(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)


Date: April 1973

Sighting Time:


Location:   Ipoh PerakMalaysia

Urban or Rural: – primary school

No. of Entity(‘s): Several 

Entity Type: Humanoids 

Entity Description: tiny humanoids in shiny white suits

Hynek Classification: CE-III (Close Encounter III) Close observation with animate beings associated with the object.


No. of Object(s): 1

Height & Speed:

Size of Object(s): Lilliputian 

Distance to Object(s):

Shape of Object(s): saucer 

Color of Object(s):

Number of Witnesses: Multiple

Source: Alan Baker: Encyclopaedia of Alien Encounters, pp 37-38.;   Ahmad Jamaluddin, A summary of UFO and Related events in Malaysia 1950/1980

Summary/Description: In April 1973, a Lilliputian flying saucer landed in the playground of a primary school in Ipoh Perak. Several tiny humanoids in shiny white suits emerged but beat a hasty retreat when they saw a teacher approaching.

The previous year, a girl playing in rice fields in Rantau Panjang saw a miniature man marching through the furrows. He had long white hair and wore a white shirt with matching trousers. When she tried to catch him, he jumped down the nearest hole and vanished. A young boy chased a similar figure sporting a white shirt and purple trousers in the same neighbourhood. Again, the figure escaped down a hole.

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