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Date: October 1980
Location: Nebraska, exact location not given
Time: afternoon
Summary: A man was walking through his garden when he came upon the fishpond, and sitting by the pond was a small humanoid figure with a pointed chin and large eyes that was wearing a blue cap. The figure sat next to the pond apparently stroking something in the water. The man ran towards the figure. This caused the short humanoid to jump up, and touched the man on the thigh. The man collapsed on the ground and saw the humanoid cover his face and run off, shouting “Sorry! I shouldn’t have! The man was taken to the local hospital where it was found after a battery of tests that all the calcium in his left thighbone was rapidly dissolving. He now has an artificial hip and femur.
Source: The Communion Letter, autumn 1990

Date: October 1980
Location: Near Toluca, Mexico
Time: evening
Summary: Anton Ribero in company of his wife and another person were driving in a desert area about 30 km from Toluca when suddenly the engine of their vehicle stalled without any apparent reason. A bluish flash of light streaked from the sky about 50 meters from the car. The three witnesses then watched a large conical shaped craft resting on the ground on 4 “feet” like protrusions. Four figures or “things” also of conical form emerged from the object; the figures had shiny tentacle-like protrusions. Using these tentacles the figures moved quickly near the astounded witnesses apparently collecting rock and soil samples and some plants. Minutes later the figures went back into the object and then there was a bright blue flash and the object disappeared. The vehicle engine soon began operating again.
Source: Jean Marie Douchet, “Nostra” January 28 1982

Date: October 1980
Location: Near Ft. St. John British Columbia Canada
Time: night
Summary: Two brothers and a friend that had gone hunting for moose off the Alaska Highway decided to go back to town to get some beer, leaving two other men behind. Not long after departing the men spotted what appeared to be a forest fire on the horizon. They stopped to look and got out of the car. Soon they saw what appeared to be a large ball of orange light approaching, coming out of the ball of light were between 50 to 100 small white balls of light that resembled dripping molten plastic. The lights would follow each other toward the side of the gully where they would brighten as they came close to the mountain. They would then return to the orange sphere causing it to expand. After 20 minutes three lights approached their location. These hovered 100 feet above them, and appeared to be part of a larger dark object. At this point one of the brothers noticed that his companions seemed to be frozen in place; he then saw three large spiral clouds forming overhead. He decided to run towards a ditch but was hit in the back by a ball of light. Next thing he knew he was going up backwards through the air. He then saw a human looking figure resembling a priest. The man had black hair and a black beard, and appeared to be suspended above him. The witness was unable to move and could only move his eyes. He then looked down and saw what he described as a hundred small beings resembling skinny Pillsbury doughboys. They seemed somewhat out of focus. The human like figure communicated telepathically with the witness. Next he remembered floating down to his car, then driving away with the other two men. He could see many balls of light floating above the road and then he left the area.
Source: Gavin McLeod, Mufon Canada

Date: October 1980
Location: Passa Tempo, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Two days after seeing a large luminous object maneuvering low above a road, Jose Batista Leao was working in his gym when he saw, standing at the door a strange short humanoid figure wearing dark clothing, and with a large head and eyes that stared at him fixedly. Seconds later it moved away and disappeared.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

Date: October 1 1980
Location: Huesca Huesca Province Spain
Time: 2030
Summary: A young couple driving on the Barbastro Road noticed at the end of the local industrial runway a huge reddish object sitting on the ground. Curious they approached the area and could see the glowing red object on the ground and at the same time they could see several formations of bright luminous lights overhead. The witnesses shone the high beam lights at the object several times, and then a small luminous sphere left the object and approached their vehicle hovering nearby. At this time the witnesses felt an extreme cold from an unknown source. Both decided to leave but found a third witness who confirmed the presence of the object. They returned to a different vantage point and now were able to see several tall human-like figures standing in front of the object, as well as the small luminous sphere that at one time flew silently over their vehicle.
Source: Ballester Olmos, Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos con OVNIS

Date: October 2 1980
Location: Liipantonkka, Ylistaro, Finland
Time: 2325
Summary: A 23-year old man was driving from Vaasa towards Lapua on route 64 in order to have a late meal at a local grill bar. At the outskirts of Lapua on a small hill a bright light coming from the sky suddenly lighted the surroundings and a shining gray disc-shaped solid object appeared 5-10 meters in front of the car. The witness could not remember if he himself stopped the car. The contours of the object were clear, and it somehow glowed appearing to be very hot. The object was as broad as the road, about 6 meters and it had two lights one on each end, but no other details could be seen. It hovered about half a meter over the road surface, when suddenly two lights became visible on the middle of the object and three humanoids came out. The driver described them as quite human-like, but smaller. He did not see any ears or hair, but the eyes were very small. The humanoids came to the left side door of the car—and that’s all the witness could recall. The next thing he remembers was pulling up into the parking lot of the grill bar, but it was already closed as four hours had unaccountably passed.
Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland

Date: October 3 1980
Location: Dores De Guanhaes, Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A local laborer was confronted by two humanoids that immobilized him with a green beam of light. The beings were about 1.40 meters in height and wore silvery tight fitting coveralls. No other information.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

Date: October 5 1980
Location:  near Ta Kang, China
Summary:  On this night near Ta Kang, several sailors off the coast in a ship on the Yellow Sea, including a witness named Hung, saw a reddish cone-shaped object with an intense bluish-green electric-arc glow fly overhead. It was close enough that they were able to feel heat from the object. 
Source:   FSR, March 1983, p. 24

Date: October 7 1980
Location: Mayslick Kentucky
Time: 2130
Summary: Charles Fulton and his family were watching television when they heard a loud noise on the front porch. Fulton said he heard his son’s pet rooster disturbed. When he peered out the front door, he saw a white, hairy creature with pink eyes that must have weighed about 400 pounds and was about 7-feet tall. The creature was holding the rooster by the neck and then threw it against the side of the house. It then proceeded around the back of the house in a vacant lot. Fulton claimed to have grabbed his .22 pistol and followed the intruder. He fired at the creature twice, as it ran out of sight.
Source: Ron Schaffner, Creature Chronicles # 3

Date: October 11 1980
Location: Fairview Kentucky
Time: night
Summary: J L Tumey was sitting home watching a baseball game when he heard a strange noise originating from the back porch. Thinking it was a prowler; he retrieved his pistol and went around back to investigate. He saw what looked like a large dark man-like entity running towards the woods, he fired shots at it, and then ran back to his trailer for more bullets. He then saw it again by an old stable. He fired at it again, but missed. Later Tumey discovered that the freezer on the back porch had been broken into and some frozen chicken was removed and scattered outside. He also found some unusual white hair and impressions on the ground.
Source: Ron Schaffner

Date: mid October 1980
Location: Near Fort Sill Army Base, Oklahoma
Time: night
Summary: A woman named Kelly and her boyfriend were driving on the Bailey Turnpike when they drove directly under a huge craft shaped like a rounded disk with a curved indentation in the front, which apparently scanned her boyfriend and her with an orange red beam of light, which Kelly said it felt as it “went through her files.” It was very unusual and hard to describe. They got a good look at the bottom of the craft, which featured a “grid work of gray metal fins going in all directions.” Additionally it was divided into four quadrants by a cross of even darker material, solid and smooth in appearance. As they drove away from the area they could still see the craft hovering above the roadway.
Source: UFO PI

Date: October 16 1980
Location: Near Pleasantville New York
Time: 1930
Summary: Terry had gotten off work at a bank in New York City and was on her way home on the Parkway. It was dark and the sky was clear when she saw a small airplane go overhead from west to east toward the Westchester County airport and, following close behind, an enormous object. She pulled to the side of the road to watch for approximately two minutes or so it seemed. She said that the object had numerous antennae and was approximately 1/2 mile long. Intriguingly, she mentioned when she arrived home her mother asked her why she was late; she didn’t think she was late. Under hypnotic regression Terry recalled that she was driving north on the Sawmill Parkway, which if four lanes wide with a median, when she noticed the small twin engine aircraft going left to right toward the airport. Immediately following the plane was the huge object. She pulled off to the side of the road and looked out her window to get a better look. A green car pulled off in front of her. A male driver was in the car alone. Other cars drove by, apparently not seeing what was occurring above them. The object was very bright, mostly a silvery-white color. It was moving slow and not far above the trees. The object filled her field of view from the trees on the left side of the road to the trees on the right, and to the overpass ahead of her back to the Pleasantville Road overpass behind her. She said she was not frightened. The white underside of the object had “craters” on the surface, as well as what appeared to be steel beams, girders and lots of antennae. She remembered hearing a low hum. She became startled when she realized that her car had stopped running and her radio, which had been playing, was silent. She remembers starting her car and continuing the drive home after the object passed over. The object was at least 150 ft wide and 450 to 600 ft long. It had somewhat of a boomerang shape. Terry admitted having a lifelong fear of looking out of windows at night. Recently one of her flashback memories had included seeing alien-like entities at a window. One was tall with hands that had long fingers. She observed, ” He was much too skinny to be one of us. He had big, black eyes and a pear shaped head. Both had skin that was not quite white; they’re a grayish white. The tall one was over seven feet. I asked them when they were going to let others know. They said they weren’t ready.” Terry never heard them speak, but knew what they were saying in her mind.
Source: Franklin B Reams, Ohio UFO Notebook, summer 1994

Date: October 23 1980
Location: 85 km from Riga, Latvia (USSR)
Time: daytime
Summary: A woman was walking near the forest 85 km outside the Latvian capital and was passing a clearing when she suddenly saw a yellowish hemispherical shape, like a bubble or some kind of protective field that she could she through. It was about 15 meters in diameter and a smaller hemispheric-shaped object emanating red light was visible inside it, positioned in the center approximately 5-8m in diameter. She then saw 3 humanoid entities coming out of the forest; these were about 1.60m in height, dressed in white coveralls, like flight suits, with brown peaked helmets on their heads. Suddenly what appeared to have been a “protective” shield was deactivated and then she saw a disk-shaped object about 8 meters in diameter with 3 landing props standing on the clearing. The aliens then quickly entered the object; it then zoomed up into the sky, gained speed and disappeared from sight. She saw all that from a distance of several dozen meters. Ground traces apparently from the landing props were found on the soil, shaped like an isosceles triangle, 290 x 190mm in size.
Source: Archive of L.I. Schneider, UFO Researcher from Riga Latvia

Date: October 23 1980
Location:  bt. Clifton and Morenci, AZ
Time:  Evening
Summary:  A high school band was holding practice at a playing field between Clifton and Morenci, Arizona. They sighted a string of lights shaped in a triangular pattern hovering above them. It would move and stop, then move and stop again.
Source:   Philip Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, pp. 21-22

Date: October 26 1980
Location:  Greene County, Indiana
Time:  7:00 PM. 
Summary:  A lopsided triangle shaped UFO was observed by a husband and wife on their farm in a close encounter. The object can be described two full moons spaced about 12 feet apart with a flashing red light in back like a lopsided triangle. Each white light could have been three feet in diameter and the white was so intense but noting around lit up. It seemed as if the light was somehow contained within itself. The object was at treetop level now and passed to the right of our security light. There was no reflection of metal anywhere. The lights were all that could be seen but I got the distinct impression that they were connected to something huge. The wife said: The object passed about twenty feet above the barn making no sound and lights making no light. When it was over the barn roof the sows with baby pigs in the barn jumped up and began wild grunting and knocking about in their pens. They settled down immediately after the object cleared the roof. The object is now coming very slowly towards the front of our house and yard. My husband had gone back into the house to watch from the front windows, my children are crying, and I am on the back porch having the time of my life.
Source:   IUR-3,5, Letter to Center for UFO Studies, John Timmerman files

Date: October  1980

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