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Date: 1981
Location: Black Creek South Carolina
Time: unknown
Summary: A man was fishing in the creek when some unknown creature came up out of the water and threw the boat over. Afterwards the boat was examined and claw marks were found. Amphibian humanoid?
Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate November 1989

Date: 1981
Location: Pillpinto Peru
Time: unknown
Summary: In a rugged mountain area travelers and local peasants reported encountering several very tall, almost 8-foot tall beings with copper red hair, crystal blue eyes and very white skin. Local police officers saw a large shiny circular object lift off from the area leaving a burned oval-shaped patch on the ground.
Source: Linda Moulton Howe, In Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. I

Date: 1981
Location: Kirstenhof, Cape Town South Africa
Time: morning
Summary: The witness was alone in her house when she happened to open the dining room curtains and noticed two figures standing by her neighbor’s hedge. These two were described as man-like figures, one taller than the other, wearing shiny black large oval shaped helmets and black leather like outfits. Their heads apparently slightly larger than normal. A “funny” feeling came over the witness and as she started to phone her neighbor she turned to look again and the figures had vanished.
Source: Cynthia Hind, UFO Afrinews # 4

Date: 1981
Location: Bralaite, Jujuy Province, Argentina
Time: afternoon
Summary: In this Indian community a boy was found in a state of shock and reported that him and some other boys had seen some “little men” who were just 30 or 40 cm tall, but which flew. He said that the little men had an apparatus on their chests that they touched which enabled them to float over the plants. Some of them were smaller and had triangular heads and seemed to be led by another group who were bigger, with longer heads, and were 50 to 60 cm tall. There were other ones as well, which were nearly a meter in height.
Source: Brian Aubeck, Return to Magonia

Date: 1981
Location: Dubber Cross, Dublin Ireland
Time: evening
Summary: The witness reported the landing of a large metallic object behind his home. Several tall blond human like beings, wearing blue tight fitting outfits exited the object and communicated with the witness telepathically. They invited him onboard the object, but he refused. They nodded in understanding and possible agreement, turned, and walked away into their object, which promptly took off. No other information. (The witness apparently refused their invitation, not because he was afraid but because he thought, “it would mess up his life to much.”)

Date: 1981
Location: Southern Georgia
Time: late evening
Summary: Two hunters returning back to the cabin in the gathering dusk had at one point joined and were walking together. Suddenly from behind a large tree on the right directly in front of them, a figure walked onto the path not more than a dozen feet away. The figure, wore a silvery “space suit” with a helmet with visor, very similar to an astronaut. The two hunters stopped and stared. The “astronaut” also stopped and looked at them. After about 20 seconds, the astronaut turned and stepped back behind the tree. The hunters, at first flabbergasted at what they had seen, did not move for another five seconds, then they ran behind the tree, rifles at the ready. At this time the strange figure had completely vanished. The foliage around the tree was very thick and anyone walking through there would have made plenty of noise, but the men heard nothing. Terrified they ran the rest of the way back to the cabin. The next day they searched the site but found absolutely no traces.
Source: Paranormal about Com June 2003

Date: 1981
Location: Judy Woods Bradford England
Time: night
Summary: A youth walking to his home noticed a round glowing object hovering above a wooded area and then descend into it. Suddenly a white fog like substance appeared about 200 yards ahead of him. As he got closer he noticed a white ghostly figure, with no feet, floating about 12 inches above the ground. The figure floated straight through the trees then disappeared.
Source: Quest UFO Report Newsclipping

Date: 1981
Location: Near Teresopolis Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A man was riding his bicycle late at night when he saw a huge man like figure standing on the side of the road. The figure motioned to him to stop; it then asked for a ride and jumped on the back of the bicycle. After awhile he told the witness to stop, he then walked to a nearby field where a strange object rested on the ground; he was seen entering the object, which promptly took off at high speed.
Source: Bob Pratt, FSR Vol. 34 # 1

Date: 1981
Location: Walton England
Time: night
Summary: A man riding his motorcycle stopped to see a brilliant revolving translucent cone-shaped craft with laser like lights hovering overhead. Inside the witness was clearly able to see the outline of at least 50 humanoid figures moving inside. The craft suddenly vanished in plain sight.
Source: UFONS # 198

Date: 1981
Location: Passa Tempo Minas Gerais, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A 10-year old girl opened the kitchen door one night and was confronted by a strange figure wearing a dark cape, long sleeve dark shirt, and what appeared to be a smock over his head. As the child screamed, her mother came running but by this time the strange visitor had vanished.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

Date: 1981
Location: Parson Drove, Cambridge, England
Time: night
Summary: A woman and her son reported seeing a strange creature with a single glowing yellow eye that watched them from behind some bushes. When it ran off, she could see that it was the size of a calf.
Source: Paranormal Database, Cambridge

Date: 1981
Location: Antonina, Parana, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Gustavo Salik was in his country home with his three children when they all heard a strong buzzing sound coming from outside. Soon a figure walked up to the verandah of the house and identifies himself as “Norton.” Since they were afraid to open the door they communicated with the alien through the window. They described the humanoid as very tall, human like, white, and with blond hair. Using telepathic means he informed Salik that his crew comprised of three men. One of them collected plant samples in the nearby woods while the other one remain onboard the craft, which was a large hovering disc-shaped craft. The humanoid told Salik that they would leave in 45 minutes. Exactly 45 minutes later the humanoids left and the craft rose up into the air emitting bright flashes of blue light, which blinded the witnesses.
Source: Revista Vigilia

Date: 1981
Location:  Barrio Dominguito Puerto Rico
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness was driving along an isolated area with her young daughters, when she noticed a luminous object apparently floating on the side of the road. As she neared the area she noticed that the object was round and metallic with numerous bright lights around it and a dome on top. She then noticed three figures standing near the object. One of the figures was short, about 3-feet tall, it had a large hairless head and it was thin and gray in color. It wore a tight fitting gray green outfit. The other two figures were tall and human like and wore tight fitting gray silver outfits. She was unable to see any facial details since all three stood with their backs to her, apparently inspecting the hovering object. The witness felt an overpowering urge to approach the beings and stopped the vehicle and began walking towards them, but one of her young daughters began crying hysterically. The witness then became frightened and ran back into the car and quickly drove away from the area.
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 17

Date: 1981
Location:  Jordanian desert, Jordan
Time: late night
Summary: Mohammad Iqbal was traveling by car alone heading toward Saudi Arabia and had stopped the car in order to get some rest. Soon he heard a knock on the window. To his surprise he saw a beautiful girl wearing a shining white dress. He described her as about 20 years of age, with long white-blond hair. She was about 170 cm tall, and was smiling. The witness froze in the car, concerned since the girl appeared to be alone. The girl then pointed to somewhere in the desert, the witness looked but saw nothing. When he looked back at the girl, she was now far away waving at him. Terrified he drove away from the area.
Source: UFO Truth Home Page

Date: 1981

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