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Date: January, 2011
Location: Winsted, Connecticut 
Time: 8:00 PM
As shoppers were coming out of stores and restaurants in Winsted, Connecticut, several onlookers spotted something in the sky. A glowing, oval-shaped object was clearly seen in the night skies. Several of the shoppers grabbed their cell phones and began filming the unknown craft which emanated a bluish hue. Witnesses stated that no sound was heard coming from the object. Some witnesses claimed that the UFO would appear, disappear, and then reappear in a slightly different area of the sky.
Source: Part of this video was hosted on the History Channel; the rest came from individual posters.

Date:  January 1 2011  
Location:   Cumbernauld Scotland
Time:   Night
Summary:  I too saw lights just after midnight in the Balloch area of Cumbernauld,i must have counted about a dozen fiery coloured lights floating in formation high in the sky and just put it down to Chinese lanterns,it being a new year.Im glad other folk saw them as i was just looking out my window before going to bed. Name: T Macdonald
Source:  ufo.net

Date:  January 10 2011  
Location:   Waynesboro, Georgia 
Summary:  There were three of us on a cold sunday night hunting…..I was picking up the two boys in the dark….the stars were very clear. The object came across the sky at a very high rate of speed……stopped on a dime right over us and hovered…it then went from standing still to an incredible speed in the flash of a second….The sighting was near two nuclear facilities….Savannah River Site and Southern nuclear facilty were both in site.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  January 12 2011
Location: TeresopolisRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: As the daylight ended the witness heard several noises from different directions around his home, and area recently hit by severe rainfalls. He was very frightened as he thought there was a group of looters preparing an attack, and he was alone. He shouted out that there was nothing valuable to be taken. Later on he came to know there were military who obviously knew of the ‘event’ and was preparing the site for what seemed to the witness to be a “party”. He prayed and accepted his dead at the hands of looters but as the full moon rose, they, the visitors became more visible.
The witness estimated that there were maybe more than a hundred beings that were ‘carousing and swinging’ on the pine trees on his land. He suddenly felt extremely honored to host an ‘alien party’ on his plot of land. There were beings of different sizes and forms, but most were of human-like forms. At a certain point one of them descended in a bright ball of light at something between 10 to 20 meters from his kitchen window, and stood upright in front of two men dressed in military uniforms. He guessed that they were communicating (or trying to) by using telepathy. They stood there for something between 30 to 60 minutes. The whole district was still without electricity and the darkness made the witness loose notion of time. He saw several soldiers, very well disguised in a bush in front of his kitchen window. He asked them if he could go outside, if it would affect his ‘physical integrity’ or disturb the ongoing event; he did not receive an answer. He then dared to go outside and sit on a rock located 5 meters from his kitchen door. He then noticed that the beings ‘became shy’ and froze their swinging in the trees. The witness then chanted the mantra OM, which was told to him as being the sound of the Universe and one of God’s names they became a little less shy and resumed their swinging in the trees. He felt that he should go back in as he did not want to disturb the “party” which carried on for several hours. He felt safe and extremely ‘honored’ to host this event, he just didn??t like the military ignored him, but it was apparently their normal procedure. The following morning there were a few (about 4 or 5) military men trying to wipe away any possible trace the visitors might have left, ‘but one cannot glue a broken tree’. According to the witness, the event was repeated the following night.
Source: http://mufoncms.com/

Date:  January 14 – 25 2011  
Location:   Kingman, Arizona
Summary:  its been going on for a few weeks now they come up over music mountain and the hill around us they look like they are swaying they stay for hours in the same area looks like they try to fit in to the stars but i can see them as plane as day everyone i have talked to says its the military i don’t think . Color(s) of UFO(s): white,blue,red,orange some sort of green Number of UFO(s): started at 3 now up to 6 Distance of UFO(s) in sky: at least 3 miles or more Direction of Travel for UFO(s): up down and side to side look like they drop
Source:  UFO.Net

Date:  January  2011  

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