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1972: January UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: early 1972
Location: Cannock Chase, England
Time:  evening
Summary: A man named Nigel was driving across the Chase when his attention was suddenly taken by a strange ball of glowing blue light that slammed into the ground some distance ahead of his vehicle, amid a veritable shower of bright, fiery sparks. Needles to say, Lea quickly slowed his car down. As he approached the approximate area where the ball had fallen, he was shocked and horrified to see looming before him, “the biggest bloody dog I have ever seen in my life”. Muscular and black, with large, pointed ears and huge paws, the creature seemed to ooze menace and negativity and had a staring look in its yellow-tinged eyes. For 20 to 30 seconds, man and beast faced each other, after which time the strange ‘dog’ slowly and cautiously headed for the tall trees, never once taking its penetrating eyes off the petrified driver. Somehow ominously, around two or three weeks later, a close friend of Lea’s was killed in an industrial accident under horrifying circumstances; something which Lea believes—after having deeply studied the history of Black Dog lore—was directly related with his strange encounter on that tree-shrouded road back in 1972.
Source: Phantom Hounds of the Woods, by Nick Redfern in:

Date: January 1972
Location: Sao Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A witness saw a low hovering bright UFO and inside of it, he saw through an opening several short figures wearing silvery coveralls, apparently looking out. No other information.
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date: January 1972 
Location: Near Drexel, North Carolina
Time: night
Summary: A deputy sheriff and a volunteer deputy were parked on the shoulder of a road in Burke County when suddenly they saw “a creature cross the road in front of them that was huge and kind of gray and appeared to have no head.” They turned on their headlights and it turned and walked into the woods.
Source: Dixie X Files

Date: January 8 1972
Location: Santiponce Sevilla Spain
Time: 2135
Summary: A 27-year old trucker driving on the outskirts of Santiponce observed a tall thin figure step out into the middle of the road. He was forced to reduce his speed as he watched the figure, thinking at first that it was a “naked man”. But as the headlights illuminated the figure the witness realized that it was not human. It had a large egg shaped head and long dangling arms. The humanoid remained unmoving in the middle of the road gesticulating briefly with his arms as if ordering the truck to stop. Scared, the witness accelerated the truck and headed straight towards the strange individual. As he neared the two-meter tall figure he noticed that it appeared to be completely covered in a shiny tight-fitting suit. The figure suddenly jumped head first into a group of small trees on the side of the road using inhuman agility. Terrified the witness drove quickly away and did not see the bizarre creature again.
Source: Vicente Ballester Olmos

Date:  Jan.15 (approx), 1972
Location: Malmstrom AFB, MT
Summary:  UFO over missile silo, “crew” from the unknown craft reportedly broke into the missile silo, and some of its “crew” were examining the circuitry of the ballistic missile.
Source:      NUFORC

Date: Jan. 19, 1972
Location:  Phoenixville, PA
Summary: At least seven individuals including three police officers, reported observing a strange object in the shape of a “boomerang” hovering over Phoenixville High School around 9:30 p.m. Following release of a report on the sighting by local police, at least 12 other witnesses reported seeing UFOs over the town. One officer described the object as similar in size to a DC-3, with three red lights and numerous white lights around its perimeter.
Source:    UFO INVESTIGATOR, February 1972, page 3

Date: January 19 1972
Location: Balls Ferry California
Time: 2100
Summary: Darrell Rich, 16, John Yeries, 16, James Yeries, 14, and Robbie Cross, 15, were driving in a car when they saw a bright blue white oval light cross the road at telephone pole height. After parking their car near a bridge, they heard a scream from near the road, and their flashlight showed a hunched over figure, 50 feet away, about 7-foot tall, a green or brown in color. It had a large tear drop shaped ear and no hair, with lumps all over its body. It turned to one side and ran. The boys fled to their car and took off. As they drove, they saw several orange red and blue white luminous balls in the fields besides the road; one orange ball suddenly shot straight up and disappeared. At one point they also saw “a glowing object that had the appearance of a human figure.” The father of Darrell Rich drove back to the site and gout out; he heard a terrifying growl that convinced him something abnormal was there.
Source: William M Murphy for Apro & Alan R Berry 

Date: January 26 1972
Location: Blount Island, Jacksonville Florida
Time: 0300A
Summary: Norman Chastain was out fishing late at night in the St. Johns River when he saw something like “half a ball” with orange and blue flashing lights, which came “directly toward my boat” and hovered noiselessly overhead at 150 feet. He turned off his light and the object slowly moved off. He had drifted ashore and with his spotlight saw in the nearby woods “the darndest looking human-like creature one could ever imagine.” A brilliant white light that paralyzed him until morning immediately hit him. He noticed an “overpowering stench” in his clothes and hair, and threw away the clothes. Three nights later he smelt the same odor again, and in the morning found a fungus like growth similar to “a cluster of several flesh colored heads looking at me;” he said they “had teeth, big eyes, a wide mouth, and pointed ears,” and looked “like the devil looking creature I saw on the island.” (Blount Island).
Source: Lloyd Brown for The Jacksonville Journal 

Date: January  1972



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