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Date: April 2011 
Location:  North Dakota, exact location not given
Time: various
Summary: Two male residents of a local home reported seen short, very white creatures with long tails and a cat-like mouth. The creatures have real pointed legs and walk on the rear legs. When they attempted to hit or touch the creatures they felt stunned and unable to move, until the creature moves away. They emit no noises and they seem to jump on beds because you can feel the movement. The main witness has a pit-bull which he thought might scare the creatures but the dog became a ‘nervous wreck’ and had to go on medication. Sometimes they come into the house on Wednesday afternoons and stay until Thursday night. The witnesses hear noises like boxes being dragged across the floor but when they check there is nothing there. The witness set up a night vision camera but the creatures managed to avoid being photographed. One night as he slept his feet suddenly began moving up and down and it was not him doing it. Nothing showed up on the camera other than his feet moving up and down.

Date:   April  2011  
Location:  Bangor, Maine 
Time:   around 10:30PM
Summary:  This incident involved my fiance in April, 2011. To this day she refuses to talk about it, but I decided to submit it here to see what others can get out of it. We then lived in Bangor, Maine. It was around 10:30PM that evening. I was on a late shift at work and she was home alone with our cat in our apartment. She said she was reading while the cat was sleeping on her lap. All at once, the cat suddenly sat up and stared intently at the door leading outside. He then began mewling and scampered into the bedroom. He had never acted like that before so she assumed it was just another weird thing that cats did. Just as she got comfortable again, the doorbell rang. She thought it was strange that someone would want to visit at that time of night. She got up and peeked through the hole, but saw nothing. So she turned away from the door, when there were three loud knocks. She was immediately alarmed, but curiosity got the best of her and she cracked the door to see who was there. She saw a boy of around 11 or 12, though fairly short, standing there. She opened the door to ask what he wanted. She assumed that this child had either gotten locked out of another apartment or was asking for help. That’s when he looked up at her, and she noticed his eyes. The light from the apartment spilled out into the hallway, affirming that his eyes were completely black. She said she was paralyzed with shock as the child asked to be let in. By that time, the cat had come out of the bedroom and laid on the floor behind her, ears folded back and hissing. She said she felt compelled to say ‘yes’ but as she stared into those coal black eyes she suddenly slammed the door and locked the deadbolt. She said she listened for the child’s footsteps in the hallway, but she heard nothing. After several terrifying minutes, she peeked out the door and the child was gone – or disappeared. She said she had never been so scared in her life. She thought the cat hissing may have interrupted her paralysis, allowing her to regain her thoughts and quickly close the door. She never discusses it, though I’m sure she wonders what may have happened if she had let the blacked eyed boy into the apartment. Claude
Source: Phantoms And Monsters

Date: April 2011   
Location: Pontefract, England
Time: 02:00 a.m.
Summary: Close to Easter Sunday the witness, Tom, had gone to bed around 22:00 and around 2 am he suddenly woke up to the familiar feeling of energy surging through him. He then felt that he dropped back off the sleep. The next moment he suddenly had a vision of 6-7 small gray beings staring down at him. He immediately recognized them as such as he has an interest in the UFO subject for many years. The grays looked ‘youthful’; they were small in size and ha smooth pale gray colored skin. Their eyes were completely black and almond shaped. Behind the grays he could see the ceiling and walls of a small enclosed darkened place. Tom felt that he was not actually there with the beings but was still in his bed and had somehow made a psychic connection which allowed him to see them and them him. He sensed that they were up in a craft high above his house. He felt out of control of the situation and immediately became frightened of the beings. He sensed that they were amused by his fear of them. He does not know where this feeling came from; the beings did not make any physical expressions which portrayed emotion. A moment later the link between him and them was broken and he jumped up in bed wide awake. It was still dark outside, but he does not remember checking the clock. He felt that his fear had been the cause of this break in the link, and that if he had not been scared he would have continued to observe them. He was fascinated by what had just occurred. This was something completely new to him, despite the fact he had felt the surge of energy through his body many times before. He settled back down to sleep, but soon felt like it was going to happen again. He was frightened by this prospect so stayed awake as long as he could. In the end he dropped off and slept normally until morning.
Source:  http://davehodrien.blogspot.com/2011/07/pontefract-contactee-case.html 

Date: April 5 2011  
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Time: 03:00 a.m.
Summary: The witness had left his Boxer, Buster out and was standing in the doorway waiting for the dog when he saw a little figure run across his neighbor’s backyard. The figure was 3 ½ feet tall with green skin. It had big eyes with a prominent head with proportioned arms and legs. The street lights allowed him to see it clearly with few shadows. From about 64 ft away it stopped and stared at the witness’ dog and him, they both stared back. The witness attention was diverted briefly as he let the dog in but when he turned back again it had vanished. To his knowledge the figure was not wearing any clothing.
Source: NUFORC

Date: April 5 2011    
Location: Missouri, exact location not given
Time:  03:15 a.m.
Summary: The witness was awakened by his German shepherd who came to get him out of bed. She would not stop barking at something in the backyard. She wanted the witness to go to the back door. As he walked through the kitchen he stopped, he could see a whitish/bluish light coming in the window in the door and the back windows. He had never seen any lights like this and thought it must have been a helicopter looking for someone. He did not hear any sound though and thought that was odd.
The witness (a retired police officer) felt uneasy, so he went back to the bedroom to retrieve his gun, which is always loaded. He then went back to the kitchen and opened the back door, at that point the light just blinked out. He looked around the yard and looked up where the light was and saw a very dark dull black triangle shape above him. It had no lights on at that point. The object which appeared to measure the width of his yard (50 ft) just floated there, unmoving. He then heard a noise towards the back fence and looked in that direction. Then he remembered his flashlight and went to get it from the kitchen drawer, when he heard the sound in the hallway behind him. It sounded like an animal of some sort (two clicks), so he shined the flashlight there for a few seconds but saw nothing. He then went back out to the back porch and shined the flashlight in the direction of the noise he had heard outside and saw a very strange, short (approximately 4’ tall), gray, humanoid looking creature with big eyes standing there looking at him for just a second or two. It just disappeared—it did not run. Then he looked up and the craft was also gone—he did not see it leave. He stood there, frozen with fear. His dog would not come outside, which was not normal behavior. His first instinct was to dial 911 and went to the phone, but after picking it up, he put it back down. He knew everyone in the police force and even though they had received a few reports of UFOs in the past, he knew they would think he had lost his mind. He then locked the entire house up and went to the bathroom, not thinking about the noise he had heard in the house before until the morning. His wife had been sound asleep and he did not wake her, and did not tell her what happened. He thought he had been gone for only 10-15 minutes but when he looked at the clock it read 04:46 a.m. He doesn’t know what happened to the time, in the morning he also had red sunburn on his face, neck and arms.
Source:  Margie Kay, Missouri Mufon State Director  

Date:   April  2011  
Location: Calle Larga, Valparaiso, Chile
Date: April 8 2011                                          Time: 05:00 a.m.
A local resident, Julio Acevedo had woken up early in the morning to do a doctor’s appointment but once he stepped outside into his yard he spotted what appeared to be a boomerang-shaped object floating over the chicken pen. Hours later upon checking the pen he found all the chickens dead and apparently totally drained of blood. He was stunned to find that most of the dead poultry showed signs of strange puncture wounds around their necks. He added that others in the region had seen similar craft maneuvering over the region. According to Acevedo there was no trace of blood on any of the chicken carcasses, also he could not explain how anything got inside the locked (with lock and chain) pen. Nobody heard a thing, but according to his son who slept about six meters from the chicken pen around 2 am he heard footsteps outside but saw nothing.
Is not the first time this sort of thing occurred in the region, about five years ago another farmer found 12 of his sheep dead, with the same tale tell bite marks in the neck area and two years later another farmer lost his chickens in the same manner.
Source: http://www.quintainterior.cl/joomla/tendencias/de-otro-mundo/        Translation by Albert S Rosales

Date:   April 17 2011  
Location:   Leicester, uk
Time:   23.00 hrs
Summary:  very bright star shaped object orange, red in colour travelling very fast but without any kind of sound , followed by another with same characteristics about 5 sec later, never saw anything like this all my life, still shacking 25 minutes after.
Source:  ufo.net

Date:   April 18 2011  
Location:   Chatham ON Canada
Time:   just before 9pm
Summary:  I was coming home just before 9pm. Parked my car and looked up at the night sky like I always do. Very starry and clear and bright. Looked up to see this VERY BRIGHT WHITE triangular object moving in a south easterly direction away from the city. I stood and watched it for some time ( 10 minutes) it had no flashing lights of any type, I have never seen anything like this before. I know it was not a commercial aircraft. I see lots of those day and night around here. I had never seen anything like this before, that is what caught my attention. No batteries in my camera, so no pics dam! Anyway I am just curious to know if anyone is reporting activity in southwestern Ontario in that timeframe. I will be watching more now for sure. thanks
Source:  ufo.net

Date:   April 23 2011  
Location:   Tallahassee Florida
Time:   6 am
Summary:  I was outside with my 2 kids waiting for school bus when i saw a ball of light float by. so i told my daughter and get my camera to try and take a picture. here is what i got. Name: mary williams
Source:  ufo.net

Date: April 23 2011    
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Time: afternoon
Summary: The main witness, her husband and their two-year-old son went to a used bookstore two hours from their home on a Saturday. While there she followed her son into the children’s playing area. He rounded the corner to the aisle with the books there she saw a girl standing, not moving, a little ways down the aisle staring in their direction. Then her husband walked up to them, as he came closer, the girl did as well, following behind him. Her son ran off toward a table and her husband followed. The girl walked up and got right next to her within inches, almost touching. The witness started to feel extremely uneasy and moved away to where her husband and son stood at the table. They were both looking down at a Mickey Mouse doll which she tried to talk to her son about. As she looked down she saw movement coming up behind her out of the corner of her eye. It was the girl, she noticed her clothing looked from about the sixties and she looked very out of place. She was also overdressed with multiple coats on in a normal temperature environment. She walked in a circling pattern, with her head down in a predatory way, the way a panther stalks its prey. As she stared at the girl, she walked slowly. She distinctively remembers that the girl did not make a sound when she moved. She thought it was out since she had a lot of clothing on and a bag with her. Her eyes were all black no whites in her eyes, no pupils. She stared coldly, devoid of emotion, and you could feel the evil radiating off of her. The witness remembers that as she made eye contact with the girl, she had a very distinct feeling that she was not human. She had a feeling that she was something evil in a human shell. She felt the most amount of terror and the most threatened she had ever felt. She also felt like she was the food at the bottom of the food chain and she was her next meal. The witness definitely felt a fight-or-flight response after she was able to pull her eyes away from the girl’s. She remembers thinking that she had to get away and had to protect her family. She tugged on her husband’s shirt and grabbed her son and started to pull them away. Her husband asked why; she said they needed to just go. She also remembers thinking that it was very important that the girl didn’t know they were leaving because they were afraid of her. They went to the other side of the store, her husband walked off to the electronics section and the witness and her son stood in front of a bookshelf full of board games. There was an aisle right behind them for magazines. Then the witness heard a man that was leaning down toward her son say in a very low tone, “I see you…she can’t hear you, but I can.” Too scared to turn around, she grabbed her son and dashed away. She now believes that the man and the young girl were there together

Source:  Your True Tales May 2011

Date:   April 26 2011  
Location:   I-75 N. Bound between Griffin and Weston, Florida
Time:   1343
Summary:  At first I saw one and then three appeared. They were dancing around like other UFO’s I have seen in videos. They were circling each other and turning 90 degrees in mid flight. Shape(s) of UFO(s): Spherical Size(s) of UFO(s): Aprox size of Saturn VEU AWD Color(s) of UFO(s): Silver Number of UFO(s): 3 Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Aprox 1500 feet Direction of Travel for UFO(s): From North to South
Source:  ufo.net

Date:   April  2011  

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