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Date: Fall 1979
Location: Michigan, exact location not given
Time: 0330A
Summary: The two witnesses were parked on a deserted dead end street when suddenly they were startled by the appearance of what they thought was another vehicle. But gradually they discerned that it was really a bell shaped craft that gave off an eerie light. Moments later the terrified witnesses saw next to the object a four-foot tall human like figure with a head slightly larger in proportion to the rest of the body. It wore a snug fitting body suit and was holding in one hand what appeared to be a small metallic pail.
Source: Kenneth Ring PhD. “The Omega Project”

Date:  Fall 1979
Location:  Monterrey Mexico
Time:  2200
Summary:  The witness (source) had gotten up to go to the kitchen in order to get something to eat. The kitchen was located by the patio, which was divided by a curtained window. Suddenly there was a movement behind the curtain and the witness was stunned to see a tall winged man-like figure standing on a table in the patio. It had shiny black hair, and a pair of huge bat-like wings. The witness was unable to see its head. The startled witness clumsily ran out in order to attempt to capture the being, knocking down several items in the process, but as he stepped out the strange creature had completely disappeared.
Source:  Marco A Reynoso

Date:  September  1979
Location:  Catskill Forest Reserve, New York
Time:  0100A
Summary:  Two campers were awakened by noises and saw a faintly luminous object resembling a stream lined camper trailer with a smooth irregular shape and a spinning unit in one end. There was a tall luminous figure with dark eyes standing next to it; the figure had a series of diagonal slashes on one cheek. Suddenly three more similar beings appeared. The men became frightened and left. Later both vaguely recalled being taken into an object.
Source:  Fortean Times # 31, quoting Budd Hopkins

Date:  September  1979

Location. Oakenholt, Flint Wales
Date: September 1979
Time: afternoon
A six-year old witness reported encountering a landed object on a field; it was a domed craft with windows sitting on 4 legs. Three beings emerged from the object. They were humanoids with large ears and eyes, about 5-feet tall and with clawed hands. They communicated with each other by means of chirping sounds, and demonstrated a ray gun for the boy when they spotted him. They then went back into the object.
Source: Jenny Randles, and Paul Whetnall

Date:  September  1979

Location. Portsmouth Hampshire England
Date: September 1979
Time: evening
The witness was in her front garden when she noticed movement within a large bush, which was in the garden. Everything seemed unnaturally still, not a breath of wind. Slowly, the bush began to part in two or three places. She was then amazed to see faces, seemingly those of children. Realizing that those were not children, she froze, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end. The creatures she was seeing reminded her of elves, or pixies and the like. They did not seem to be totally solid looking and the bushes covered their lower bodies. As their misshapen hands extended out towards her she ran indoors, trying to scream but could not. Later still frightened, she came down and looked nervously outside. The “elves” were gone, but she saw walking towards her down the bridle path near her home, a dark figure lit by an aura that move with it, showing its short curly hair and the shape of its face, but not its features. Apparently her neighbor had seen a similar figure.
Source: The World of The Strange

Date:  September  1979
Location. Petrushka Russia
Date: September 2 1979
Time: 1700
The witness was out picking mushrooms in a wooded area when he came upon a large shiny metallic mushroom shaped craft on the ground. The bottom half of the craft emitted a soft pink light and the top domed section was encased in an orange mist. The craft appeared to be spinning and emitting luminous flashes from its edges. Two short men emerged from the object; these were strongly built with broad shoulders and strong chests. They wore black tight fitting suits that covered their entire body; it had two small slits at eye level. They were talking among themselves in a speech that sounded more like the twittering of birds than anything else. They appeared to inspect the object, and then were apparently sucked up into it and the object left. On the spot where the object had rested the soil was found to be totally sterile with all living organisms completely missing.
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 27 # 5

Date: September 3 1979
Location: Near Gateshead England
Time: night Early AM.
Summary: Following a series of low level sightings by the witness and her family, the witness woke up to see a small metallic disc shaped object inside her bedroom. A dozen small men like beings now appeared, these were 2 ½ foot tall, with large heads and eyes and feminine features. They wore white uniforms and cloaks. They walked up to her bed and examined her. The witness was paralyzed during the encounter. She later reported a further incident with an entity. 
Source: John Watson, Northern UFO News # 74

Date: September 6, 1979: Star-shaped objects observed over Ingolstadt, Germany

Date:  September 9 1979
Location:  Chicago, IL
Time:  4:30 PM.
Summary:   “Gee, that looks like a flying saucer,” thought the 38-year old member of a heating industry. Apparently, his neighbors and members of his family agreed. The silver disc had angular size about half that of the full moon. The black center could be resolved on the underside and the outline was distinct against the clear blue sky. There was no noise as it moved south to northeast directly overhead at high altitude. 
Source:  IUR, Vol. IV, No. 6

Date: September 9 1979
Location: Rush City, Minnesota
Time: right before dusk
Summary: I was about 15 or so when I was outside playing basketball by myself. It was right before dusk. I had this odd feeling like I was being watched. It was strong it wouldn’t go away. So I kept looking around. Then I saw these human-shaped things in silver suits. But I knew right away they weren’t human because they could be there one second and then on the other corner of the house the next. Humans can’t move like that. It was like they transferred themselves. I was scared, but it was weird, I was not scared of them. Normally I would be a chicken, because I am a scaredy cat. But I wasn’t scared of them. I was scared of what or who they were, not knowing. Its hard to explain. I went in the house and was a little freaked out at the unknown so I deadbolted the front door and locked it. It was still pretty light outside. Then I went upstairs and my family (mom dad brothers and sisters) were watching t.v. I said nothing, because I felt stupid and like nobody would believe me, but I did go to the patio door also and locked it and put the dead bolt on it. Then I went to take a shower. As I was in the shower there came this loud noise and the house started to shake. I got really scared and hurried out of the shower and got dressed and ran into the living room. My dad was the only one still there. I said where is everyone and he said they were outside watching a UFO that had just come out of our pasture and went into the sky. I went running outside and by then all I saw was the speck. They said that was what made the noise and that it came out of the woods and shot to the sky. I told my mom what happened to me, and the reason she believed me is because when they went to run outside, the door was deadbolted. She knew I was telling the truth. The weird thing is, we never talked about it, EVER, its like it was forgotten. Two weeks later it came back when my mom and dad were home alone. The same noise, the house started to shake (we were on a cliff with the creek below) and all the electricity went out and a light was shown down on our big back porch which overlooked the creek. They thought it had to be the same thing. Anyways we never talked about it again. Until about 20 years later. My mon actually said something to someone and I was like, my god mom you remember that. Why did we never talk about it, that was odd. Its hard to explain.

Date:  September 10 1979
Location:  10 miles N. of Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Time:  13:15 GMT.
Summary:   Two pilots were flying at 5,000 ft in a Piper Aztec and about a half mile off formation with a Cessna 182 which was a brand new airplane. They were just getting ready to let down at Myrtle Creek when one “thing” came from about a four o’clock position from the coast and looked (when it was facing the Aztec pilot) like the round fuselage of an airliner with a reflection in front but not on the sides. Then it moved in several hundred feet behind, and below, the Cessna. The object started moving directly toward the aircraft, and the pilot radioed him. The Aztec pilot tried to tell the Cessna pilot that there was a plane coming up on him. The Cessna pilot got only the word “plane”. He looked around on both sides and couldn’t (hear) any word from the other pilot. The Aztec pilot tried on two different transmitters and all he could hear was static while the object was around. The object moved underneath the Cessna, several hundred feet below him, then it lifted up vertically to pretty close underneath him, within 25 feet. and hung there for a minute. The object was estimated at 30 feet in diameter and was shaped like a sphere. There was nothing sticking out from it and it was metallic, then it dropped back down and slid behind the Cessna. And then it pulled underneath the Cessna again, but not as close this time. Finally it moved off to the right at about four or five o’clock position and dropped down over the coast mountain range. The entire observation lasted for about five minutes. 
Source:  APRO Bulletin Volume 31 #10; Dr Richard F. Haines files Case 46

Date:  September  1979

Location. Oakenholt Wales
Date: September 14 1979
Time: past midnight
A beam of light shone through the witness window and she felt dizzy. She then rose into a tunnel and met two aliens in a field. A huge craft hovered nearby and a beam of light lifted her inside. The interior consisted of one large room with 3 other aliens and an almost human appearing girl of about 19. The room contained a portrait of an older being, apparently a leader. After a 30-minute trip the beings showed her an alien zoo with many bizarre animals. The beings communicated with the witness and then said goodbye, she then found herself back in bed again.
Source: Jenny Randles, and Paul Whetnall

Date:  September 14 1979
Location:  Canoga Park, CA
Summary:  Disc with flame like jets around perimeter hovered ahead of car, darted from point to point; took off at “very high speed” 
Source:  section X

Date:  September 17 1979
Location:   Eichstatt, Germany
Time:  12:15 AM.
Summary:  In the Bavarian town of Eichstatt three pentagon-shaped UFOs were seen by many, including 10 police officers. One object hovered at 500 meters, then shot away.  
Source:  MUFON UFO Journal, October 1981; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 13306, citing MUFON

Date:  September 19 1979
Location:  Barrio La Gloria Mendoza Argentina
Time:  Early morning
Summary:  The witness, a military man, woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep; he lit a cigarette and walked over to the kitchen area, his family still sleeping. He leaned on the kitchen window ledge then pulled the curtain aside, he was then surprised to see a circular gray metallic object on the ground near his house. A short human like figure suddenly appeared next to the object, he wore a very white outfit with what appeared to be a bright green visor where the eyes would have been. The witness sensed some type of telepathic message but could not recall its contents and does not remember how the figure and the object left.
Source:  Richard Heiden, quoting R Banchs

UFO_414Date:  September 19 1979
Location:  South part of Germany

Date:  September 20 1979
Location:  Poplar Grove, IL
Time:  5:30 AM. 
Summary:  Pear-shaped form of blue light engulfs auto with 28-year old nursing home employee. Area lit up like daylight, AM radio racked with static and car unable to exceed 40 mph. Missing time. 
Source:  IUR 4, 5

Date:  September 21 1979
Location:  Sztum Poland
Time:  2100
Summary:  Miroslaw Goralski and Krzysztof Kobus had been working in the garden and were cleaning their tools when a UFO (seen by one as a “ring” and by the other from a different angle as “two silver deltas connected by a cross”) descended abruptly into the enclosure. Both men experienced a squeaking or high frequency sound in their heads. As they approached to investigate they were engulfed by a dense white “fog” and illuminated by bright light. They felt inertial effects as if rising at high speed. Kobus propped himself against a soft object like an “armchair,” which later vanished and experienced a kaleidoscope of colors and odd sensations as if ideas were flowing into his brain from an external source. Goralski asked questions to supposed unseen entities and obtained partial answers in unspecified fashion. “What is matter?” he asked. The answer, “The most important attribute of matter is its ability to pervade through other matter.” Goralski leaned over to the edge of the “fog” and could clearly see the town below. He experienced a visual display like a “time tunnel,” including people in costumes of bygone days. Suddenly they fell as if from a height of about 30 cm and landed back in the garden. Goralski ran home, arriving at 2130. The witnesses were submitted to psychological testing, which showed normal personalities.
Source:  Emilia Popik, Mufon UFO Journal # 150

Date:  September 23 1979
Location:  Dexter, IA
Time:  1:28 PM.
Summary:   A silver cigar-shaped object approached a cattle lot two miles north of Dexter. It was only 150 feet above the ground, had no wings or windows, and made no sound. It hovered in place for a few minutes so the witness, a 49-year-old contractor, got out of his truck and attempted to walk underneath it. It then moved off toward the northeast, moving rapidly, and rose slightly into the sky. 
Source:  International UFO Reporter, July 1979, p. 12

Date:  September 23 1979
Location:  Nord, France
Time:  5:00 AM. 
Summary:  A near collision occurred on the D136 highway between an automobile and a six-meter wide disc on the highway. The UFO had portholes around its rim. It flew off toward the southwest into some trees. 
Source:  Lumieres dans la Nuit, December 1980

Date:  September 25 1979
Location:  Talca Chile
Time:  unknown
Summary:  In a farming region a peasant out plowing the fields encountered a landed disc shaped craft. A tall humanoid emerged from the object and briefly chased the peasant. The humanoid caught up with the farmer placing his hand on his shoulders. Later the farmer was treated at a local hospital for 2nd and third degree burns on the shoulder area, apparently caused by the humanoid’s touch.
Source:  Saga 1980 UFO Annual

Date:  September 26 1979
Location:  Monsey New York
Time:  1700
Summary:  A witness watched a saucer shaped craft hovering above some nearby power lines. The craft emitted a soft humming sound and was about 35 ft in diameter. On the bottom of the object there was a ring of rotating colored lights and on the upper section was a circular row of windows and at the top there was an antenna like projection. The witness stood about 80 feet away and was able to see shadowy figures appearing at the windows. The object then flew away straight up at incredible speed.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: Late September 1979: Yaroslavl Russia Entity

Date:  September  1979

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