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Date: April 14 1985
Location: Piancavallo Italy
Time: evening
Summary: A young couple driving to a mountain ski resort under a heavy snowstorm encountered a strange yellow fog that suddenly descended over their vehicle. The snow around them seemed to melt and the car engine failed. As they coasted downhill their headlights picked up two figures that stepped out of the bushes right in front of the car. The figures were over six-foot tall and very wide.
They wore silvery outfits, and helmets with square black visors that completely covered their heads. The couple ran to a nearby village leaving the car behind.
Source: Jenny Randles, UFOS, and how we see them.

Date: April 26 1985
Location: Brewster, New York
Time: night
Summary: Dean Fagerstrom was returning home when a detour sent him out of his way and he became lost. He ended up at the New Fairfield High School. As he was turning around in the parking lot an object in the sky caught his attention. He stopped to look at it and saw a craft coming toward him at a thirty-degree angle, moving very slowly. He does not remember opening the car door it simply opened, and he got out without thinking about it. An aqua green tunnel projected toward him from the object, winding like a culvert. A pilot, a very good-looking fellow, stepped out of the tunnel, chuckling, and told Dean that he had nothing to fear. The man was dressed in a burgundy flight suit, instructed Dean to follow him. They entered the ship, which departed at high speed, although there was no sense of motion. There were elongated portals to look out of, but for whatever reason, Dean did not look out. They arrived at an earth like place and a couple of buildings were visible. He was told to walk toward a building and began to climb steps. Then out of nowhere a being named “Donestra” who Dean has had previous contact appeared. He wore a one-piece blue jumpsuit. Dean was instructed to go over to a building and undress, then enter a cubicle. When he entered the cubicle a liquid more dense than water covered him and cleaned him. Water rinsed the other liquid off, and then suddenly he was dry. When he emerged from the cubicle, his clothes were warm and looked as if they had been to the cleaners. Donestra explained that he had to be cleansed from internal ideas, then took him to a large stone table where five beautiful girls representing five races were talking and laughing, Dean wanted to talk to them, but his host said the time was not right. He was told several things that he was not allowed to divulge. Soon Dean returned to the craft and the pilot returned, his does not remember the return voyage. He ended up in his car with the door closed. He could see the craft hovering above a nearby lake.
Source: Phillip Imbrogno, Marianne Horrigan Contact of the 5th Kind

Date: April  1985


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