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Date: December 1993
Location: San Luis Valley, Colorado
Time: evening
Summary: A distraught mother and son claimed to have been driving back from the mountains when they rounded a curve in the road and came face to face with what they described as a tall, dark, hairy creature with large pointed ears and large glowing eyes. The creature had long arms that dangled well below the knees. They put the car in reverse and turned around. This evidently startled the creature, which suddenly dropped down on all fours and ran away like a dog. They reported their encounter to local authorities.
Source: Christopher O’Brien

Date: December 1993
Location: Lewes, Delaware
Time: night
Summary: The 12-year old witness was leaving a friend’s house and was about ready to mount his bicycle on the driveway when he noticed a fast moving object flying over a nearby highway. The road seemed oddly deserted for that time of night. The thing seemed to be triangular in shape, with red lights at each of the points. The object started to come closer to the witness as he remained staring at it in some sort of half fear and half curiosity. At about 500 yards away, it began to change shape and adopted a humanoid shape with red glowing eyes and red points where it’s hands would be. It had a black outline and continued to float silently towards the witness, with its “neck” bent at an awkward angle. At this point the witness jumped on his bicycle and attempted to chase the object. He remembers hearing a buzzing sound in his ears that gave him a terrible headache. It apparently took the witness almost two hours to reach home, which was only 5 minutes away from his friend’s house.
Source:Fortean Times

Date:  December 8 1993
Location:  Vihtilajarvi, Kankaanpaa, Finland
Summary:  The witness, a 45-year old handyman had finished his daily work and was heading home to Nokia. Driving in his car he suddenly noticed that the surroundings had become brightly illuminated. He first thought that it was an airplane descending and he tried to look up, but could not see anything unusual. After a while bright lights could be seen in his rear view mirror. On the next straight section of the road the lights came up very quickly towards him and stayed just behind his car. The lights then briefly dropped back but then came up again on the next straight section of the road and passed his vehicle silently. The object behind the lights somewhat resembled a red car. The red color was glowing and appeared somehow transparent. In the “car” there were 3 or more beautiful completely white women, aged 20 to 30. As the “car” passed, they smiled and waved at the witness. Except for their black eyes and the mouth, they were completely white in color even their hair, which reached to their shoulders. After the “car” had passed it accelerated and vanished towards the end of the straight section of the road, about 500 meters away. After the observer had driven for a couple of km he noticed the “car” again. It had stopped on a downward slope after a curve. He began to brake cautiously but as the object began to move towards the observer and a crash seemed inevitable the witness braked hard. Yet the object continued to approach and the witness was sure he was going to hit it. Then suddenly as the object was only a meter away from his car it stopped and vanished abruptly. Astonished the observer got out of his car to see if he could find some traces of the object, but he could not find anything. The ‘cosmic car’ again vanished abruptly in plain sight of the witness, did it go back to its other-dimensional realm or was it suddenly ‘teleported’ back to its mothership? The next case in this listing appears to involve an otherworldly ‘car’ which then led to a full blown abduction onboard a possible spaceship:
Source:  Albert Rosales garuda79@att.net 

Date: December 9 1993
Location: Walpole New Hampshire
Time: 1915
Summary: Just after dark the witness saw an object settle down on a snowy field just across the street from her house. Several undescribed “aliens” exited the object and appeared to jump over the field with large leaps, and approached the witness house. The beings then looked into the window. The frightened witness then hid. The beings then returned to their “ship” and apparently left. No traces were found at the landing site.
Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World

Date:  Mid December 1993
Location: Wharton State Forest, New Jersey
Time: night
Summary: A park ranger, John Irwin, was traveling through a deserted road within the forest and had reached a spot where the Mullica river an next to the road, when up ahead his headlights shone on a large dark figure that was emerging from the woods and was moving into the roadway. As he got closer the figure stood in front of the car blocking the roadway. Irwin had to stop his car in order to avoid hitting the creature. The creature was described as being over six-foot tall and covered with black fur that looked wet and matted, it appeared not to have any forelegs but had a pair of huge powerful hind legs. The creature glanced through the windshield of the car revealing two piercing red eyes, it stood a few minutes then turned and continued across the road, walking upright like a human in a peculiar robot-like fashion.
Source: Fortean Times

Date:  December 1993

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