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1976: Aricanduva Sao Paulo Brazil Abduction

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Date:  June 23 1976

Sighting Time:  2345

Day/Night:  Night

Location:  Aricanduva Sao Paulo Brazil

Urban or Rural: – 

No. of Entity(‘s):  Multiple

Entity Type:  

Entity Description:  a “very short” being with a big head and with large eyes and pointed ears, small mouth and an upturned nose “like a pig’s.” He was bald and had no eyebrows; he wore a tight one-piece suit of bluish gray color with an emblem on its chest; then he rose into the air (accompanied by the dwarf)

Hynek Classification:  CE-IV (Close Encounter IV) Abduction of the witness or other direct contact


No. of Object(s):  1

Height & Speed:  

Size of Object(s):  perhaps 650 ft long

Distance to Object(s):  

Shape of Object(s):  cigar

Color/Description of Object(s):  reddish metallic gray 

Number of Witnesses:  1

Source:  Mario Martins Ribeiro for Apex

Summary/Description:  Paulo Coutinho, 18, failed to return home after attending a night school class. The next morning a friend of his brought to his parents Paulo’s schoolbooks and notebooks, which he had found scattered on the street at about midnight. Police inquiries failed to find him. By evening, many people had gathered at the Coutinho home. Suddenly the boy’s father Jose Alves felt a conviction that his son was all right and would return; also, that he should go to the back of his garden to find traces of him.

He did not do this, but went to reassure the family members; then groans were heard, and on opening the back garden door, Paulo was discovered lying on the steps, in a semi conscious condition. He was cold, as if he had been there some time. He was later revived at a nearby hospital. The police officer that carried him to the ambulance later felt a strong “irritation” of his body, especially the arms.

Ballpoint pens in the boy’s pockets were found to be strongly radioactive. At about 1930 that evening a neighbor woman, Virginia, standing on her front porch, had observed hovering very close to the roof of the Coutinho house a strange luminous object which then moved away. Her daughter also saw it.

According to Paulo Coutinho, all during the day of 23rd he had heard, off and on, a mysterious whistling sound. He had left his class at 2330, seen his girlfriend home, when he noticed in the sky a light moving westward, which he then saw was not an airplane. He felt a shudder, and found himself paralyzed and unable to utter a cry. The light approached him and descended, stopping 20-25 ft away, where it slowly “went out.”

There then emerged a “very short” being with a big head and with large eyes and pointed ears, small mouth and an upturned nose “like a pig’s.” He was bald and had no eyebrows; he wore a tight one-piece suit of bluish gray color with an emblem on its chest; then he rose into the air (accompanied by the dwarf) “Everything was transparent.”

He found himself above the ground, then saw a huge reddish colored cigar shaped object, perhaps 650 ft long, toward which he was moving. The color became metallic gray as he came nearer; than, with an attack of vertigo, he passed into it, apparently through a horizontal door. He found himself lying on the floor, in a dark gray circular area, with 3 beings standing watching him.

He rose to his knees, then again felt paralyzed. He received a telepathic message tat they were not going to harm him. Then they turned and went toward a wall; he felt compelled to follow, still on his knees; the wall vanished, and they entered a larger room, in which were 6 more of the beings. Like the first one, it was devoid of furniture. There was no visible light source. They stopped, and he sat down on the floor, facing a sidewall.

He now thought of his girlfriend, his school friend, and his parents; their moving images appeared on the wall before him, apparently doing what they were actually doing at the time. Angry, he asked the being what they wanted with him; they did not speak, but he understood telepathically that they would not harm him, and that “they wanted to discover how life arose in the universe.”

Asking about 3 beings that were “different”, he learned that these were females. On inquiring about their reproduction, he learned that “on their planet there was no sex; children were produced in a laboratory, prepared for definite functions in their society.” When he expressed a wish to return home, one of the beings placed his hand on a projection on the wall and looked at one of the females, whereupon the wall disappeared, and there appeared a red-lighted corridor. Feeling himself called, the witness walked across the room; something like a bed came out of the wall, and he found himself in the air, then on the bed.

One of the beings passed his hand over his body, “illuminating it wherever it passed.” Immediately thereafter, he rose into the air, and found that he was already leaving the object, again with an attack of dizziness. The he found himself lying down, hearing his parents and others talking but unable to speak. When he came to in the hospital, his whole body was numb and prickling.



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