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‘1970 Sightings’

1970: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1970 Location: Near Whitewater New Mexico Time: unknown Summary: Four youths, Clifford Heronemus, Robert Davis, Carl Martinez and David Chiaramonte, claimed to have seen a “werewolf” type creature. They saw a hairy thing with two legs pacing their car, which was going about 44 miles per hour. It was about five-foot seven. The frightened witnesses rolled up the windows and locked the door of the cars and started driving faster. One of them pulled out a gun and shot it, it fell down, but there was no blood, it got up again and ran off. Another witness saw a similar creature earlier in the same area. Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman Creatures of the Goblin World Date: January 1970 Location: Miami, Florida Time: unknown… Read More

1970: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early February 1970 Location: Near Coram Montana Time: 0100A Summary: A bright light shone into Mrs Leona Neilson’s bedroom; on looking out, she saw a long shape on the snow with a dome and a 6 foot wide platform or rim around it, from which large multicolored sparks were flying across the river. She could see 2 men running around the rim, apparently both busy with something. The men were human-like, they were about 5 ft 8 inches tall, wore what appeared to be snow suits, and their heads were bare. They walked and worked like an average person, they appeared to be doing something near the dome. She called a friend, which watched with her for a half hour; then the… Read More

1970: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early spring 1970: Hokkaido Japan Abduction? Date: spring 1970 Location: Brandon Manitoba Canada Time: 2230 Summary: A man woke up suddenly and saw two identical white colored humanoids with dark slanted “inhuman” eyes looking at him through the living room window, he tried to move but was paralyzed apparently by a device held on the hand of one of the entities. One of the entities glanced towards the kitchen where his wife was baking, the one then lowered the device and they moved away. As soon as the device was lowered the witness could breathe and move again. The following evening, he was again on the couch, but this time was facing away from the window. Suddenly, he felt that he “was being… Read More

1970: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1970 Location: Near Madison Wisconsin Time: night Summary: Raymond Shearer, a Madison lawyer, drove beneath a hovering light that produced static on the car radio and a sensation of heat. When he was nearly home, he had an impulse to turn onto a dead-end gravel road leading into a marshland. On the road was an aluminum like UFO 100-125 ft in diameter, sitting on 3 legs, with a row of blinking lights around it. The witness got to within 15 ft of it and was starting to back up when his car engine stopped, the headlights went out, and the radio stopped playing. Then he remembered nothing more until he reached home, at dawn. On the back… Read More

1970: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 11, 1970 Location: Cholla Bay, Mexico Time: about 9 o’clock Summary: Mr, Alben Formiller, a retired Chicago policeman and a resident of Phoenix, about 70 years old, was at Cholla Bay, Mexico on the 5th of November. At about 9 o’clock, he said, he was startled to see that suddenly the ground and ocean were “lit up like daylight.” He had been camped on the beach all day and was leaning against his pickup-camper about 25 feet from the water’s edge, Formiller could make out a beam coming from the sky but at first could not discern what it was coming from. Within a few seconds, however, he could make out the object itself, which was greyish-white,… Read More

1970: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1970 Location: Montauk Point Long island New York Time: afternoon Summary: The young witness and her boyfriend were sitting on some dunes behind an isolated cliff when suddenly they heard a loud buzzing sound, like bees. They both sit up, but then lay back down again, apparently unable to move. The buzzing gets louder and a man wearing a soldier uniform appears, looking down at the witness. On his right there is another soldier, he kicks the witness boyfriend leg apparently making sure that he was unconscious. Two other men appear, one is very tan, with dark hair and dark glasses, the other seemed to be more fair. They then carry both the witness and her boyfriend to a nearby jeep.… Read More

1970: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  July 1970 Location:  Gilford Belknap New Hampshire Time:  2200 Summary:  While driving on Docham Shore Road (near Lake Winnipesaukee), Cathy Beisheim and her girlfriend, both teenagers at the time, saw a 6-foot luminous form cross the road directly ahead of them. It was completely white and moved from a heavily forested area on the right side of the road to the left. It moved relatively slowly but had no apparent legs; it did not seem to walk, but to glide. The girls saw it for only a brief period—a matter of seconds—as it crossed some distance ahead of them. The witnesses drawing shows a kind of “peanut” shaped form. Source:  David Webb Date:  July 1970 Location:  Cuyahoga Falls… Read More

1970: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1970 Location:  Benton, Lafayette County, Wisconsin Time:  unknown Summary:  About 15 people reported seeing a 7-foot tall ape-like creature with white hair, bright pink eyes and sharp claws. It was generally seen in a wooded area. Source:   Jay Rath, W-Files Date: August 1970 Location:  Avebury England Time: 1430 Summary:  Three witnesses were walking around the Stone Circle at the famous archeological site when a strange entity appeared from behind one of the standing stones, 50 yards away. It was humanoid in appearance, about six-foot tall and appeared to be wearing a dark dress suit and a top hat, its face was fish like, dark gray and scaly. Its hands were also scaly and it was holding a pair of… Read More

1970: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: September 1970 Location: Ipoh Perak Malaysia Time: unknown Summary: A small circular object reportedly landed on a school compound, several three-inch tall humanoids emerged from it. The beings ran back inside the object as a large crowd of school children gathered around it. Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin, FSR Vol. 28 # 5 Date: September 1970 Location:  Villa Mercedes, San Luis Argentina Time:  afternoon Summary:  Jorge De La Puente and an unidentified friend were driving on an isolated road to inspect a nearby Shell petroleum facility. De La Puente and his friend saw about 50 meters ahead and on the side of the road an “object” which at first they took to be a trash bag standing on end. As they drove by it, De… Read More

1970: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1970: London, England Sighting Date: October 1970 Location:  MacGregor Manitoba Canada Time:  evening Summary:  Two witnesses were driving between farms when they sighted a glowing yellowish white football shaped object resting on a nearby field. One of the witnesses approached the object on foot but became frightened and ran back to the car. As they drove away they noticed a silver-suited figure walking towards them. They accelerated the vehicle and sped away. Later one of the witnesses returned and saw the object hovering over the area. Source:  Chris A Rutkowski, Visitations? Manitoba UFO Experiences Date: October 5 1970 Location: Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Time: 0400A Summary: Answering the night call of one of her patients, an unidentified nurse’s assistant found the patient… Read More

1970: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early November 1970 Location: Charleville, France Time: midnight Summary: The owner of a local inn and two friends were just closing for the night when they noticed a strange motionless object hovering above a nearby snow-covered field. Curious they decided to approach. They then came upon a circular object about ten meters in diameter with a high cupola surrounded with lights. Inside the cupola two men of average height and wearing gray metallic suits are seen standing inside. The two men made some gestures to the witnesses and apparently conveyed a message “about the end of the world.” The object then left the area at high speed, leaving behind a luminous trail. The next morning the witnesses are stunned when they realize… Read More

1970: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: December 7 1970 Location: Vader Washington Time: 0715A Summary: After finding huge mysterious footprints in their property three days before, the witnesses watched a very bright object approaching their house. It seemed to have a central dome with a revolving ring around it and was deep orange in the center. The craft now slightly tilted to one side, hovered briefly above some nearby power lines, the craft then became brighter then made a low sweep over the area. Before leaving two of the witnesses saw what appeared to be a gray colored “shape” drop from the object and scurry away into the woods. Later that week a mysterious dark “prowler” was seen peering through windows. Source:Loren Coleman, Mysterious America Date: December 15 1970 Location: … Read More

1970: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1970  Location: Japan Time: Summary: Source: Date: 1970s  Location: Belotic, Yugoslavia Time: Summary: Source: Date: Early 70’s, possibly sometime in 1970 Location: Kingsley, OR Time: Summary: Keno Mountain radar incident. Source: Date: 1970: Flying saucer hovering above home with blue beam shining down Date: 1970: Germany Date: 1970: Military sighting of a light that grew to 5 Xs the moon Date: 1970: Queensland, Australia Date: 1970 Location: Wortham Park Station Queensland Australia Time: 0300A Summary: Two men out camping in an isolated area watched a light maneuvering overhead. They flashed a spotlight on it and it descended nearby very close to the ground. It was a large object with lighted windows. One of the witnesses approached the object and was able to see a human-like figure looking out from one of the windows. The… Read More