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Date: March  1985
Location:    Near Lima Peru
Time:   afternoon
Summary:   Renato Longato had gone on an excursion with a group of friends in the Andes foothills and was walking alone picking up some stones for his collection. Suddenly the area became different. Somehow the noise of the birds and the wind stopped for a while and it seemed that he was inside a “big bubble.” A homogeneous light form appeared in front of Longato, it then transformed into a body shape and then into a human like being. The being was about 6-foot tall with delicate gray hair, strong cheeks, and hypnotic eyes that inspired harmony and respect. He wore a bright uniform that covered him from his neck to his toes. The witness felt suddenly very calm and heard a voice inside of him “We are watching you, Amurac, continue what you’re doing…will see you again.” The figure then suddenly disappeared and everything came back to normal. Longato then looked up and saw a brilliant object flying over the mountains.
Source:  Renato Longato, Beyond Boundaries

Date: March  1985
Location:    Santiago, Chile
Time:   21:30
Summary:  Industrialist incident. Electromagnetic effects: engine stalled, buzz on radio, brilliant light engulfed car and road. Light hurt eyes. One object was observed by one male 45-year-old witness for over 15 minutes. A buzzing sound was heard.
Source:  Hall, Richard H. Uninvited Guests Aurora Press, Santa Fe, 1988 

Date: March 1 1985
Location:     Randburg, South Africa
Summary:  Three silent teardrop shaped objects moving rapidly to the northeast in V formation. Three silent, teardrop-shaped objects flew quickly over the city of Randburg, South Africa in a V formation, heading toward the northeast.
Source:  Hind, Cynthia UFO Afri News

Date: March 1 1985
Location:    Near Sacramento California
Time:   midnight
Summary:   The main witness and his wife were asleep but suddenly woke and got out of bed. They could see a light approaching from their back window. The light went over the apartment. A bluish beam of light then came through the ceiling as if searching for them. The light came to the front door and it began glowing bright yellow-white and then it disappeared. The main witness then stepped outside and was able to see a landed object on the street. The craft was angular and wedge-shaped. Five figures stood in the road and in front of the craft as if to guard it. Two other figures stood close to the witness. The beings were seven-foot tall, wearing blue coveralls and what appeared to be helmets. They had domed heads, silvery faces, no necks, and slit-like indentations for eyes. He was told to come with them, later he was returned to the apartment apparently floating right through his roof.
Source:   Richard J Boylan PhD “Close Extraterrestrial Encounters”

Date: March 2 1985
Location:    Saint-Seine-L’Abbaye, Bourgogne, France
Source:  http://www.cnes-geipan.fr/geipan/index.html

Date: March 7 1985
Location:    Sungai Jawi, Malaysia
Time:   04:30
Summary: Round bright object, flew at high speed.
Source:  Jamaludin, Ahmad Centre for Malaysian UFO Studies Internet website

Date: March 8 1985
Location:    Nanterre, Ile-de-France, France
Source:  http://www.cnes-geipan.fr/geipan/index.html

Date: March 13 1985
Location:    Parit Buntar, Malaysia
Time:   06:30
Summary:    –  – Saucer-shaped UFO with windows.
Source:  FSR

Date: March 14 1985
Location:    Riverview, Missouri 
Time:    7:13 PM. 
Summary:  Two witnesses. Lady driving car saw three bright lights, two of which “went out”. The other light turned into red and white blinking lights on a boomerang-shaped craft which passed directly over her and then pretty much stayed in one place from 7:13 to 8:15, while the other two lights/craft flew over the area from W-E. “Mother ship” changed from white to red, started blinking while it receded into the west. Other objects followed and disappeared by 8:20. Main object had come as close as 700′ to witness, qualifying as a CE1. However, ARTC was faintly painting two stationary targets, making this a possible RV. The MTI (Moving Target Indicator) Mode was off and stationary targets should not have been painted. Objects had faint engine sounds and were observed for over an hour. (Becker)

Date: March 15 1985 
Location: Cherrybrook New South Wales, Australia
Time: 2330
Summary: Two teenagers sighted a large object rising over the trees then descend again. Light beams, then several beings with long arms started to walk towards them, then illuminated their vehicle. The witnesses then fled the area at high speed.
Source: Keith Basterfield

Date: March 16 1985
Location:    Dotsero S, Colorado
Time:   19:30
Summary:    Ranchers incident. Hovering disc 2000m away, shoot up, hover again. Intense white light with red, green, blue lights. Electromagnetic effect: car stalled as drove to neighbor’s ranch. One multi-colored disc was observed by more than three witnesses at a ranch for 45 minutes.
Source:  APRO

Date: March 16 1985
Location:    Krokelvdalen, Norway 
Time:    23:20
Summary:  Structured hexagonal object, with long dimension vertical. One metallic object, about 80 feet across, was observed for eight minutes.
Source:  Rapportnytt

Date: March 18 1985
Location:    Arcevia, Italy 
Time:   22:00
Summary:  Metallic domed disc over Monte San Angelo. Aims strong beams. Shoots up fast. A hovering object was observed. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. One metallic domed disc was observed by several witnesses at a mountain for over 15 minutes.
Source:  Hatch, Larry *U* computer database Author, Redwood City, 2002

Date: March 21 1985
Location:    Meriden, Connecticut
Time:   21:30
Summary:    Delta 2x in 6hrs, next day military copter, phony CIV #s on side searches (p.306). A triangular object was observed. One delta-shaped object was observed.
Source:  Andrews, George C. Extra-Terrestrials Among Us

Date: March 23 1985
Location:    Covington, Kentucky
Time:   Around 0100
Summary:   Nocturnal lights were reported.
Source:  APRO

Date: March  1985

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