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Date: July  2011
Location:  Perth, Western Australia
Time:  8.30 am
Summary:  “I’m from Perth, Western Australia and experienced something in or around July 2011 that may very well be similar to Raechel (speaking about Helen Littrell’s book Raechel’s Eyes: The Strange But True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid). I had been having a few medical issues and was waiting at my local Pathology Clinic for a Glucose Tolerance Test which takes around 2 hours for 3 separate samples. I had arrived around 8.30 am and was 4th in line, so I began reading a magazine. My turn came and I gave my first blood sample then glucose concentrate to drink. The lady was surprised to see me skull the drink as most people find it rather unpleasant. Then I was told to wait in reception for an hour before they could take my next sample. During this time I observed a young lady walk up to the front door, look inside then walk away. She did this 3 times during that half hour I was there waiting for the next sample. On the forth she came in, didn’t take a ticket but sat down anyway. This young lady was around 6 feet tall, very pale skin to the point it was almost white, was extremely thin but I wouldn’t say anorexic and wore those same sunglasses like movie stars wear when trying to not be noticed. Something about her seemed rather different but I couldn’t quite pick out what. Although her arms did seem longer than usual. At least the average hands worth of extra length. I had the distinct impression she may not be entirely human so just on the off chance, I thought to myself ‘You’re not from here are you?’ while not being to obvious observing her. At that moment she whipped her head around and looked directly at me then stood up and hurried out the door in a particularly awkward fashion. Much like a puppet on stage with its arms outstretched slightly in front. Quite a spectacle to observe and others outside looked and stared as well. At that point in time when she looked directly at me, the sun reflected from behind her off her sunglasses then directly toward her eyes, illuminating them. Those eyes were LARGE, I could not make out the color of the iris if there was one but those eye lids were around 45 millimetres wide and about the same in height. I saw no reflection off the eyes themselves. When it came time for me to provide another sample I mentioned the situation to the woman conducting tests (I had known her for around 5 years at that point ) and was told ‘I know who you are talking about and she need specialized blood treatment, but keep it to yourself’ My father used to work for the same company doing biological transport as a courier. She knows my father. I’ve just had cause to go for another blood sample 7th January 2016 and will be having another GTT test this week. I hope to see that same young lady again. All details I have provided here are true and accurate descriptions of events experienced at the time on that day. Anyway I thought that may be of interest to you.”
Source:   JLB SOURCE

Date: July 1 2011
Location:  Montauk, New York
Time:  00:00:00
Summary:  Three friends and i went to montauk for the 4th of july weekend in 2011. we arrived in the evening on friday july 1 around 9pm and checked in to our motel – daunt’s albatross. we called a cab to go to dinner in the city and had to wait for about 15 minutes for the cab to arrive. it was during these 15 minutes that the sighting occurred. we were standing on the road, in the dark, and we were marvelling at the sky and all the stars we could see. then, all of a sudden, a fireball appeared to tear open the sky above us. we all remarked to each other and asked if everyone was seeing the same thing, which we confirmed. the fireball simply hovered in the dark night sky like a flame for a couple minutes. i don’t remember if we took a picture or not, but i don’t have one anymore even if we did. after a couple minutes of chatting, the fireball quickly disappeared into the night sky. we looked in the news for any reports of an explosion or some other thing to explain what we’d seen but we did not find any. we discussed how crazy what we had seen was, and all agreed that it was unlike anything we’d ever seen before.

Date: July 5 2011
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Time: various
Summary: The witness was in his backyard and his dog was barking like crazy, he was trying to get her to be  quiet but she kept running back and forth in the yard, jumping the fence as if chasing a cat. She kept barking and sat in the middle of the yard. The witness then went out one last time to bring her inside but as soon as he got next to her she stopped barking. It was very silent, and pitch black outside. He looked up and could not see the stars but thought he saw a sort of black ellipse, suddenly his cell phone shattered for no reason at all the battery was dripping. He couldn’t recall what happened next, he woke up in his room later. His next encounter occurred when he was in the living room in the morning, the sun was barely rising. It was round 4 or 5. He looked out the window and there it was, as clear as day, a being, its face was very ‘bony’, very skinny, sucked into the bone, it had no eyes, or nose, it had holes on the sides of its head, which he thought were like a reptile’s ears, but it was pale, flesh, it looked human but with the slightest green tint to it, and blue in some spots. It was tall, but hunched over, it had four arms and very small legs, a very large prominent spine, very easy to see through its flesh. It had something else, where the ribs would that looked like gills, there were bright pink in color. Stunned, the witness dropped his glass of milk and the creature turned to look at him. It stared at the witness for what felt like hours. He blacked out and woke up later around 12. (The witness reported two other encounters at a nearby Navajo Reservation, in one incident a glassy spider web like material was found but was buried by the witnesses).
Source:  NUFORC

Date:  July 7 2011
Location: Snoqualmie, Washington
Time: 00:30
Summary: Missing time on July 1st, was something I won’t forget, sitting on my front porch with husband at 7:45 pm, listening to music, hanging out. Next thing we know we are in bed, we remember NOTHING. No memory, nothing. Not even sure how we made it inside the house, everything was still on, stereo, TV, lights and the door was unlocked, which is not something we do. I woke at 2:45 am totally confused, feeling all “warped” and the fear, fear very strong, but wasn’t sure why.I was naked, I do not sleep naked, EVER. This was not the “norm” for me.

When I woke, I had the most intense pain in my neck, shooting through my upper back and up through my head. I reached around with my left hand to hold my neck and there is a “bubble” of sorts and it was very painful to touch. I could not lay there as it hurt so bad, so I sat up, and became so nauseous, dizzy and still confused. I got up, holding my head, as the pain was incredible. Got my bearings and walked to the bathroom which is just out the master bedroom door, and I looked in the mirror, and saw not me, but a warped me, as in, I could see me, but I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. I suddenly was overcome with even more dizziness and nausea, I turned, and vomited like crazy for the next cpl hours. My husband WOULD NOT wake up. I finally crawled back in bed 5 am after I went downstairs and locked the house, turned off the lights and was still very confused as to what happened. My husband woke at 5 am, to feel the same way, only not vomiting, but very confused too, and not sure how or when we went to bed the night before. He is still VERY unsure what happened! the whole next week I was terrified. beyond fearful. I could not even go upstairs by myself to use restroom, take a shower alone in the house, NOTHING, I was so afraid. We saw nothing, there is a void and it is eerie. There is a feeling of being watched constantly. Thursday July 7th, again, I was sitting alone in living room, watching TV, and I was overcome by fear, I felt something was watching me again, I got very scared, (not like me at all) I sat there a few minutes only to hear a strange noise, not something I could identify, but I felt it from the upstairs, and I ran out of my house and to my neighbors house, I was scared again. My husband was at work, I texted him to tell him I had a melt down and needed him. He came home about 20 minutes later. We sat and talked a bit, I calmed down, sorta. Then we proceeded to bed to sleep. @ 11:30 pm. I tossed and turned a bit, was very restless. It started at 0:30 am for me. I was awake. I was lying in bed with husband, and I could feel fear, beyond fear, it was incredible to feel this way, though not a good way, but none the less, intense. husband rolled over onto his left side to go to sleep, I curled up behind him, and suddenly I could see these lights, little tiny lights, lines, shapes, all different colors, my heart began to race, and in my mind I could see flashes of “monsters” ugly ones, real strange looking. I prayed so hard, I was so terrified, and yet I could only pray, husband was no longer awake and wasn’t going to wake, I KNEW that. Hubby wouldn’t wake up at all, I was alone in this one.

I felt a “weird” hand on my upper back, it rolled me over, I saw “them”. Three of them, two of them were a little smaller, with bits of stringy hair, they were at the foot of my bed, and one was taller, on the right side of me, and felt very “powerful” no hair, but the eyes, dark, ugly and very hypnotic. My right hand was “forced” for better words down to my “privates” and my left hand was “forced” onto my chest. I felt an odd heat coming over my body, and then I was “forced” to roll onto my left side, my knees were forced to my chest and my hands now forced across my abdomen. I felt a sensation like never before. My stomach was moving, literally. like a rolling sensation. I felt a heat between my legs, it was very warm and it was a rod like thing going inside me, a warm liquid came out of it, I could feel it. Then I was rolled back over onto my back, and the big “being” had in it’s hands a small “baby like” being, I heard an incredible high pitched noise in my head. Next ! thing I know I am waking at 5 am, I have an overwhelming sadness, tears coming out of my eyes, I KNOW, I just know I was “visited”. A knowing/feeling/sensation that won’t leave me. BUT I am once again at peace, not afraid and no longer nervous, paranoid or anything, I am great actually. Strange, I do not feel afraid. The next day, my nose, is sore, It is still painful just to touch the right side of it, NOT sure why, but will be going to a doc to find out. Just and FYI, I have reported several eyewitness accounts to UFO sightings on your website, there were also witnesses, and I have called before due to another case involving my younger son, I needed help, and was turned away. I want to KNOW what happened, and WHY! thank you.
Source: Davenport, Peter

Date: July 7 2011
Location: Osprey, Florida
Time:  22:00
Summary: The witness was taking photos of the moon with a Kodak M1063 when he noticed in one of the pictures that there was a face of what appeared to be a gray alien, as if it were a large (holographic?)
projection. This all seemed very strange, so he looked at the photo closer in a Photoshop program where he was able to enlarge and clarify the picture. What he found were several objects, most notably a very distinct large alien looking face just to the right of the moon. He also noted what looked like a train of cylinder ships flying about the upper right crest of the forehead of the face, forming a semi-circle formation. He could also see a ‘Burr Tree’ shaped craft, and a Saturn shaped craft. He also noted that that night there were several silent aircraft crisscrossing the sky with lights what seemed to him to be military aircraft, as the local airport was closed at the moment.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: July  2011

Date:  July 16 2011
Location:  Cape May, New Jersey
Time: late night
Summary: The witness and his wife were on a short vacation and were staying at a B&B on Beach Avenue with a view of the sea. He was asleep when he was awakened by something. He opened his eyes and saw two beings standing at the foot of the bed. It was dark but there was adequate light coming in from the street to see them very clearly. He estimated that they were between 4.5-5 feet tall because he could see them from the waist up. They were identical in every way. They were wearing black or dark green, form-fitting suits that resembled scuba diving dry suits. These included snug hoods that extended from the back of their necks over top of their skulls. On their upper chests was a rectangular, gold or bronze colored plate about 6×4 inches with two rows of inscribed symbols or buttons on them. It resembled an instrument touchpad of some sort. They were no more than six feet from his face and they were both staring right at him. It was a cool, appraising look. ‘It’s the look a cat might give you’. Their crania was very large, perhaps twice as a man’s. But it was their faces that really impressed him. They had huge wraparound, black eyes set above high cheekbones. Their skin appeared coppery or orange in color. He couldn’t detect a well defined mouth or nose, but along the rim of their jaws and down to their chins were some kind of organ-like structures, he couldn’t tell if they were gills or mandibles. He couldn’t see their hands, so he couldn’t say how many digits they had. When he realized that it was not a dream, he propped himself up on his elbows to get a better view. Strangely, he felt no fear. He was about to say something when he got this very clear thought, “Something is wrong. He sees us.” He suddenly became extremely sleepy, and tried to fight the urge to lie back down, but it was no use. He felt his eyes closing and that was it. The next thing he knew it was morning and he was awakened by the sunlight streaming in through the balcony door. Once she was awake I asked my wife how she had slept and she said it was the best night’s sleep she’d had in a while. No dreams. This isn’t the first time in my life that I’ve had what could be called nocturnal visitations. As a child and teenager they were very frequent. And often terrifying. As an adult they tapered off to the point where I chalked up my youthful experiences to dreams, hormones, flights of fancy, etc. I had even stopped thinking about them. But this is the first time as an adult that I had such a clear and unambiguous sighting of these creatures. If one thing stands out, it’s the sense of almost military precision and discipline that I got from them. It’s hard to explain, but I got the feeling that these were no-nonsense ‘men’ who had a job to do and followed orders to the letter. They were not there to be my friend or to tell me any of the universe’s secrets. They were under orders and would no sooner go against them than would one of our Navy Seals. And one last thing, they were supremely confident and felt not the slightest fear towards me. I am absolutely sure of that.
Source: Mufon CMS

Date: July 19 2011
Location:  Burton on TrentStaffordshire, England
Time: night
Summary: At the Branston Bridge a driver reported seeing a white figure pass over the middle of the bridge. The light from his headlights appeared to go through the figure, and once it reached the far side of the bridge, the figure vanished.
Source:  http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/recnet/index.php

Date: July  2011
Location: Stansbury Park, Utah
Date: July 20 2011                                                      Time: 02: 00 a.m.
Two tall thin black beings with a square-shaped head with no visible arms were seen by the witness standing by the neighbor’s car in the street. They stood still without moving. The witness, a 6-year old girl had gone up to get a glass of water from the kitchen and the blinds were open. She looked outside and saw them standing by a car. She ran to her parent’s room and her father went to go see what she saw, but there was nothing there. The girl said the beings looked like ‘Halloween creatures’.

Source: Mufon CMS

Date: July 28 2011
Location:  Borovka, Belarus
Time:  dawn
Summary:  Two soldiers patrolling a military closed zone (forest) saw a silhouette of a man in a “puffy” pink outfit maneuvering between the trees, apparently flying without any means of propulsion. According to their report, suddenly the flying man took a sharp turn and accelerated when at about 70 meters away from the patrol. The being was about 2 meters in height and human-shaped.
Source:   Belarusian UFO-Committee, UFO-com.net

Date: July  2011



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