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Date: April 4 1988
Location: Las Carolinas Argentina
Time: 1630
Summary: The witness was taking a walk in a wooded area near his home when he sat down to rest. He then heard a loud humming sound, looked around, and could not determine the source. Suddenly a bright light temporarily blinded him and he felt something taking control of him. Then 7 metes away a large multi colored sphere appeared, inside he could see three 5-foot tall humanoids, with long thin faces, large slanted eyes and wearing bright green outfits. The witness began to receive telepathic messages from the entities; he was told that they “had come to visit their mother Earth.” All three beings carried a small gadget that seemed to be a communicator. There were several sudden flashes of multicolored lights, and then he heard the beings telling him telepathically to shut his eyes. He complied, then a bright light enveloped him and his surroundings and the beings vanished. The witness suffered from mild eye irritation after the incident.
Source:  El Liberal May 1988, Richard Heiden

Date:  April 1988

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