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Date:  Spring 1977
Location:  Wavertree Merseyside England
Time:  0830A
Summary:  The witness was in her kitchen cooking when she had a strange feeling, she then saw a man in the doorway. He was blond with piercing blue eyes and was apparently wearing brand new clothing; he also had a deep tan. He asked the witness if she any “trousers,” she said no and closed the door but he blocked it. He finally left but the witness did not see how or which way he went. About the same time a neighbor reported the same or similar individual materialized behind her in the living room. He asked her for a glass of water. The frightened witness ran to the phone to call the police but looked back and the man had vanished.
Source:  Danny Cheveaux, Northern Ufology # 75

Date:  Spring 1977
Location:  Barrio Olivares Puerto Rico
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  A man was walking along a wooded hillside when he saw what appeared to be a large silvery cylinder shaped craft or “elevator” apparently come out of the ground very close to where he was. From one side of the object four very tall men, described as human like and blond, wearing tight fitting blue uniforms emerged. These men were followed by a much taller hulking figure completely covered with dark brown hair. This last figure was described as somewhat ape like and appeared to walk behind the four blond men, obediently following them around the silvery craft as they seemed to search for something. All five eventually went back inside the craft, which appeared to sink back into the ground. The witness waited years before he reported the incident, by then all possible traces hand been obliterated.
Source:   Jorge Martin

Date:   Spring 1977
Location:  Orleans, Loiret, France
Time:  evening
Summary:  A couple returning home in their vehicle are stopped by somebody (not described) near a park. They look around and don’t see anything. Thinking of possible robbers they go home. Once at home they stand in the balcony and see some lights moving in a bizarre fashion on a nearby field. The wife goes to bed. The husband then notices a car driving out of the park and then sees a being crouching down between the passing vehicle and parked cars. The being is crouched down with arms straight down. He is more than 3 meters in height and is wearing a brilliant coverall with a hood and a visor. The car drives by and the being then stands up. The witness looks away momentarily from the being and when he looks back the strange giant figure had vanished. The witness then sees additional lights maneuvering over the fields until early morning. He also reported fuzzy shapes carrying lantern like lights on the field. After this incident the husband apparently experiences several bedroom visitations (no details) in which he feels very tired and is unable to wake his wife.
Source:  Y Chosson, Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Date:  Spring 1977
Location:  Lumberton, OH
Summary:  Alleged skirmish between U.S. military forces and a landed (or disabled) alien craft.  
Source:  Case B-13 in Status Report II, Leonard Stringfield; SYMPAP, 1978,77

Date:  Spring 1977

Location. Russian River California
Date: Spring 1977
Time: 2100
The witness was in her conference room reading a book when she suddenly felt herself going into a trance and felt completely paralyzed. She felt being lifted through the ceiling via an intense golden beam of light. She then encountered several four-foot tall beings and was then placed on a hard slab. A huge seven-foot tall being with alligator like skin and webbed hands touched her and then passed a long needle through her navel, she felt no pain. The reptilian like being was described as having long powerfully muscled legs with large golden eyes filled with love and compassion. He had green scales and a very long snout like nose. The witness claims she experienced a vision during the encounter. No details on that.

Source: Aileen Edwards, On the UFO Road Again

Date:  March  1977

Date:  March  1977
Location:  Hamburg, Germany

Location: Near Sundown Manitoba Canada
Date: March 4 1977
Time: 0600A
The witness was driving east towards his farm when he sighted a shimmering oval shaped light source directly ahead of him hovering just above the roadway. It was whitish yellow in color. The witness drove directly underneath the object. As he drove further on he suddenly came upon three strange figures standing on the road ahead of him. They stood in a row spaced evenly across the road. The figures were short and somewhat shaped like bowling pins. Their heads were bulbous and they had a narrow neck with a flared body. The witness applied the brakes, but could not stop in time. He felt absolutely nothing as he apparently drove over the figures. They seemed to disappear as he touched them with the front bumper. As he looked back on his rear view mirror he saw the figures reappear. They then seemed to shrink and vanish completely.

Source: Chris Rutkowski, Unnatural History True Manitoba Mysteries

Location. McNatt (McDonald) Missouri
Date: March 5 1977
Time: 2300
Lonnie Stites and his wife, Deborah, were driving their pickup truck around a bend in the road when “the whole area lit up like a football field light was turned on, and a very bright light was shined on our windshield.” He saw standing besides the road, a man of normal height or slightly smaller stature, human looking, dressed in green coveralls, with square glasses and a tight green cap over his ears, “waving us down.” Up on the hill was another figure carrying what appeared to be “a ball of electricity about the size of a basketball;” he was walking away from an object that looked like a water tank, about 10 feet across and 10 or 15 feet tall, with red lights going around it. The object was about 50-60 feet from them. Mrs Stites said that he saw two persons on the hillside carrying “basketball sized lights,” and that the UFO, at one point, flew over the truck. They turned the truck around and drove away in great fear.

Source: Monte Blue Skelton & Bob Pratt

Date:  March  1977

Date:  March 6 1977
Location:  Sylmar, CA
Time:  1:05 AM.
Summary:   Mr. Kiese, a security guard, age 18, witnessed an orange, domed disc-shaped UFO descend into the field near his factory’s security gate. The UFO either landed or hovered close to the ground for five minutes, but no noticeable landing traces were found at the site. 
Source:   Ann Druffel, MUFON UFO Journal, March 1978, p. 12

Date:  March 7 1977
Location:  Evansville, IN
Time:  5:55 PM. 
Summary:  Four witnesses, 5-mins. Two objects, three minutes apart. First one big enough to hold an 18-wheeler. 
Source:  Ridge files

Date:  March 7 1977
Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Date:  March 7 1977
Location:  Winchester, Hampshire, England
Time:  9:00 PM. 
Summary:  Mrs. Jane Bowles was driving with a friend, Mrs. Ann Strickland, along a country road when their car stopped and a brilliant glow “like a white sun” lit up the area around them. An oval object was observed that was luminous and making a humming sound. A man emerged from the UFO, one similar in appearance to the one involved in Mrs. Bowles earlier close encounter. He was human like with long hair, a beard, and pink eyes. He approached, holding out his hands, and touched Mrs Bowles. His hands were warm to the touch like a human’s. The man looked at Mrs. Strickland and then spoke in an unknown language. He gave something to Mrs. Bowles which she would not divulge, and then he returned to the UFO, which ascended into the sky with a hum and high-pitched noise. The women returned to Winchester, and Mrs. Bowles observed that her hands were red and swollen. She had to remove her wedding ring and she found the skin underneath raw. 
Source:   David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Encounters, case 1977-12, citing Lionel Beer, BUFORA

Date:  March 8 1977
Location:  Gatchellville, PA
Time:  7:30 PM. 
Summary:  Nine independent witnesses watched a red ball of light maneuver against the wind. Holes were found burnt in the ground at a possible landing site. 
Source:   Allan Hendry, The UFO Handbook, p. 120; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 11471

Date:  March 9 1977
Location:  Nelson, North Lancashire, UK
Time:  3:10 AM. 
Summary:  A cigar-shaped, metallic object appeared in the sky, so the two witnesses stopped their car for a better look. The UFO had lights at either end that were changing color and the entire object was surrounded by a gray mist. The witnesses heard a sound they described as being like the tide coming in and going out. As the object came quite close, their car’s engine stopped and the headlights dimmed. After five minutes, the object flew off and the car could be restarted. Both of the witnesses came down with headaches shortly after the sighting. 
Source:  FSR, Vol. 23, No. 2, (NICAP UFOE II, Section VI

Date:  March 12 1977
Location:  south of Syracuse, NY.
Time:  9:05 PM. 
Summary:  The pilot and first officer of an United Airlines DC-10 observed a round bright white object. The object had strong effects on the autopilot and the three compasses. 
Source:  UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA EIGHTY YEARS OF PILOT SIGHTINGS Catalog of Military, Airline, Private Pilots Sightings from 1916 to 2000 Dominique F. Weinstein

Date:  March 13 1977
Location:  Near Pen-Y-Cwm Pembrokeshire Wales
Time:  2100
Summary:  Stephen Taylor, 17, was walking home from a visit to his girlfriend when he saw an orange luminous, pear shaped object in the sky. He went to a friend’s house to tell him but was not believed. About half a mile further on, he noticed that he could not see the lights of farmhouses in his right; looking closer, he saw that they were obscured by a large dome shaped object, dark in appearance, about 30 to 40 feet in diameter and 40 feet high, at rest in the adjacent field. Around its underside there was a dim glow of light. As he was watching he heard footsteps; looking around he saw only several feet away a figure “like a skinny human six-foot tall,” with high cheekbones “like an old man,” and large round eyes, resembling that of a fish. Over its mouth was a box like device with a tube leading over the shoulder. He was wearing a one-piece suit that was semi-transparent. Taylor took a swing at the figure and ran for home. On arrival, he found his dog acted uncharacteristically, snarling and barking; put outdoors, the dog behaved normally the next day.
Source:  Randall Jones Pugh for Bufora

Date:  March 15 1977
Location:  West Jacksonport (Door) Wisconsin
Time:  2030
Summary:  Joan Le Clair and four other local people saw a UFO hovering over nearby trees. Mrs Le Clair looked through binoculars and could see an elongated object, green on top and bottom with a red band around the center. “There appeared to be another compartment on the bottom of this disc, and I could see windows in this lower part. There appeared to be a figure inside the object.” After about 3 minutes the UFO sped away. Other sightings the UFO failed to see the windows or the occupant.
Source:  Thomas Heiman, Midwest UFO Headquarters

Date: May 20, 1977: 3 boys frightened by a creatures from landed UFO

Date: March 20 1977
Location: Pebble Beach, California
Summary: A husband and wife were in a pair of sleeping bags by the seashore when they saw a bright disc-shaped object come from the ocean straight towards them. The woman had a brief recollection of seeing several tall humanoids without mouths that communicated with her telepathically and showed her a book. Later she recalled that the craft was flat, streamlined and black in color. A beam of light covered the couple and apparently took them inside the object. The eyes of the aliens were reported as black and shiny but rounded towards the nose and did not blink. The aliens were about 6 1/2 or 7 ft tall, thin, with delicate bodies, real long fingers and wearing skintight one-piece scuba-like outfits. They were completely hairless. The inside of the craft resembled a doctor’s office; it was very bright white and warm. She was made to lie on a very cold table. She was strapped to the table and saw many instruments one of which made a buzzing sound. The woman has been involved in previous incidents.
Source: WBS Newsletter special edition # 4

Date:  March 21 1977
Location:   Los Angeles, CA
Time:  8:50 PM. 
Summary:  Two witnesses on a flight at 1500′, two UFOs at 1/2-mile range,15 seconds duration. 
Source:  Haines printout

Date:  March 23 1977
Location:  Farmland, IN
Time:  5:40 AM. 
Summary:  Snowy morning. Blue lights were ahead which lady thought was a snow plough. One blinking light of unknown shape flew across in; front of her then suddenly 6 to 12 blue lights took up position 2 to 3 feet in front of her slowly traveling car. The car was illuminated with a blue light and static came on radio. When the lights dived a red light came on as if breaking. The small lights all flew off together and out of sight over a field. Next day at spot in road her car radio went dead. 
Source:  Worley files

Date:  March 29 1977
Location:  Pacific Ocean W. of California
Time:  3:22 PM. 
Summary:  A document has been located and scanned, and details from the observer are in the directory linked above. This involves UFOs tracked by B-1 bomber. 
Source:  Jan Aldrich

Date:  March  1977

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