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Date:  November 17 2002
Location:  Paphos, Cyprus
Time:  2000
Summary:  A man and his girlfriend had driven to an isolated area and were talking quietly when suddenly it felt very hot and there was a flash of light and a strange “car” appeared next to them, it was dark and appeared to have no lights. Afraid and unable to move both stood staring at the strange vehicle. Suddenly a normal man like figure emerged from the vehicle and asked the witnesses, apparently by using telepathy if they had seen any “strange smoke” in the area, the witnesses said no. He then went back into the vehicle, which then disappeared, in plain sight.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: November 22 2002
Location: Brigantine, New Jersey
Time: evening
Summary: A young man was riding his bicycle home through a golf course when he hissed at something he thought was a cat. The “something” then stood up and it looked like a figure with large red eyes and two sharp claws. Later during a search by other witnesses it was seen swimming in the water. It was seen on more time around the golf course and strange footprints were found. (Reputed to have been a Chupacabra type creature).
Source: Paranormal Story Archive, December 2002

Date: November 23 2002
Location: Philippines
Time: 20:45
Summary: It was night of the month of november, there was an electric failure, so the whole place was dark. Me and my sister are fond of looking up the sky, star gazing when suddenly, an unidentified flying object caught our eye. We thought it was a plane, or a comet or just a simple star. But to our amazement, the star move in a circle, zigzag and a wavy direction or motion. We are still not convinced, until we saw a plane that same night, and the it just move on a straight line. By then, we figured out that it was not a plane, a comet, or a star either. Until now, me, my sister and the rest of her friends believe that it is indeed a ufo.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  November 2002

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