(Last Updated On: January 6, 2018)

Date:  July 2 2017
Location:  Disley, Cheshire
Time:  3.30pm
Summary:  A bright silver object, with what looked like 4 orbs all attached as one object, drifting at approx four thousand feet if not higher, looked online at weather balloons and it doesn’t look like any of these.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  July 3 2017
Location:  Peshtigo, Wisconsin 
Time:  00:00:00
Summary:  My friend, our two 13 years old daughters and i were up north wisconsin in the summer, far away from major cities therefore sky was so clear and filled with stars, and we saw the sky from horizon to horizon, we saw couple airplanes and slow moving stars what we called as satellites. suddenly 4 of us saw two objects that looks like bright stars were going from east through the sky with extraordinary speed like one “star” was chasing another and very close to each other on visual field of sky about 1 inch from each other, then when they approached about middle of the sky or right above out heads, first one without slowing it’s speed made about 90 degree turn and one that follow it just stopped right in the center of our visual field. first “star” without slowing down flew to north side of the sky until we no longer can see it. we lost track of the second one as it stopped and mixed up among other stars. to give an estimate how fast they were going that entire event took about 10-13 seconds. i am physician and like to reading about technology and with certainty can say that there are no human made objects that can fly with such speed through sky at very high altitude, basically from horizon to horizon for about 10+ seconds, make 90 degree turn at such speed and especially make sudden stop from high speed path. four of us witnessed that event and we all were amazed and recollected about what we had seen. unfortunately as murphy law none of us were filming it, as we were fascinated looking at what we saw. although i thought about it but regular cell phone camera unfortunately is not sensitive enough to records movement of the stars.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 3 2017
Location:  Camden, Missouri
Summary:  “I just wanted to tell you about a UFO I saw the third of this month. I was coming back from camping down in southern Missouri and my wife and daughter were in the vehicle behind me. I was pulling our camper. I was coming up highway 54. It’s an east-west highway but it runs north and south through Missouri and it’s a US highway. I was coming up towards Camden in Missouri and there’s a lot of hills there are a lot of trees alongside the road. That’s where I saw this nice soft cloud bank quite a ways up – it’s nice, clear, a lot of ways in front of me, it was probably several miles in front of me, but I saw floating from my right to my left which would be basically from the North West to, I mean, from the northeast to the southwest, this great big rectangular box, grey rectangular box, floating alongside them clouds, nice and slow. It was monstrously big because it was a long ways away and on the horizon, if you laid your hand there, it was probably an inch long, you know. I was going up and down these hills and I was losing sight of it because of the trees and the hills kept popping back up on top of the hill. This was in Missouri, around Camden, about five miles south of Camden’s in the small town there.”
Source:  Coast To Coast AM – July 21, 2017

Date:  July 4 2017
Location:  Bald Eagle State Park Pennsylvania 
Time:  Approx. 11:10 AM
Summary:  A resident of the Weikert, PA area a friend were on a designated hiking trail in the Bald Eagle State Park when they heard something walking to their right in the woods as if following them. They looked on several occasions in that direction but saw nothing and continued to hear the noise as if something was walking parallel to them. Their first thought it was a deer but the substantial noise made them second guess it could be a bear. The one gentleman was armed with a .40 cal Glock pistol so they continued and heard a sudden stopping of the noise. They stopped to look around and there was nothing visible to their right or left. They turned around and behind them at approximately 50 yards stood a large animal they first thought was a bear standing on its hind legs but quickly realized it was not a bear. Witness Description: A large wolf like head with short pointed ears, long muscular human like hands, massive chest and very thin around the waist area. Muscular legs and from the knees down what looked like a dogs hind legs. It’s coat was very short and dark brown. (could have been black but looked brown) It made no movement toward them but just kept staring with what is described by witness as bright yellowish eyes. They started back to the area where they left their car and looking behind constantly but it was not there but it was following again to their right and there was noise as before emitting from the woods. Upon arriving at their vehicle there it stood in the tree line watching them and stayed was still there as they left the area. The one witness who made the report works for the DCNR and marks out damaged old growth trees to be cut and trees blocking pathways hiking trails and fire lanes to be removed. He would like to remain anonymous because of his job but left a contact if I needed more information. His companion is really shaken up and would rather never discuss it.
Source:  Phantoms & Monsters: Unexplained Encounters

Date:  July 5 2017
Location:  Valensole, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Time:  22:00:00
Summary:  Je fais la déclaration pour les témoins. le 05/07/2017 à 22h sébastien est sorti dans son jardin, ils a aperçus des lumières dans le ciel.Direction so 234° 3 sphères alignés qui semblait dessiner un cigare en position horizontale, cet ensemble s’est redressé verticalement comme pour observer le sol ou un cabanon situé dans les environs. le témoin déclare que ces comme des petits soleils. il a pris des photos sébastien a appelé son ami qui à vu les lumières et et partit prévenir ses voisines. ces voisines sont arrivées vers 10h20, elles ont vu les lumières réapparaître en venant de l’ouest vers 22h30 comme si elle sortaient de l’horizon et se déplaçaient dans le ciel, pour elle les sphères étaient indépendante. il y a eu aussi la présence de petite boules rouge et bleu. les témoins ont entendu un hélicoptère pendant cette observation.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 6 2017
Location:  Vancouver, British Columbia
Time:   21:25:00
Summary:  Hello, i was in vancouver for work last week. i saw an ufo with my colleague. we are french and we are engineer. it was the 6th of july at 9h25pm. we walked on the cambie st bridge last week (the 6th) start from 9h15pm to 9h30pm, we saw a form in the sky like a helicopter or spherical form but with a kind of tail (no tail on the photo) , grey color, quite dark, in a stationary flight, no wind , no sound, very high in the sky, total duration of the sightings more than 10 minutes. more we approached the end of the bridge (walking from south to north) more we are sure that it was not a known object, the object was totally fixed in the sky ! we decided to take a photo… just after, 4 or 5 planes (with air-screw and seem to be black) certainly canadian air-force training planes passed over our head (from north to the south) but of course the object had disappeared. we didn’t see the object in movement. for your information, i already seen an ufo in france 6 years ago. the photo was taken at 9h25pm with an iphone mobile. wbr
Source:  MUFON Case 85117

Date:  July 6 2017
Location:  Plymouth, Minnesota
Time:  3:56am
Summary: Going to bathroom at 3:56am when I happened to look up through sky light. I saw light/object on path very quickly flying north. What caught my eye was the sudden turn to the northeast. This is the second one in two nights. I know immediately what they are. It then suddenly disappeared. I have had multiple abductions since I was a child. I can tell you about seeing more than 5 different entities on a huge ship. I was taken around the ship and shown many things by a tall hybrid female who very strangely looked like me. I am aware of when they will come and when they will take me. They have taken my husband and children. They have little recollection. I have had many that I remember. The one in charge of the ship I was on last, was nearly 9 1/2 at least ft. tall. white robe, very thin, long white hair and facial hair. He glowed & sparkled as if lit up from within. So being able to see them just happens. I have made a report to someone there (MUFON), but nothing ever happened. I must tell you I will see them again and again, but have been allowed selective memories. I have much more details about the various abductions. They are getting ready for something big. Told me that our governments are dealing with a type of alien that cannot be trusted & are concerned for us as they have been watching over us (so to speak) since many, many years ago. I see sightings often. It is almost as if I have a connection and I feel close to them. I tried a hypnotist but he wasn’t very good. 
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 9 2017
Location: Tijuana Mexico 
Summary:  A video uploaded by Camus Galindo shows one of the “lights” falling from the sky before subsequently stopping. Shortly after, a second light appeared and both remained static, changing position a few seconds later before disappearing. Here is the video uploaded by Camus so you can judge for yourselves. VIDEO AT: https://www.facebook.com/camus.galindo/videos/10156318521602598/
Source:  Planeta UFO and Veraz Informa (Baja California, Mexico)

Date:  July 9 2017
Location:  Poole, England 
Time:  18:48:00
Summary:  While reviewing photographs on 17th july 2017 i found an unexpected object in several photos taken over a short period of a few minutes on 9th july 2017. i had no idea that i might find an object of ufo interest. i was photographing the sky at the coast trying to capture early evening sky colour transitions. i was not interested in the compositional elements. i found a brown egg shaped fuzzy object in a photo. at first i assumed it must be an out of focus cormorant or a bug on the lens. i checked the exif data and found it was taken at 1000th of a second. this would not have given me a blurred image of a bird. i also noted that the foreground and distance was in focus. i then checked the photos taken before and after and found two small objects and one much larger that all resembled the original object. they were all placed differently in the sky. which ruled out anything having stuck to the lens. i have made a zip file of the relevant photos and have provided parallel copies marked up to show the object in a larger form. i am assuming there was just one object making rapid positional changes. i also have included a photo taken immediately prior to the incident that shows an aircraft at a great distance to help you assess the camera and the conditions. there are military installations in this region that carry out training exercises. this object does not resemble anything i have witnessed in relation to training exercises, helicopter activity, or troop transportation.
Source:  MUFON 85123

Date:  July 10 2017
Location:  Pictou, Nova Scotia
Time:  Night
Summary:  I was with 2 other people when this event occurred. there were 2 blinking lights beside each other, blinking randomly and staying stationary for the most part. then it went left, then went back to its initial position. then it slowly went off in the distance. the whole event lasted 20 minutes. it was located over the caribou ferry. the next day, the confederation, the most technologically advanced of the two ferries, was shut down for two days due to mechanical issues. Video
Source:  MUFON 85105

Date:  July 12 2017
Location:  Chicago, Illinois 
Time:  20:29:00
Summary:  My wife was taking city view pictures from her hotel room in chicago. was looking at them a few days later and noticed and oddity in the picture.
Source:  MUFON 85116

Date:  July 14 2017
Location:  Florida 
Summary:  I was in my bed asleep. i woke up to sound of flying object a sound not usual. i did not see the object but heard it. my mom however reported the hearing the same sound the night before and seeing orange flashing lights. she was also in bed sleeping. the sound buzzed with a high pitch beep, seemed to travel down my street past my house. sound was a few seconds long. do drones make sound?? sound was low to ground maybe 5-10 feet.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 14 2017
Location:  Diamond Lake, Oregon
Summary:  The object is here still. silver with shadow from sun light, also at times emitting glow. has been seen with black or dark craft hovering close then dark craft darts away after 3 or 4 minutes. appease as triangle lights, also as singular orb of light. have pics emerging from crater lake as well at sun up. i will give link to my face book page it is public. been posting daily over last week. https://www.Facebook.Com/profile.Php?Id=100010797196272
Source:  MUFON 

Date:  July 14 2017
Location:  London W2
Time:  2:58 am
Summary:  Was having a midnight snack when I switched off the lights, I looked out the window and on top of my block was what looked like a rectangular spaceship with a razor blue light, it hovered away silently and disappeared behind the other block, about twenty minutes later a helicopter with a red light started flying over almost as though they had noticed the same thing. I took a picture of the helicopter that circled around but sadly I had no way to capture the ufo.
Source:   www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  July 14 2017
Location:  Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Time:  09:59:00
Summary:  Two objects were spotted last night on the 7/14/2017 one after the other. the first object was seen travelling from the eastern sky to the northern sky in a straight-line or from my right to left. the second object was seen immediately after the first and was travelling from the northern sky to the east or from my left to right. the second object was a blue-white object travelling at what appeared to be an extreme rate of speed. both objects eventually faded out and disappeared.
Source: MUFON Case 85114

Date:  July 14 2017
Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Time:  19:30:00
Summary:   walked out of my back door and looked nw. it was a beautiful day, no clouds and the sun was still up, too early to see stars. i saw an extremely bright light in the sky, too low to be a plane but too high to be anything tethered to the ground. it remained still for about 30 seconds as i stared at it, then began to move in a straight line rather slowly. i started to pull out my phone and when i looked back it had begun to get smaller as if it were ascending in the atmosphere then it was gone. it was an incredibly bright light and left no trails. at first i thought it was a star, but then it started to move so i thought it was a plane but it couldn’t have been because it disappeared when i pulled my phone out.
Source:  MUFON Case 85121

Date:  July 15 2017
Location:  Wymore, Nebraska
Time:  04:40:00
Summary:  A friend of mine and i were at big indian lake after 4am. i was sitting down and looking at the sky towards the east at venus. i noticed just above and a little north of venus there was a white round light that lit up every 7-10 seconds for about 3 seconds. it was cascading slowly moving back and forth in an s like pattern. i told my friend that i saw a strange light and he didn’t believe me at first until he actually saw it. i’ve never seen anything like it before nor have i found any information for comparison. i tried to get a video (but my camera isn’t very good) and when the light came on from my camera, it disappeared.
Source:  MUFON Case 85120

Date:  July 15 2017
Location:  Newark, New Jersey
Time:  approximately 18:10pm,
Summary:  On saturday, july 15, 2017 at approximately 6-6:10pm, i was standing outside a drugstore, finishing a cigarette before entering the store. i looked up at the sky over the park across the street and noticed an airplane, likely a 747, flying southeast and away from me. an object, egg or spherical shaped, perhaps 1/8th the size of the airplane, was seemingly flying alongside the plane’s left. the object appeared to be a dull white or light gray in color. the airplane drifted to the right, separating from the object, while the egg/sphere maintained a straight path. i didn’t pay attention to the course of the airplane since i was fixed on the object. my first thought was that it was a balloon, because it was still bright enough at that time of day to make out the shape clearly, and i believed that perhaps it might have been an illusion of perspective. that was until i focused more clearly and noticed it moved in a straight path and at about the same speed as the airplane. it also didn’t have the wobbliness of a balloon in mid air. as it continued to move farther away, it split into two objects that appeared to be equal in size and shape. i still thought this could possibly be a balloon, or perhaps a bunch of balloons that separated in the air, but the object never appeared to be a cluster or bunch as it initially looked like a single, clear defined shape. both objects then flew parallel and equidistant from each other, in the same direction. as they moved further away from me, they became brighter as if glowing, then disappeared or faded away in the distance. i never thought to try to record the sight with my cell phone since i wasn’t sure what i was seeing until it was too late and the two objects were too far for my phone to record clearly.
Source:  MUFON Case 85126

Date:  July 15 2017
Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Time:  18:50:00
Summary:  I took my son to work and we were a bit early so i was looking up through my sunroof at these wispy clouds when i noticed a silvery orb. it was moving forward in a very deliberate manner, then started emitting this sort of chemtrail before just disappearing. a minute or two later a commercial airliner flew through the same airspace and it was instantly recognizable. the chemtrail was as thick and heavy as one from a military jet, but was very short, like maybe a football field or two long. but the orb was nowhere near as big as a jet. it wasn’t big enough for that kind of chemtrail. i don’t think a drone could do that either, and then just disappear into thin air.
Source:  MUFON 

Date:  July 15 2017
Location:  Vaughan, Ontario 
Time:  21:55:00
Summary: I went outside and though i seen a bunch of drones then i ran inside grabbed my phone and shot video. what caught my eye was the first one which was really red then a triangle filled and then up to 6 orange ones individually along the same flight plan within 3 minutes 
Source:  MUFON 

Date:  July 15 2017
Location:  Charter Township of Clinton, Michigan
Time:  23:00:00
Summary:  Large ship appeared above a dark mist about a mile in the sky around 10:30 pm. the ship appeared to have about 10-15 lights around it or on it.The event took place for about 15 seconds. the large craft was sitting in one place in the sky and seemed to get brighter then a portal began to open up one square of light at a time like a light disco floor. til a diamond shape of light was objected from the craft then the portal was open and it vanished through it. a photo has been taken and i would like to share with someone that can be trusted. you can clearly depict the large mothership in the photo and see the portal it created right before leaving.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 16 2017
Location:  Leduc, Alberta
Time:  12:30 am
Summary:  On july 16th at about 12:30am i was letting my dog out and standing on my back deck. i looked up at the sky and was noticing how clear the sky was and how bright all the stars were. i then noticed right above me there was a large black triangle moving slowly and silently across the sky. it was flying quite low and had no lights of any kind. it was almost like you could only just see the outlines. i watched this object for about 1 1/2 minutes trying to decide if i was actually seeing what i was seeing. my dog started to bark and i got very scared and rushed back into the house.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 16 2017
Location:  Marsfield, New South Wales
Time:  03:00:00
Summary:  To whom it may concern i’m 26 years old. after going through some life experiences i refuse to explain in detail apart from i meditated and projected love and humanity into the universe and i was taken by some life forms that took shape in whatever i wanted them to be, it was amazing and quite humorous. they only wanted one thing from me and was to experience humanity so i the leader to dinner and that was about it. in gift from them they gave me the ability to think/act/experience things on an intellectual level that i used for the study of the holographic principle with work from stanford leonard susskind. i took it into my hands to attempt to have some truth as a ufologist myself i reported some thing to facebook mufon and other social platforms some time ago but i will share the following 1.An image from my data was blocked by nasa and irsa it comes with coordinates in the top right side and i can tell you what this is is big and moving fast and there is more then one of them and at some stages they merge. you know laws of motion they would not move in this way. not to mention i had the same information and images from my work so i map them using the pink and blue circles to show the images being the same position as other meaning each dot is the same spot on each image in space 2.Mapping on mars image one is a spacecraft of some kind that is getting ready to take off and the second image is what is mars bases and or radiation shields/airlocks for underground lab facility’s all this data and information was taken from my work and observations made from live telescopes and or data gives to us by nasa themselves and other agency’s
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 16 2017
Location:  Kitchener, Ontario
Time:  10:00:00
Summary:  A triangular object. hovering. then shot straight up . no acceleration. immediately to top speed
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 16 2017
Location:  Nashville, TN
Time:  Day
Summary:  On Sunday, July 16th of this year, I was at my favorite park, just outside of Nashville, TN, filming a few sixty-second videos of open skies, while zooming in, maybe 40X. When reviewing the videos on my computer, I saw something that I have never encountered before. In the past I have filmed metallic craft, possible biological craft, and just plain strange sky anomalies, but nothing compares to the “strangeness” of what I captured on video that day! The only term I can use to even remotely describe what sped across my camera lens is … “a “flying humanoid?” Up until this time, I had never even dabbled in this type of phenomenon; I stuck strictly to pursuing UFOs as my focal point, even though I am a firm believer in the limitlessness of the skies and what they may contain. I have searched through many images on the Internet, and haven’t really seen anything that matches my picture in a satisfactory way. And to be honest, I even briefly entertained the possibility of it being an out-of-focused bird of some type, which of course will be the conclusion from the naysayers. After examining it in numerous ways, I must interpret it as something very mystical and incomprehensible to the norm of the third dimensional world. It came into my camera lens in an upright manner, as you see in the photo, and sped horizontally from left to right in less than a second. I cannot estimate its size nor its altitude, since I zoomed strictly into the blue sky with no scenery markers for possible ratio comparison. I don’t believe in being dishonest and faking photographs, or anything of that nature. I’m opened to having anyone or any expert examine my original video to the fullest. I therefore thank Lon Strickler for sharing this photo on his site, since my only desire is to share it online, and not keep it to myself. – Dan in Nashville, TN
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 17 2017
Location:  High Point, NC 
Summary:   Two weeks after being at this address I witnessed trees moving as though there is a huge heavy being moving from one tree to the other, but you can not see any visible being…but I know this is not caused by the wind!!! I have pictures of strange unreal things I would never had imagined ever seeing in real life except on sci-fi stuff. There is something outside in my trees and it is not squirrels. I can feel them watching me and have seen their neon green eyes staring back at me from inside of the trees where they try to hide and blend in with the leaves on the top of the trees. Something is definitely wrong here and it really has me frightened when I know something has come into my home and assaulted me with scratches on my back and left a blood red scab at the base of my skull as though it was punctured with a sharp object such as a needle. I know the government knows and other officials here, but I have some proof, got some hair that I know is not human by no means. I don’t know what to do but to reach out to you guys so I won’t loose my sanity because never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined these things to actually be real. To see one for real it’s just too much to try and accept the reality of it, but you know what’s the truth. Please contact me so I won’t feel so alone in this madness. 
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 20 2017
Location:  Lummi Washington
Time:  10:30 a.m. 
Summary:  “I saw a huge, triangle-shaped object come from the south direction and travel south,” the witness stated. “It was big as a house with red lights all over the bottom.”
Source:  MUFON Case 85309

Date:  July 20 2017
Location:  Chicago Lake Shore Drive toward North Avenue Beach.
Time:  1700 hours
Summary:  We were driving down Lake Shore Drive toward North Avenue Beach. In the car with my best friend, my sister, and my boyfriend. As we were approaching the curve near North Avenue Beach we saw something fly out from underneath the bridge that goes over the street that separates that big black building in front of Navy Pier (Lake Point Tower) and the beach. It flew straight up into the air and out toward the lake. This was not an owl and it was not a seagull as seagulls are white in color. My boyfriend who was in the front seat with me was the first to see it and showed me and everybody else saw afterwards. It was freaky as f*** to see this thing fly up like that. It was like completely black and look like a giant flying bat. It flew straight up and out of sight I could not keep watching it as I was trying to drive and not get into a wreck. It was freaky to watch.
Source:  Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse.

Date:  July 20 2017
Location:  La Mesa California
Time:  9:40 p.m.
Summary:  The witness was returning home from a dinner in La Mesa at 9:40 p.m. on July 20, 2017, when the incident began. “My transportation van was in the shop for servicing and I was using a motorized wheelchair,” the witness stated. “My daughter and son-in-law accompanied me in my daughter’s truck and were playing leapfrog to make sure that I had no difficulty because of the darkness. There were no streetlights in the area. I was using a strobe headlamp so that oncoming vehicles could see me.”
Source:  MUFON Case 85310

Date:  July 22 2017
Location:  Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Summary:   I was waiting for a bus when this van pulled up. Weird creatures or unhuman looking people popped out. You can see the outline of their face and eye sockets wearing black and alien color grey color. I am not sure exactly what they were. After they left people were complaining of their cell phones crashing or they suddenly stopped working. I’ve seen drone-like flying objects in the sky before and now this happen. It is unknown if their human or alien or even another species. We don’t know it exists. It’s creeping me out. It honestly looked like they were looking at me. After a minute or so, after people and myself took photos and made it clear we took the photos, they took off. I moved out of the city and still am in shock. Don’t know what it is to this day. 
Source:  MUFON

Date:  July 23 2017
Location:  Smyrna, Tennessee
Summary:   red and green lights, no sound, hovering, then down and gone, area of i24 almaville rd and blackman, lights were constant not blinking
Source:  UFO.net

Date:  July 23 2017
Location:  Novato, California
Time:  18:30
Summary:  Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): At approximately 18:30 PDT 1 UFO gray to silver in color and appears to be spherical. Distance of UFO(s) in sky: 20000 feet Direction of Travel for UFO(s): stationary for 5 minutes Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): none Further Description of Sighting: Appeared to reflect the sun light of the setting sun at times which looked red to orange-red
Source:  UFO.net

Date:  July 26 2017
Location: Chicago Auburn Gresham Neighborhood 
Time:  12:30 AM
Summary:  I was talking about this story while drinking with my siblings the other night and my sister pointed out that it reminded her of some stories she’d seen circulating online. When I looked into it myself, I was surprised to see that my story had already been partially reported earlier this month. On June 29th, I was walking home from getting Wendy’s with a small group of friends when one of my friends pointed at a dark shape in a tree on the corner of West 81st and South Throop. The thing was big, but details were hard to make out at night. Then the thing jumped out of the tree and flew onto the roof of an apartment building on the same block. When it flew, I got the chance to see that it was a tall dark thing with wide wings. Nothing like that Mothman statue they’ve got in Point Pleasant. A group of people had started to form on the corner with my friends and me. Then some of the people on the corner whom I hadn’t met previously flagged down a cop car to point the thing out. That’s when my friends and I quietly slipped away. I’m a transgender woman and I’ve had my share of bad interactions with the police. My friends felt similarly. I now believe that the officer I saw was the same officer who reported a story about seeing this thing on the same night. 
Source:  SOURCE

Date:  July 26 2017
Location:  Clayton Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Time:  Around 12:30 pm
Summary:  I woke up late and went to have a cig. Looking up at the blue sky I immediately saw a tiny round marble looking thing, high up at cloud level. It was moving too fast to be a plane, at that height. At first I thought it was a toy drone, but then noticed it was almost above the clouds, very high up and was moving too fast. It was perfectly round, with no angles or wings. Initially, it was moving west, and then made an abrupt 40-degree turn to the south and within a few seconds it disappeared into large clouds. The turn it made was not gradual; it was characteristic of common UFO sightings, where objects make abrupt turns.

Date:  July 27 2017
Location:  Chicago The Loop
Time:   8:45 PM
Summary:  I was leaving work at about 8:45 PM CT on Thursday night (July 27, 2017) in The Loop (central business section of downtown Chicago). As I walked the two blocks to the nearest train station to go home, I saw a large bat-like creature that was perched on top of one the streetlight poles across the street from the Harold Washington Library. This creature stood about 7 ft tall and was sitting there motionless. This creature had a pair of glowing red eyes that appear to be fixated on something across the street. It stood there for about 6 seconds. That’s when I saw a flash from a group of kids on the sidewalk as someone was taking a picture of this thing. It then spread open a large pair of wings flapped them a couple of times and took off into the air. The girls from that group of kids screamed and they all took off running. I saw as it shot up and over the library and was gone…in the matter of about two seconds. I was very shaken up by what I saw and talked to my pastor about it at church on Saturday. It was he who pointed me in the direction of this site where I can make this report. Thank you.
Source:  Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse

Date:  July 29 2017
Location:  Chicago Albany Park/Lincoln Square,
Time:  10:30 PM
Summary:  Hi, I saw that you were keeping a timeline of “batman” sightings in Chicago. My friend and I just saw something in Albany Park/Lincoln Square, about half an hour ago (7/29 – 10:30 PM CT), and I’m not sure who to report it to. It was a huge black shape that appeared to be gliding high over the Wilson/Kimball area. We viewed it from my balcony about half a mile north of there. We observed it gliding for about 2 minutes before it was lost in the clouds, headed south. It looked somewhat like a bat and that’s what I thought it was at first, but it was just too big! It was hard to tell exactly how big from that distance, but I would guess about an 8 foot wingspan. We’re pretty spooked by it. Let me know if you have any advice about who we should report this to. Thanks, AJ
Source:  Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse

Date:  July 2017

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