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Date: August 1978
Location: Tortoreto, Italy
Time: 0100A
Summary: Four women were returning home in a car and while two slept in the back seat the two in the front watched a brilliant white globe shaped object land on a nearby hill. Awakening the other two women, the witnesses stopped the vehicle. Stepping out of the car they observed three figures moving inside the object. The figures wore white coveralls and helmets and seemed to move in small jumps. The area around the object was illuminated in a revolving light that changed from white to red then green. Later the object took off emitting a bright flash.
Source: Maurizio Verga “Itacat”

Date: August 1978
Location: Sao Pedro Fazenda Sao Paulo Brazil
Time: 0100A
Summary: A tractor driver at a local plantation had gone to the tractor yard area and had connected a trailer with a tractor when he noticed a human like figure sitting on top of the trailer. The figure carried a bright flashlight type object. The figure was described as tall, wearing a loose fitting shiny overall and an opaque helmet. The figure shone the light at the witness who suddenly felt confused and lost his will power. The figure motioned to him to start the tractor, which he did. He drove on to the feed yard and loaded several bags into the trailer closely watched by the figure with the bright flashlight. After awhile the figure shone the light at the witness again dazzling him and apparently causing him to loose consciousness. He later woke up and found himself at a different location in the plantation. Near him floated a metallic object. The object had a door in the front and a ladder protruding down to the ground, it also had bright round lights around its lower periphery that changed colors in sequence. Behind a nearby barbwire on a field stood three similar individuals, all carrying bright flashlight like objects, these then walked through the wire as if it had not been there. They were talking among themselves in a chirping type sound. The witness was later rendered unconscious again by the bright light. Later the beings apparently entered the object, which rose up and vanished in a puff of smoke. The witness had also observed one of the men shoot up into the sky carrying the bright flashlight and disappear from sight.
Source: Dr. W Buhler MD, FSR Vol. 28 # 2

Date: August, 1978: USAF witness 3 large craft in Mojave desert 

Date: August 1978
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Summary: a case of close encounter of the third kind dated August 1978, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: David Webb

Date: August 1978
Location: Meigle, Scotland
Time: morning
Summary: The night before the incident, 12-year old Karen had a vivid dream in which she went back to the scene of the first incident and found the small figures waiting for her. It seems like the dream somehow propelled her back into her old haunts. She returned to the picnic site and was once again “taken up” by the strange entities. She could feel their little hands touching her legs, lifting her as if she was being guided somewhere. She remembers lying on a table and experiencing an agonizing pain centered on her forehead. Back home she suffered a headache and a high fever and was violently sick during the night. A doctor visited and she remembers him saying that her glands were inflamed.
Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland

Date: August 1978
Location: Fuzeta Algarve Portugal
Time: 2330
Summary: At a place called “The Fisherman’s Quarter” several children that were playing outside saw a bright metallic object land nearby. Several tall human like figures wearing gray coveralls emerged and walked briefly around the object. Around the same time there were many other sightings by locals of objects approaching the ground, usually coming in from the ocean.
Source: Ballester Olmos, Fernandez Peri Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos Con Ovnis

Date: August 1978: Somers Road, Malvern Sighting

Date: August  1978

Location. Peixinhas em Olinda, Brazil
Date: August 1978
Time: night
Local peasants reported encountering a bizarre creature described as resembling a bipedal “wolf man.” It reportedly attacked several women. Three women were walking by an area called “Cabo Gato” when they heard a loud growling sound coming from some nearby bushes. Suddenly a tall hairy figure appeared and chased the three for several meters before it disappeared into the woods as some men approached.
Source: Recife Assombrado Brazil

Date: August 1978
Location: Near Planerskoye, Crimea, Ukraine
Time: night
Summary: Near this settlement a local came upon a landed luminous disc-shaped craft near a glade. A door opened and he was invited aboard by a voice speaking in perfect Russian from an unknown source. Inside he felt the presence of a “crew” which he believed were invisible. The voice invited the witness on a trip outside the confines of the Earth and needless to say he refused such offer. Immediately he found himself standing outside and watching the luminous craft taking off at high speed.
Source: Ufology.com Russia

Date: August  1978

Location. Ottosen Iowa
Date: early August 1978
Time: night
Numerous witnesses reported seeing a hairy, foul smelling five-foot tall, ape like creature that made growling noises and grunts. It had large red glowing eyes the size of golf balls. There were also reports of mutilated dogs and rabbits, and cats disappearing. Strange tracks have also been found on the mud. A girl riding her bike saw a five-foot tall figure in the light of a streetlight, standing next to a garage less than a block away. The creature was broad and covered with hair. The girl’s scream brought her mother and two other people to the scene. Riding bikes to where the creature had been seen, the trio stopped when they heard a man’s voice say “does anyone know what time it is?” They had no idea where the voice came from, but looked down toward the garage and saw a “head” looking at them. The head was large, covered with hair and with huge dazzling eyes. The witnesses quickly left the area.
Source: Frank Santiago, Omaha World Herald

Date: August  1978

Location. Near Lewiston California
Date: August 1 1978
Time: unknown
This is an undocumented report of a 12-year old, son of a prominent local doctor encountering an unusual humanoid creature not far from a mine in an isolated area. No other information.
Source: Jacques Vallee, Confrontations, A scientist’s Search for Alien Contact

Date: August 1 1978
Location: Clarksville Tennessee
Time: 2200
Summary: The six months pregnant witness had been taking a nap when she suddenly woke up to see a large craft hovering outside the upstairs window over a nearby wood shack. Her husband saw the object too. The main witness fainted but then heard a voice in a thick Middle Eastern accent telling her to open her eyes. When she opened her eyes she was confronted by a tall creature resembling an insect, it was thin and white in color wearing a dark outfit. It apparently spoke to the witness by using telepathy, there were several other similar creatures wearing jumpsuits standing around. The witness conducted a mental conversation with the creature asking it several questions as to its origin. The witness suddenly panicked and screamed and began to pass out, some of the creatures then began backing away. Moments later a long needle was painfully inserted into her belly. She then passed out, and then woke up later to see the taller creature talking to the others. Their heads were large and rounded. At one point the witness claimed she saw several helicopters flying around the hovering craft.
Source: NUFORC

Date:   August 1st, 1978: Oklahoma Humanoid Report Audio Recording

Date: August 2 1978
Location: Mawnan Church Cornwall England
Time: night
Summary: on, or around, August 2, 1978 by three young unnamed French girls. No hour is given. The landlady of the boarding house in which they had been staying told Tony “Doc” Shiels, a local eccentric who was instrumental in getting such reports known, that the three girls had been frightened by something “very big, like a big, furry bird with a gaping mouth and round eyes.”
Source: Graham MacEwan, Mystery Animals Of Britain & Ireland

Date: August 4, 1978
Location: Morsil, Sweden
Time: around 11:00 p.m.
Summary: on August 4, 1978, around 11:00 p.m., in Morsil, Sweden, “Humanoid entity were observed. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed in cloudy weather by one male 16-year-old witness in a forest for a few minutes 
Source: Westerlund

Date: August 6 1978
Location: Between Agia Marva & Lefkohori, Greece
Time: night
Summary: Antonis Coulouris was driving his car on country road when he suddenly saw several “giant humanoids” caught by the lights of his truck. Terrified, he put the car in reverse to get away and drove about 60 meters when the engine stopped functioning. The lights went out and he felt like something was “shaking” his truck. For 15 seconds he tried to turn on the engine but to no avail. After that, the shaking stopped and the engine functioned normally.
Source: Makis Nodaros

Date: August 7 1978
Location:  Peoria, IL
Time:  9:00 PM. 
Summary: Light with whirring noise paced car for several minutes. 
Source:  IUR,3,9

Date: August 8 1978
Location:  Belton, MO
Time:  9:40 PM. 
Summary:  Heavily-witnessed radar-visual case near Kansas City. In Belton, Missouri several military personnel witnessed the flyover of a UFO that was tracked on radar. The encounter lasted 45 minutes. A cattle mutilation had been discovered earlier that day in Elsberry, Missouri. 
Source:   (1) Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, September 1978, p. 3; UNICAT database, case 145; (2) Elsberry Democrat, August 10, 1978

Date: August 9 1978
Location:  Wandearah, West – SA
Time:  2235
Summary:  Returning home, a mother and daughter, watched as a very bright light came towards them. Bright red, it had three black spots along the bottom of it. The car lost power to near stopping point, twice, even though the woman flattened the accelerator to the floor. She turned onto another road and the car gathered speed, while the light left to the north-west.
Source:  UFORSA

Date: August 10 1978
Location:   General Belgrano, Santa Fe, Argentina
Time:  Night
Summary: A mushroom-shaped object was sighted at close range over a military base in General Belgrano. The object was several meters in diameter, and had an array of flashing lights around its rim. It flew at a low altitude, and hovered for 10 minutes. 
Source:  Jane Thomas, UFO Newsclipping Service, October 1978, p. 14, citing Cronica, August 13, 1978

Date: August 11 1978
Location:  Roosevelt, UT
Summary:   Silver dome-shaped object, green glow, hovered overhead, began circling; E-M effects, dogs whined; UFO finally took off at high speed 
Source:  section V

Date: August 11 1978
Location:  Buffalo Shoals, NC
Summary:  Glowing, yellow domed disc passed nearby, hovered, shot straight up, humming noise. 
Source:  MUFON UFO Journal, August 1988, p. 16; Maiden, N.C. Times, Aug. 16, 1978 (E,L) motorcycle

Date: August 20 1978
Location:    Toledo, OH
Time:  7:30 PM 
Summary: A 64-year old security guard was on patrol in downtown Toledo looking at a “large plane” approaching from the north against a clear, pre-sunset sky. As it passed overhead at a uniform speed, about 1500-2000 feet up, it could be resolved that it was actually a cigar (as sketched) with small brackets. It was dull silver, distinctly outlined and was twice the angular size of the full moon. It then continued its straight path southbound to the horizon. 
Source:  IUFOR,3,12

Date: August 21 1978
Location:   Indianapolis, IN
Time:  5:30 PM. 
Summary: A 33-year old housewife, in the company of her 8- and 10-year old children, watched a silver “Frisbee” from their front porch in this urban residential area 3 miles north of the center of town. Standing outdoors, looking up at the clear sky, they saw the saucer in the SE, much larger than a full moon would look (at night) With an estimated real size as large as a car. The Frisbee had a sharp outline and a metallic appearance. No Sound could be heard over the heavy traffic noise. According to the children, it then shot over to SW in two seconds. Finally, It moved straight up out of sight in an instant. 5-8 mins.
Source:  One of the cases listed on Dr. Willy Smith’s UNICAT file; IUFOR,3,12

Date: August 21 1978
Location:  Near Minerva Ohio
Time:  2230
Summary:  Evelyn Clayton’s family and friends were out on the front porch when they heard noises coming from the direction of an old chicken coop just to the right of the house. They then saw two pairs of yellow that seemed to be reflecting a porch light. Scott Patterson went to his car and turned the headlights on in hopes of getting a better look. Now they could see that the eyes were on what appeared to be two “cougar type” felines. Then the group saw what looked like a large bipedal hairy creature step in front of the large cats as if to protect them. This creature then proceeded to lurch towards the Patterson’s car. The witnesses fled to the house and called the sheriff’s office. While waiting for the deputies, the bipedal creature appeared at the kitchen window. Patterson then pointed a 22-caliber pistol at it, while Evelyn Clayton loaded a .22 caliber rifle. The creature stood outside the window for close to ten minutes. They decided they would not shoot it unless the creature made any advances toward them. It suddenly left without harming anyone. A strong stench resembling ‘ammonia sulfur” remained in the area long after the creature was gone.
Source:  Ron Schaffner

Date: August 22 1978
Location:  Moscow, PA
Time:  7:03 AM. 
Summary:  Four men were driving in a car pool to work at the Tobyhanna Army Depot. Driving in the Mt. Pocono region, they watched a small circular, vague “cloud” descend suddenly in the South. The sun was to their left, the sky bright daylight with some (regular) clouds. As they watched the cloud before them while driving at expressway speeds, they watched it change to a bright silver and hover, though rocking from side to side. It now looked solid and metallic. It rose slightly and flew off to the SE at “800-900 mph”. 
Source:  IUFOR,3,12

Date: August 22 1978
Location:  Adelaide to Perth, Australia
Summary:  Object ahead of airliner, opening appeared, smaller objects emerged, maneuvered around it, re entered and “departed at a tremendous speed.” 
Source:  sections III, X

Date: August 22 1978
Location: Southampton Bermuda
Time: night
Summary: Several guests at the local resort “The Reefs” were having dinner at an outdoors area on top of a cliff when they saw what appeared to be a helicopter approaching. The object approached and shone a blood red spotlight at the witnesses. The witnesses now realized that the helicopter was really a 30-foot disc shaped object. The craft had brightly lit rectangular windows around its perimeter. The main witness and several of the other guests could now see several gray figures that appeared to be waving at them; one stared directly at one of the witnesses. After about a minute the silent craft flew over the ocean and disappeared. At this point several military jets now appeared and apparently chased the object. Later that night, around 0500A, the wife of the main witness woke up startled to see a short figure standing in their room. The figure raised one hand, waved it then leaped right out the balcony, about 10 feet, never touching the rail.
Source: NUFORC

Date: August 23 1978
Location: Near Santiago Chile
Time: unknown
Summary: A young motorist reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown as he encountered several tall humanoids with human features and wearing helmets standing on the roadway. Two other motorists also reported seeing similar beings. No other information.
Source: Marcen Journal Vol. II # 2

Date: August 23 1978
Location: Longcross Bristol England
Time: 0130A
Summary: Three young witnesses saw a small black figure gliding quickly across a field. It was described as 2 to 3-foot tall apparently without any limbs. It appeared to have an upright stance and glided just above the grass. Later at 0230A the same witnesses saw a van with a driver dressed in black and wearing sunglasses. In the passenger seat sat a huge humanoid figure about eight-foot tall with massive shoulders and no head just a stump like protrusion.
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting British Flying Saucer Bureau News Bulletin 2/3 80, Vol. 2 # 2

Date: August 23 1978
Location:  Penalva, Maranhao, Brazil
Time:  night
Summary:  In a field a witness saw three medium-sized humanoid figures wearing silvery loose-fitting coveralls and round translucent helmets with what appeared to be face coverings or “plates”. The humanoids were encased in an eerie glow.
Source:  Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date: August 24 1978
Location: Hamburg Germany
Time: afternoon
Summary: Six children from a local school saw a round silvery object slowly descend and land on an open field. The object had two round black dots on its side. A ladder descended and two human like figures emerged, they wore white helmets and dark uniforms. The witnesses ran to get some help, but upon returning both the object and figures were gone.
Source: Ulrich Magin

Date: August 24, 1978
Location: Prato Principato Ultra, Italy
Time: around 07:00 a.m.
Summary: on August 24, 1978, around 07:00 a.m., in Prato Principato Ultra, Italy, there was a “close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants. One box-shaped object was observed by one male 57-year-old witness on a river. No sound was heard.”
Source: UNICAT catalogue compiled by Willy Smith.

Date: August 24 1978
Location:  Ginghamsburg, OH
Time:  11:40 PM. 
Summary:  Two 19-year old girls, driving west near Ginghamsburg watched two oddly-colored orange light forms, twice the “size” of aircraft landing lights, the “balls” of light were prominent in the middle, faded at the ends. A humming sound could be heard both from the lights and from the car radio. The driver couldn’t get her car to go faster than about 20 mph (a 73 Vega with manual 4-speed). The lights were coming from the left, one directly over the other. The two witnesses looked away momentarily (“did you see that?”) and they were gone, they looked again, and the lights came over the car. From the South they had moved to the NW over a field; a rod or a light beam came down from one ball of light and shone a light at the witnesses for one second. The driver tried to flash the car lights at it, to no avail. They looked away briefly and did not get to see the manner in which the lights vanished. 
Source:  IUFOR,3,12, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 73 (E,R) car

Date: August 24 1978
Location:  Ottumwa, IA
Time:  10:00 PM.
Summary:   A 54-year old cook was on her way from her brother’s house about 10-miles south of town when this EM interference case occurred. She was on Cliffland Road northbound in her ’72 Ford LTD, alongside of the Des Moines River in a wooded, rural area under a clear sky. Then a “huge” (full moon-sized) red orange light shot silently from the east to the west in several seconds “which seemed like forever”. As it flew across the front of her car, her windshield fogged up and the car stalled out to a stop on the road. This interference lasted only a few seconds and the car restarted without her turning the key; the window defogged as quickly as it had steamed up. She last saw the light against a background of trees up ahead, lower than the treetops. 
Source:  IUFOR, December 1978, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 73 (E) car

Date: August 26 1978
Location: Hyannis-Barnstable Massachusetts
Time: 2200
Summary: Two witnesses in a car watched an oval shaped craft hovering low over the US6 road. Behind several rectangular windows several figures could be seen moving back and forth. 
Source: Raymond Fowler

Date: August 27 1978
Location: Las Salinas Tucuman Argentina
Time: afternoon
Summary: Nuño Gomez reported encountering two short men like humanoids, wearing gloves, black boots, and shiny metallic outfits in his house. They appeared to have severe “acne” on their faces. They then apparently disappeared.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: August 27 1978
Location:   Provincetown, MA
Time:  1:40 PM. 
Summary: One minute. A private plane flying over Massachusetts Bay, 10 miles north-northwest of Provincetown had a near collision at 2500′ with a 18-foot diameter silver disc. Ground radar confirmed the presence of the unknown craft. 
Source:  Raymond E. Fowler, MUFON UFO Journal, August 1978, p. 5

Date: August 28 1978
Location: Near Chieti Italy
Time: 0230A
Summary: Amerigo Rocci, a baker, was on his way to work when he experienced total engine failure in his vehicle. While checking under the hood, a powerful bright light illuminated the area around him. Approaching the light he noticed five strange figures, the height of an eight-year-old child. The figures moved in unison in “synchronized” movements and appear to float 25 cm above the road. The figures wore a dark gray tight fitting diver’s suits that covered them from head to toe. They had thick necks and from the top of their heads protruded an “antenna” like device resembling a funnel. The beings were about 500 meters away and Rocci was not able to see any facial features. The beings glided away in single file from the witness, who noticed that the last figure was carrying something resembling a “shovel” like apparatus.
Source: Archivio S.U.F

Date: August 28 1978
Location:  West Germany
Time:  12:43 PM.
Summary:   US private aircraft with three witnesses at 33,000′ observed three UFOs for 1/2 minute. 
Source:  Haines printout

Date: August 29 1978
Location:  Guemes, Cordoba province, Argentina
Time:  11:00 PM. 
Summary:  An ovoid object with reddish flashes moved at a low altitude in the proximity of the local observatory. Residents discarded the notion that it was a plane. Two UFOs appeared in the skies over the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Their estimated speed was 6000 kph, altitude 30,000-40,000 meters, and they were photographed with “special cameras and techniques.” 
Source:  Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, November 1978, p. 14, citing Cronica, August 29 & 31, 1978

Date: August 30 1978
Location: Moscow region, Russia
Time: 0230A
Summary: The witness, Sharkov, was staying at a boarding house near a local lake when he woke up early in the morning with an uncontrollable desire to expiate. While making his way to the outhouse located near the shore he heard a loud rumble and saw at a distance of about 100-150 meters and at about 3-4 meters above the water an object resembling a helmet, but much more rounded and thicker. Thinking that it was some kind of new weapon that was being tested, he made a decision to approach it (!). Feeling a certain degree of fear he swam towards the object, again perceiving the rumbling sound. As the Sharkov swam towards it he noticed that the water under the object and around it was fluorescent and shiny. When he was practically under the object he looked up to see a glowing green circle on the perimeter of the object. He could not see anybody onboard the craft but he was confident that he was being observed. After swimming around for about 30 minutes he decided to swim back to shore but as he did a metallic cylinder suddenly descended from the center of the craft. After it reached the water surface the cylinder opened and it approached the witness, who attempted to swim away but was suddenly drawn into the cylinder. The cylinder immediately shut and the water was released back into the lake. The witness felt the cylinder rising up. After several minutes the cylinder opened and the witness found himself inside a “flight” room that was illuminated with an unknown source of light, there were two armchairs in the center. Soon he hears a soft rumble and a voice speaking in perfect Russian, tells him not to be afraid, that no harm will come to him. He is told that they knew everything about him and that they were from another constellation in a far galaxy in space. The room around him darkened and he saw apparent holographic pictures and diagrams of the alien’s star system. He is made to understand that there are 4 aliens “assigned” to this object, but he never sees them. He is also told that they control gravity and are forbidden to engage in full contact with earthlings since this will undoubtedly bring confusion and destruction to humanity. During the conversation he apparently looses consciousness temporarily. He pleads with the unseen aliens not to be taken away, but he is reassured since according to them, they already had a sufficient number of humans with them. Soon he was gently deposited back into the water and he floated back to shore. It was already 0400A when he noticed a dazzling bright light illuminated the surroundings like daylight and when he looked, the object had disappeared.
Source: UFOZONE Russia

Date: August 30 1978
Location: Union County, Indiana
Time: 11:45 p.m.
Summary: On August 30, 1978, at approximately 11:45 p.m., in Union County, Indiana, the USA, a woman drove on state road 44 in a valley close to a bridge, when she saw ahead, low above the road, an orange egg-shaped object accompanied by four smaller orange-red objects of squareish appearances. Light reportedly suddenly engulfed her car and she does not remember anything of what occurred then, until she found herself driving approximately 5 miles further on the road. At home, she was reportedly troubled mentally, and reportedly discovered two punctures wounds on her buttocks and small pieces of one does not know what mid chest.
Source: Don Worley files

Date: August 30 1978
Location: Gobernador Dupuy San Luis Province Argentina
Time: 1630
Summary: A 23-year old woodcutter was taking a break from work when he saw a strange craft approach to within 2 meters. A humanoid figure surrounded in bluish light emerged from the object and approached the witness with its hand extended forward. No facial features or lower limbs could be detected. The being suddenly pushed a button on its chest and the witness was paralyzed. He was then taken into the object and inside a grayish substance was smeared on his mouth and needles were stuck in his arm. The witness was finally set free in remote spot miles from where he was picked up. It was reported that he was able to keep several items from the object.
Source: Jane Thomas, Mufon Journal # 130

Date: August 30 1978
Location:  Nisula, MI
Summary:  Cone-shaped object with body lights flew overhead. 
Source:  International UFO Reporter, December 1978, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 73 (E) pickup truck

Date: August 31 1978
Location:  between San Juan and San Luis, Argentina
Time:  2:00 AM.
Summary:   Two men, Srs. De Cesare and Martin, were driving in a truck on Highway 147 in Argentina when they were circled closely by a group of UFOs. Their truck’s engine stopped and they got out, throwing themselves to the ground and hiding among the roadside vegetation. The truck battery was totally discharged and the truck could not be restarted. At dawn dead goats and birds were found at the site. (Source: 
Source:  Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, December 1978, p. 15, citing Cronica, October 1, 1978

Date: August 31 1978
Location: London England
Time: 1900
Summary: The witness was sitting in her office on the tenth floor of an office building on the south bank of the river Thames when she glanced out a window and noticed an object moving at rooftop height. It was silvery bright in color and was shaped like an elongated parachute; at the bottom it had a man shaped figure apparently protruding from its tip. The object moved horizontally then stopped briefly above a building. It finally disappeared behind the National Theater and was not seen again. (?)
Source: P Hardman, Bufora Journal Vol. 8 # 4

Date: August 31, 1978: The Estancia La Dulce Argentina CE-3

Date: late August 1978
Location: Jackson Mississippi
Time: unknown
Summary: The 28-year old witness encountered a hovering disc shaped object. Under hypnosis he recalled being invited inside by several men wearing shiny clothing, with almost human appearing faces and raspy voice. Later he began to hear voices in his head and had to undergo prolonged psychiatric treatment.
Source: Article by Ramona Cortez, and Don Worley 

Date: August  1978

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