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Date: May  1983
Location:  Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Time:  late night
Summary:  Several Spanish Army legionnaires were involved in nighttime maneuvers and one of them, Manolo was awaiting orders from superiors as he hid from view. Suddenly he heard loud footsteps coming from behind him. Turning around he saw one of the other soldiers running towards him at breakneck speed with a look of horror in his face. He ran past the others and was finally ordered to stop by his superiors. He then related that as he stood guard near a nearby stonewall, he saw the figure of a woman wearing a veil like covering coming from behind the wall, the figure was glowing from head to toe. He described the figure’s face as “very ugly.” Terrified he ran terrified from the area.
Source:  Bitacora

Date: May  1983
Location:  Grove Hill, Alabama
Time:  20:00
Summary:    Sometime between 7 PM and 8:30 PM, couple driving saw object and entities sitting and standing behind windows. Object moved at walking speed, hovered, crossed road, then moved out of view. Close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants. One oval object, about 80 feet across, about fifty feet away, was observed in clear weather by two witnesses, typical age 62, on a farm for six seconds. No sound was heard.
Source:  MUFON

Date: May  1983
Location:  Garrett, Pennsylvania
Time:  20:45
Summary:   Hovered, moved at angle quickly, rapidly to the north.
Source:  APRO

Date: May  1983
Location:  Chesterfield, Virginia
Time:  21:00 
Summary:  The date of this sighting is unknown, so I did best guess. This is among many many sightings I’ve had as a kid. This is the most memorable A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cylinder was observed for over three minutes.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: May 4 1983
Location:  Lawrence, KS
Time:  3:50 AM. 
Summary:  A silent yellowish orange ball of light was seen by a Mr. J. Philips hovering 350 feet over a power line pole in Lawrence, Kansas. It flew away toward the northeast slowly at 35 mph. The sighting lasted three minutes. 
Source:  Professor E. J. Zeller, International UFO Reporter, September 1983, p. 14; UNICAT, case # 006, citing IUR

Date: May 5 1983:  Glastonbury, Connecticut CE3

Date: May 5 1983
Location:  Near Nalchik Russia
Time:  night
Summary:  Soviet Air Defense units of the Trans-Caucasus military region hit a cone shaped object with a missile after it had been tracked on radar for some time. The object allegedly did not land but in the Stolovaya Mountain area, several undescribed aliens made contact with a local inhabitant that reported the matter to local journalists. A group of tourists from Moscow reported that they had actually got inside the UFO, but had not found anything. According to investigators a film was taken of the craft and some who viewed it reported seeing a humanoid with large blinking eyes and an intense gaze. The camera then shows an object, about 300 feet away, either hovering very close to the ground or on the ground. The humanoid then walks away through a meadow calmly being watched by several military officers on the scene.
Source:   Paul Stonehill, The Soviet UFO Files

Date: May 9 1983
Location:  Sambreville, Belgium
Time:  Around 0300
Summary:  3m diameter inverted dish, metallic, rotating lower part, silent when first noticed, white beam of light turned on. Red light also on lower part, small white lights below row portholes, turbine noise. One metallic disc, about 20 feet across, was observed in partly cloudy weather by three witnesses for over six minutes (Lorent, Robert and Janine). A purring sound was heard.
Source:  Smith, Willy UNICAT computer database

Date: middle of May 1983
Location:  Near Yurimaguas, Alta Amazonas Peru
Time:  about 1300
Summary:  Francisco Concha Layango, a local farmer, was alone at his tent in the middle of the jungle eating a snack when he suddenly noticed two “men” standing 5 meters away. The men wore “beige colored jeans”, laced boots, sleeveless & collarless shirts, all of the same color. One of the men was about 1.90 meters in height, blond hair, a dark beard, and thick eyelashes. The other one was somewhat shorter, about 1.80 meters in height. The second one had darker hair and was beardless. Both men had large slanted eyes, large noses, and mouths. The taller man approached the witness, while the other stayed behind. The tall man was holding an object resembling a flashlight that gave off an intense red light, with a long silvery antenna about 3 meters in length. He asked Francisco what was he doing there, to which he replied that he was not alone, that his sons were returning soon from town. At this same moment the tall man entered the tent inserted his hand inside the pocked of the witness’s pants that were hanging on the wall and took out Francisco’s “false teeth.” Thinking that the tall stranger was about ready to attack him, the witness took out a machete and attempted to strike the man, but was suddenly immobilized and was unable to move. Out of the corner of his eye, the witness saw the tall stranger enter the hut and inscribe some strange symbols on one of the support logs; the witness was unable to tell how the stranger performed this task. At this point the other shorter man now spoke and told his companion that somebody was approaching. Francisco attempted to look but was still paralyzed. Seconds later he was suddenly able to move again, but as he turned around, the two strangers had mysteriously disappeared without making any noises. Soon after the strangers disappeared the witness’s horse, which had remained still during the encounter, suddenly began running around as if mad. Days after the encounter the witness had a dream that the tall stranger had returned his false teeth, indeed he did find the teeth in the same pant’s pocked where the stranger had originally taken them from. During June there were numerous UFO incidents in the area.
Source:   Dr Juan Americo Isla Villanueva, ONIFE, Peru

Date: May 20 1983
Location:  Curlwaa, Victoria, Australia
Time:  19:00
Summary:   Unusual objects were sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. Several lights were observed on a highway.
Source:  ACUFOS

Date: May 20 1983
Location:  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 
Time:   19:00
Summary:  Seven hour long marathon of nocturnal lights, discs, and cones. 9 objects hover over Kyneton.
Source:  ACUFOS

Date: May 20 1983
Location:  Foster, Victoria, Australia
Time:  19:00
Summary:   Unusual objects were sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. Several lights were observed on a highway.
Source:  ACUFOS

Date: May 23 1983
Location:   McHenry, Illinois
Time:  7:30 PM. 
Summary:  A disc-shaped object with a black top, blue sides, square windows, and a reddish golden metallic bottom maneuvered over trees in McHenry, Illinois. It was witnessed by an art teacher as it then rocked violently, leveled out, and flew off following the contour of the land. 
Source:   J. Allen Hynek, IUR-10,1, January-February 1985, p. 7

Date: May 24 1983
Location:  Juchen, Germany
Time:  18:00
Summary:   Orb extends red pyramidal field over power lines, vanishes top. An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One red sphere was observed by one witness at an electric plant.
Source:  MUFON

Date: May 25 1983
Location:  Botucatu, Brazil
Time:  0200A
Summary:  The witness woke up and went outside. There he saw a luminous being floating two meters from the ground. The being was dressed in a tight-fitting “rubber” suit. The witness then also became luminous and floated up with the being. They then proceeded to fly very far away over mountains and houses. He returned later with the same being at 0500A and could not remember much of the incident.
Source:  Casellato, Da Silva & Stevens UFO Abduction at Botucatu


Date: May 30 1983
Location:  Near Montevideo Uruguay
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  While playing soccer in a field, farmer Ruben Darrrosa reported seeing a “spaceship” land on top of a nearby hill, he approached to within 200 meters of the object and was suddenly struck by a beam of light. He then found himself inside a cylinder shaped compartment. Soon he heard a voice telling him to remain calm, he then noticed, standing nearby a tall, well built, baldheaded, man like figure, wearing a very tight-fitting white coverall. This being told Darrosa that they were here on earth on an important mission, that we would know more about when the time was right.
Source:  CUN Milan

Date: May 31 1983
Location:  Yorktown Heights Rte 35, New York
Time:  20:45 
Summary: V-shape formation of 10 red lights to the north, turned west, sighted by engineer/private pilot. A V-shaped object was observed. One red V-shaped object was observed by one experienced male witness (Boyd).
Source:  CUFOS

Date: May  1983

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