(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)

Date:  December 1985
Location:   Kent Iowa
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness suddenly woke up knowing that there was a “spaceship” hovering outside her home, she looked out and saw a huge silvery craft with red lights hovering above a nearby field. The witness then drove towards the object and approached it on foot, she encountered a 4-foot, and a half tall entity with no hair, a small mouth, large eyes, and no nose, it was gray in color. The witness entered the craft that appeared to be stainless steel. She was reportedly told by the entity to quit smoking.
Source:  Connie Merckmann, Strange Magazine # 10 T

Date:  December 26 1985: The Abduction of Whitley Strieber 

Date:  December 1985

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