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Date:  February 2005
Location:  Esquenapas, Sinaloa, Mexico
Time:  various
Summary:  The anonymous witness has reported strange beams of light appearing around his ranch and finding mutilated cattle and finding strange crop formations in the fields. Others in the area have reported seeing strange objects in the sky and in their fields. The witness has been able to see several small humanoids about 3 to 4 ft tall with large heads and huge black eyes in his fields. One time he was sitting in his porch when a purplish glow appeared on one of the nearby fields, he grabbed his shotgun and went to investigate. In the field the witness was stunned to see what appeared to have been a cow mutilation in progress. He saw several short humanoids insert some type of device into the cow’s mouth, which apparently made the cow numb and pain-free. The humanoids then sliced off half of the cow’s face and its genitals and placed them in some kind of shiny orb-like container. They then cut off the cow’s eyes and the ears and then proceeded in removing the cow’s internal organs. This activity took only about 2 to 5 minutes and it was quick and very precise. A couple of days after the incident the witness saw a formation of disc-shaped objects flying over his ranch.
Source:  http://www.unexplainable.net

Date:  February 2 2005
Location:  Washington County, Pennsylvania
Time:  1640
Summary:  The driver of a car traveling in the vicinity of the toll booth entrance had her attention drawn to something huge and black in the sky. The witness watched as the object made a left turn swoop, and realized that she wasn’t observing an aircraft, but instead a huge bird. The creature was all black, and the wings were estimated to be the length of a small aircraft. The witness pulled off the road and watched the strange sight for a few minutes.
Source:  http://www.westol.com/~paufo/news

Date:  February 3 2005
Location:   Barrio Desvio, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Time:  0200A
Summary:  A Mr. Ramos woke up to the sounds of his dog barking and his goat wailing furiously. He ran out to see what was wrong and was able to observe “something” like a shadow, leave the area flying. He was not able to see any details on the creature. He checked around his yard and found a dead rabbit still inside the cage but it appeared to have been skinned, another rabbit was outside, ripped opened and missing its entrails. The goat that was tied up about 20ft from the rabbit cage was still alive but had a twisted neck and two holes on the right side of the throat. The rabbit cage door appeared to have been pulled from its hinges. Ramos disposed of the rabbit carcasses but kept the goat since it was still alive. On the February 5 he woke up to feed the animals and noticed that two of the rabbits were missing. He searched around the yard and found the rabbits dead and mutilated about 45 ft away from the cages. He also disposed of these two rabbits. Blood tests proved negative, nothing anomalous was found.
Source:   Lucy Guzman and Orlando Pla for ovni.net

Date:  February 10 2005
Location:  Renton, Washington
Time:  2340
Summary:  The witness, K, was driving home from work that night. She came off the Valley Freeway and started up Petrovitsky Road, passing Valley General Hospital at 2335. She drove on listening to the radio. About an eighth of a mile west of the intersection of Southeast 176th—and 151st Southeast she approached the crest of a small hill. Just before she reached it a dark-colored sports car with two vertical headlights and a loud engine passed her and roared on ahead through the intersection. She came to the crest of the hill and saw a UFO. It was a horizontal ring of red and blue lights, flashing from left to right in an apparent sequence. It was about 75 to 100 ft in diameter and hovered above a grove of trees at the Southeast corner of the intersection. Curious, she slowed down and drove on for about 30 seconds, looking at the lights. When she reached the intersection, she turned left onto 151st putting the UFO behind her. She then drove a short way 151st and turned left into the parking lot of her apartment building. She parked her car and looked toward the UFO. It was not there. She then looked to the left and saw another UFO. It was a cluster of red and blue lights, about 25ft in diameter. It hovered about 100 to 150 feet of the ground, across the street about 200 feet from her car. She thought, “If it moves or drops, I’m getting out of here.” Then it began to move dropping in a falling leaf motion to an altitude of about 20 to 50 ft. It stopped and started coming toward her. Frightened she got out of the car for her front door. She noticed her headlights were still on, got back in the car, closed the door and turned off the lights. Consciously, she only remembers that after turning off the headlights, she left the car and ran for her front door 75 feet away. When she reached it, the UFO was gone. Later in a series of hypnosis sessions, she revealed that as she sat in the car it suddenly was filled with a bright white light. The next thing she knew, she was standing in a dome-like room, about 15 ft wide, with white, very smooth floors, walls and ceilings. An arched doorway was in front of her. A desk-sized white box with “zillions” of colored lights on a dark field was in front of her. A long white table perched on a single pedestal was behind her. She stood there, calm, but kind of “bewildered” and absently reached to unbutton the collar of her dress. The next thing she knew, the garment was at her feet. Two beings came through the door. They were about 4 ft 8 inches to 5 ft tall with thin upper bodies, long, sloping shoulders and arms that hung to about their knees. They seemed unable to straighten their arms completely, she said. They had four, very long fingers. Their heads were shaped rather like a light bulb and they had large, wide open eyes. Their noses were very small, just a ridge, they had slits for mouths and small holes with a slight skin flap for ears. Their skin was gray-white and very cool. They were dressed from neck to toe in blue-gray metallic fabric. On the upper left chest of their uniforms they had an insignia, an isosceles triangle inside a white circle. They took her by the upper arms and guided her to the table. She wasn’t frightened as the aliens gently pushed her down on the table. She sensed a third person in the room. He was like the other two, but wore a red orange uniform with a black stripe around the neckline. He put a silver mallet-like object to his eyes and then placed the other end on her abdomen. He moved it around a bit and then left. He came back a short time later and the three beings stood around the table. “What is the purpose of this?” she thought. “You are progressing physically and mentally as planned and are very receptive to us,” they responded by telepathy. They added that they were pleased with what her father had taught her and then told her she must go. “I didn’t want to go,” she said, “But they assisted me off the table. I put my dress on, they said, “You will see us again” and the next thing she knew she was back in her car.
Source:  http://ufoexperiences.blogspot.com/

UFO_665Date:  February 12 2005
Location:  Half Moon Bay California

UFO_663Date:  February 13 2005
Location:  Unknown Location

Date:  February 15 2005
Location:  Near Kamenica, Kosovo
Time:  0900A
Summary:  Robert Kinion, a civilian contractor stationed in the area was driving through a heavily wooded and hilly area and had arrived at a location about 2 miles before a local restaurant called “The Planet” when he witnessed what he described as a “hairy humanoid” coming down a fairly steep slope and then cross the road in front of the vehicle going from his right side to his left side. The creature was only about 5’6”, slender with reddish colored hair, heavily matted in places. The hair around the head was longer than the rest of the body. It had heavy matting around its buttocks and also some long hair and matting around the front section as well. The sex was hard to determine as the sighting did not last long and the witness was almost in shock. He only saw a profile of the face but it was fairly flat and very dark. He saw the hands but did not get a good look at the feet as it went in front of the vehicle and then across the road and down a slope into a valley. The hands were also very dark.
Source:   Cryptozoology.com kinion_robert@hotmail.com

Date: February 15, 2005
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Time: 19:35
Summary: on February 15, 2005, at 07:35 p.m., the witness was cooking in her kitchen when she heard the dog barking at the front door. She looked out the peep hole and it was black. She said, “Take your finger off the hole so I can see you” Then the light was there and she saw the image of a body. It was gray and blurry, somewhat small like that of a 10-year old normal size person. No features, no hair, could be seen, just a gray body like figure. She shouted, “Tell me who you are,” and received no answer. Afraid, the witness called maintenance and her husband. The witness is convinced that it was some type of anomalous figure or alien.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  February 17 2005
Location:  Apache Junction, Arizona
Time:  20:10:00
Summary:  I was in maine. i saw a triangle in the sky, i heard a voice in my head told me to take camera to arizona that i would get them on tape so i did on the date above. Shape shifting flying triangle pivoting on its axis, with balls of light ascending into a cloudless sky. some time bilking or wobbling until they vanished into thin air.
Source:  MUFON 83203

UFO_664Date:  February 17 2005
Location:  Mexico City, Mexico

Date:  February 21 2005
Location:  Mt Hunter, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Time:  0020A
Summary:  The witness had retired to bed at 2230 and woke up through the night to an orangey flashing light. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 0020A; she got up and walked outside and right above the treetops inside a cloud it looked like orange lights rotating really low and huge. She was totally stunned and could hear a droning noise like continuous crickets. She stood there for what seemed like only a few seconds in disbelief, then she ran inside for her video camera loaded the film and went back outside and aimed. By this time it had moved over the east horizon into the distance and was no more than a few inches long. She was filming between the trees and could see nothing through her viewfinder but kept filming until it disappeared. When she came back inside the clock was at 0420A. She went back to bed and awoke at 0745A but the clock had stopped at 0420A. She felt tired and dazed and ached all over and had symptoms like she had a cold which continued all day, she could think straight, was confused and bothered, she knew something had happened but didn’t know what. Whilst taking a shower she noticed a small scar on her waist, which was flaky and looked like a burn scar. She reported to the investigator that whilst out with friends she became very vague and distant from the conversation and unconsciously started to draw strange symbols, her friends made a comment, “are you alright, what’s wrong, you look like your off with the fairies.” She went home early and went to bed, the next morning she awoke with a nose bleed in her left nostril. When she checked her video recording from the Monday night experience the tape was blank. She was very distressed.
Source:  Larraine Cilia UFORSWS

UFO_717Date:  February 26 2005
Location:  Mesa Arizona

Date:  February 28 2005
Location:  Harrisonville, Missouri
Time:  midnight
Summary:  The witness watched a disc-shaped object hovering over a pasture; he could see lights spinning around the outside of the craft. There was also a green beam of light shining down from the bottom and a cow was being taken up into the ship. After that the object left and about 2minutes later another object (or maybe the same one) came back and flew right above the witness head and stopped above him. He ran for his truck and got inside quickly leaving the area. The object left at the same time that the witness drove away.
Source:  NUFORC

Date:  February 2005

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