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Date: April 1987
Location: Pensacola Florida
Time:  late night
Summary: A woman was returning to bed after going to the bathroom when she became aware of a brilliant light in the room. She then saw a column of white light with multiple colors within coming down from the ceiling. Inside this column floated a 3-1/2 foot tall humanoid. It was described as having a very large head, gray skin, no hair, black almond shaped eyes, a slit like mouth nostrils and long arms. It wore a tight-fitting dark olive jumpsuit. The woman turned on a lamp and stared at the being without communicating for several minutes. Finally she yelled, “Get out of here”! The column of light then began to “boil” and the being began to climb up through the ceiling exhibiting a swimming motion.
Source: Joe Barron, Mufon Journal # 264

Date: April 11 1987
Location: Peoria Illinois
Time: late night
Summary: After seeing a bright silvery globe shaped object the week before, the witness woke up in bed to find himself surrounded by four human like figures. He sensed a feeling of love and happiness and became aware that one of the figures was a beautiful blond blue-eyed female wearing a tight fitting shimmering suit. The other figures were male and appeared more indistinct. These seem to be working lovingly on the witness hands. No other information.
Source: Connie Cook Smith

Date: April 27 1987
Location:  Pradelles-Cabardes Aude France
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  A man walking along a country road had arrived at some cross roads when he suddenly saw a huge 3-meter tall man like figure cross the road in front of him. The being had long arms and narrow shoulders. It wore dark boots, a transparent facial mask, and a shiny silver cloak-like outfit. The being appeared winged as it seemed to move in a quick jumping fashion. It bounded away into the brush and disappeared.
Source:  Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: April 29 1987
Location:  Swansea Wales
Time:  2230
Summary:  A young woman was returning from a night out with her boyfriend and young child. As the car drove up to the driveway the boyfriend noticed some curious lights reflecting off the car but paid no attention. As the woman walked to the front door she heard her daughter apparently mumbling to herself behind her. The girl suddenly became more agitated and mentioned something about “ghosties.” While the woman looked back she was horrified to see a large gray oval shaped craft hovering low over her garden. The craft had a bright light around its rim. Suddenly the object vanished in plain sight. Later the little girl recalled being drawn towards the gray oval craft and talking to somebody. Later both her mother and the little girl had vivid dreams of lights and strange figures, short in stature with huge heads and large eyes that were friendly and said they wanted to help.
Source:   Jenny Randles, The UFO World 1989

Date: late spring  1987
Location:  Chilton Oxfordshire England
Time:  0100A
Summary:  The witness suddenly awoke to see a bright light outside; she walked downstairs and stepped outside. There she saw a huge round object with a dome on top and surrounded by white lights, hovering above the road. It was completely silent. She felt being lifted up and into the object where she was placed on a table. She experienced excruciating pain as she was examined before she passed out. She was able to briefly catch a glimpse of three figures and other robot-like beings in the background. The witness has experienced constant pain since the incident.
Source:  Melanie Warren & June Cameron, Northern UFO news # 159

Date: April  1987

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