(Last Updated On: July 9, 2014)


Date: April 5, 2005

Sighting Time: 9:17 a.m.

Day/Night: Day

Location:  Israel 

Urban or Rural:

Hynek Classification:


No. of Object(s):  1

Height & Speed:

Size of Object(s):

Distance to Object(s):

Shape of Object(s): Very round in the size of a small building.

Color of Object(s): red bright light

Number of Witnesses: 1


Summary/Description: On the 5th April 2005, 3 days ago. It was night, I took out the trash, when on my way back home I noticed a red bright light. At first I started ignoring it, but after a minute it started moving slowly, as it moved it got to my eye range. As I saw it, it was a shape of a disc, 100 feet off-ground, it flashed with blue orange and red bright lights.

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