarno had brought his camera on this occasion, but the girl took it, asking if he had taken pictures. Aarno answered that he had. Then the girl dropped something from her hand and when Aarno bent down to pick it up, the girl and the camera just disappeared into thin air. This is the last time Aarno saw the girl and his camera, as far as is known. He now thinks he had done something wrong when he tried to photograph the girl. The object he picked up was an egg-shaped stone, white on the ends and deeply engraved with a “T” like symbol. Aarno got the feeling that this stone had a strange power and he became incapable of working and got pains in his joints. (According to a Finnish Ufologist the stone became hot in such a way that it couldn’t be kept indoors). One night Aarno awoke, he took the stone in his hand wished for the humanoids to come to him. Immediately a light, as large as man’s fist, came floating through the room, but then disappeared up the chimney. Aarno wrote that he thought he could contact the humanoids at will in this way.
Source: Anders Liljegren, FSR Vol. 26 # 5 

Date: December 13 1972: Dias D’Avila, Brazil Encounter

Date: December 14 1972 
Location: Lauhala village, Honkajoki, Finland
Time: 0230A 
Summary: Farmer Veikko Kivioja was returning home after a visit to his neighbor, Seppo Oja and after driving some one and a half kilometers on a winding forest road he suddenly after taking a turn saw three bright lights on the left side of the road. He thought it was another car and stopped. Then he saw that three human like creatures who walked over the road towards the logging opening on the other side of the road emitted the bright lights. Kivioja could see that they had a round head, their facial features were not visible but he could also see wing-like arms resting on their hips. The legs could be seen clearly and they seem to walk softly and with ease. Kivioja now decided to return to his neighbor’s home in order to obtain additional witnesses. He first drove ahead a bit so he could maneuver his car and turn around and when doing so the headlights shone on the creatures. He noticed that these totally ignored him. Upon reaching his neighbor’s house he honked to horn in order to arouse him. The neighbor, Seppo Oja agreed to follow Kivioja although he did not quite believe his story. But when they reached the logging opening the three creatures were still there, now on their way to a small hill about 100 meters away. Both men could see a spherical glow totally surrounding the three creatures, which moved at the same time the humanoids did. The light was so bright that the trees around them could be clearly seen. After 10mins the light faded out and the men went outside to see if they could find any traces on the soft surface of the road, but nothing was found. Some 5 hours after this encounter a dairy worker was driving his tractor on another road some 10 km from the logging opening when he suddenly observed a very bright light coming from the right side of the road some 100 meters away. It turned out to be an object two meters in diameter, emitting a bright green light, which flew one meter above the ground at walking speed, evading easily the obstacles on its way. The dairy farmer, Heimo Mattila drove his tractor as fast as he could and passed the object just before it flew over the road. As he drove away he could see it in his rearview mirror.
Source: Heikki Virtanen, Finland  

Date: December 16 1972: Tractor driver approached and ‘scrutinized’ by ball of light 

Date: December 16 1972 
Location: Monte Verrugoli, Italy 
Time: evening
Summary:  Investigating mysterious activity in the area, the witness snapped a picture of a field. At the time of the photo he did not notice anything strange or abnormal about it. Later when the photo was developed, a faint image of a humanoid being standing erect and with dark eyes could be seen staring in the direction of the witness. No other information. 
Source: GORU, Italy  

Date: December 22 1972
Location: Kauhajoki, Finland 
Time: 0200A
Summary: An observer in a vehicle saw a tall thin glowing figure standing on the roadway as he rounded a curve. The beam of the car headlights appeared to curve upon striking the figure. It suddenly disappeared into the field.
Source: Apro Bulletin 1/73

Date: December 30 1972 
Location: Tres Arroyos Buenos Aires Argentina 
Time: 2220 
Summary: Ventura Maceiras, 73-year old gaucho, was sitting near his shack with his dog and cat, drinking mate, when his transistor radio failed. He then heard a loud humming noise, “like angry bees,” and looked up to see an object 70 to 80 feet in diameter hovering overhead some 10-12 meters over a grove of eucalyptus trees, emitting a powerful light. Around this object, which was at first red-orange and then became purple, an enormous “wheel” was spinning. In its upper portion he could see a spherical cabin with two windows, and in one window was visible from the waist upwards a figure wearing dark gray clothing made of inflated “rolls,” joined together, similar to our astronaut’s space suits. On this being’s head was a helmet with a transparent visor and a tube that ran to a box on his back. With a shower of sparks, the UFO tilted toward Maceiras, and he could now see a second occupant, with identical features and clothing. Their eyes were slanted, their faces very flat, and their mouths merely slit like lines. Behind them he could see a small flag or insignia showing against a blue background a crowned seahorse followed by symbols resembling “S C Y.” There was also a long panel bearing “a lot of instruments and clocks.” Then a powerful flash of light came from the underpart, completely enveloping the cat, and temporarily blinding the witness. The humming 131 grew louder, and the object became blue-green, then moved away, sinking to a height of only 12-20 feet above the ground. It moved off toward the main road, leaving a strong odor like “sulfur or arnica.” Maceiras was not frightened—in fact he called out to the occupants of the object to come down and share his mate. After the encounter, his cat disappeared, to return only after 48 hours, her back still showing marks of burns; she now shunned the site of her misfortune. Tops of the eucalyptus trees at the site were scorched. Maceiras experienced severe physiological after effects; diarrhea, nausea, loss of hair, and severe headaches, all lasting about two weeks. He also had some trouble in speaking, and his eyes watered for a few days. Six weeks after the event, he was feeling all the stronger for it, and in fact was rejuvenated; he began cutting a new set of teeth in his upper gums. These effects were to continue. 
Source: Pedro Romaniuk et al 

Date: December 31 1972 
Location: Near Veteli Finland
Time: 1930
Summary: 2 young girls walking back home on a field suddenly saw a tall dark “form” appear in front of them. There appeared to be a sort of “force field” surrounding the “form” which threw one of the girls back almost 3 meters. She was unhurt
Source: LDLN # 145  

Date: December 31 1972 
Location: Kemijarvi, Finland
Time: night  
Summary: Aarno Heinonen (involved in other encounters) was ‘ordered’ to throw the stone into the nearby lake (the stone that he was given by the humanoid woman back in December 10). On the same evening he went to Esko telling him he had to throw it away. He did not do this, however and on the next evening he went to Esko again now telling him he intended to hide the stone beneath a barn. Returning home, a big axe, half a meter across and without a handle, suddenly appeared on the path in front of him. The axe was vividly red, but did not reflect light. Aarno looked at the axe for about 30 seconds, then it disappeared. Aarno allegedly went straight to a hole in the ice and threw the stone into the deepest part of the lake.
Source: Anders Liljegren FSR 

Date: late 1972 
Location: Andersonstown Belfast Northern Ireland 
Time: night 
Summary: A Mrs. Hamilton reported seeing a large ball of light and then being abducted by several human like beings, both male & female and wearing white uniforms. No other information
Source: Awareness Journal Autumn 1981 

Date: end of 1972 
Location: Cerro Popocatepetl, Mexico
Time:  0630A 
Summary: Radio technician Leopoldo N. was exploring an isolated mountainous area when he saw a gray metallic disc shaped object apparently made out of a light plastic-like material and about 3 meters in height land nearby. Three humanoids about 1.50m in height with huge round eyes, large heads and holes for ears emerged from the object. The humanoids approached the paralyzed witness, apparently floating just above the ground and communicated with him via telepathy. At this point the witness felt an incredible sense of tranquility. He was told by the humanoids to be calm since their only aim was peace. He was apparently given a mental formula on the alien’s craft internal propulsion system. However he could not remember much of it.
Source: Contactos Extraterrestres, Denys Breysse Project Becassine 


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