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‘1972 Sightings’

1972: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early 1972 Location: Cannock Chase, England Time:  evening Summary: A man named Nigel was driving across the Chase when his attention was suddenly taken by a strange ball of glowing blue light that slammed into the ground some distance ahead of his vehicle, amid a veritable shower of bright, fiery sparks. Needles to say, Lea quickly slowed his car down. As he approached the approximate area where the ball had fallen, he was shocked and horrified to see looming before him, “the biggest bloody dog I have ever seen in my life”. Muscular and black, with large, pointed ears and huge paws, the creature seemed to ooze menace and negativity and had a staring look in its yellow-tinged eyes. For 20 to 30 seconds, man and beast faced each other,… Read More

1972: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1972 Location: Near Strasbourg France Time:  afternoon Summary: A housewife was alone at home preoccupied with some house chores when she suddenly heard a loud undulating sort of murmuring sound, similar of that to leaves falling to the ground. Suddenly she started to rise into the air, the walls, and the roof disappeared and she floated upwards into the sky. At one point she thought she had died and she floated within a gray misty cloud. Frightened she saw a motionless metallic object hovering above her. An interior voice tells her not to be afraid. A small dark trap door opened up on the bottom of the object and she floated inside. A bar of diffused light apparently is pressed against the back of her head, she was unable to react but… Read More

1972: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Spring 1972: Flanders, Belgium UFO Sighting Date: March 1972 Location: Perth, Western Australia Time: 1900 Summary: The 10-year old main witness was traveling in a Volkswagen with his mother and 2 friends on their way to pick up his sister from basketball practice when they all witnesses a bright oval shaped object in the sky so overwhelming that they stopped the car and all got out and stared at the craft. The witness was fascinated by the experience and noticed that there were no shadows from the trees in front of them, yet the object emitted a blinding white light, he noticed that it didn’t have a sharp edge but more of haze like that of a road mirage around the shape. He desperately tried to look deeper into and… Read More

1972: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April or May 1972 Location: Saint Fregnant, Finistere, France Time: unknown Summary: A man, Jean Paul Guillou reportedly encounters “extraterrestrials” (not described) that invite him to go with him in their spacecraft. He goes to their planet—called “Stella” and lives among them for several years (!). He reports that many of the earth people on that planet are abductees being held prisoner there. While on the planet he marries a young lady, which had been abducted near Nantes France. After some time Guillou and his bride apparently returns to earth. Source: CUB Bulletin 8/87 # 2, Denys Breysse Catalog  Date: April  1972 Location:  Near Tong Li Sap, Cambodia Time:  afternoon Summary:  A platoon of US special operations soldiers came upon a group of humanoids that were apparently sorting human body… Read More

1972: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 1972  Location: Grafton New South Wales, Australia Time: morning Summary: Mr. & Mrs Ron Ferret, shopping on a downtown Grafton street, saw 3 odd dwarfish people—two male and a female—3.5” tall and wearing baggy clothes that gave the impression of simulated “ordinary man in the street clothes.” The material was unfamiliar to Mrs Ferret. The dwarfs had rough, wrinkled skin of deep brown color that looked very old, although they seemed to be young. They had large, slanted “oriental” eyes that seemed to “pop out,” very short hair, and pointed ears. They shuffled along the streets in sandals looking in store windows, and other passerby kept well away from them. They said nothing. The Ferrets came within several feet of them, and they suggested the three might be performers from a visiting children’s show,… Read More

1972: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Summer  1972 Location:  Crowborough, Sussex, England Time:  1130A Summary:  Howard Johnson was staying at a local chalet bungalow with his wife and her  parents. One morning Howard happened to glance out the bathroom window when something caught his eye. At a distance of barely 400 to 500 yards was a classic “flying saucer” heading very low in his direction at a high rate of speed. Less than 75 yards from the chalet, the solid, silver colored saucer came to an abrupt halt. At which point Howard clearly made out a transparent dome on top, while a bank of very fast, multi-colored lights flickered underneath. Howard forced himself to look away from a couple seconds, but when he turned back the saucer was still there.… Read More

1972: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1972 Location: Lower Hutt New Zealand Time: 0200A Summary: An unidentified woman reported that she had been awakened in her bedroom, by a blue light shining in her second story window, and by a noise like a spinning top. Going to the window, she saw an object like an inverted soup dish hovering over the next-door building. In the top, which was a clear dome, she could see two human male figures wearing shiny blue, satin-like suits; their heads were bare. One appeared to be controlling the object; the other had his back to the witness. The far figure turned toward the one seen from the back, said something, and laughed. After about a minute, the object… Read More

1972: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  August 1972: Object emits three discs, responds to light signals Date: August 1972: Mercury, Texas Abduction?  Date:  August  1972 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date: August 1972 Location: Highland Park, Michigan Time: 0100A Summary: The 8-year old witness was sleeping over a friend’s house and had awakened to use the restroom and got out of the bed to use the restroom located on the right side of the room. He walked alongside the wall he heard a noise; he then walked to long hallway to see who was awake. The light shining from the bathroom allowed him to see what he thought was a small child holding onto a doorknob peering out from behind the door. He could see his silhouette and he thought that it… Read More

1972: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Fall 1972 Location: Summit County Utah Time: 0430A Summary: Rancher Lennis Gines and his 16-year old son noticed blue and yellow lights in the fields behind their rural home. The lights were silent and rotated. The family’s dog whimpered and ran inside to hide. The 16-year old son then drove his truck near the lights and was able to see an object with a doorway, windows, and shadowy figures going in and out. Nearby several nervous cows huddled together. Their milk production declined after the incident. Source: Zack Van Eyck Date: Fall 1972 Time: late night Location: Norfolk Virginia Time: Summary: The witness had just returned to bed from the bathroom and was lying down when he looked towards the hall and heard a strange “pitter, patter” type sound. Suddenly… Read More

1972: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1972 Location:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada Time: 0830am Summary: The witness, a teenager at the time, was walking to school when for some unknown reason looked up into the sky in front of her towards the east. There she saw an oval-shaped UFO above the tree line, traveling at a steady speed going from north to south towards Lake Ontario. It was following the street ahead of her, going north to south. The UFO was the color of tarnished silver and dented like a golf ball (but not as many dents). There were no lights or sound to it. The odd thing about this object was that there was a strip of black symbols on the mid front half portion on the facing side of it. She tried to read them but… Read More

1972: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1972Location: Winding Stair Camp Grounds, OklahomaTime: 0100ASummary: Two men had been deer hunting in southeastern Oklahoma and decided to stay at the local campgrounds. They parked on the lot overlooking a canyon. At around 0100A something woke up one of the men and he saw a bright light in the parking lot overlooking the canyon. He started to climb out of the camper with armed with a gun when something told him to stay inside. He woke up the other witness and both saw the brightest light they had ever seen, oddly enough the light did not cast any shadows. Again when the witness had decided to go outside and investigate the internal voice told him to say inside. They both noticed figures walking in the light that cast… Read More

1972: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: winter 1972 Location: Victorville, California Time: night Summary: Three airmen pursued an orange glowing object for 10 minutes until it vanished. They then saw two metallic cylinders, 9-10 feet tall, standing on the hard desert soil. The airmen ran for their lives. Later in a mountain area there were reports of a huge, hair covered, upright walking creature which left three-toed tracks, measuring 18 inches long. Source: Mark Moravec “The UFO Anthropoid Catalog” Date: winter 1972Location: Montbeliard, FranceTime: afternoon Summary: The witness, Edmonde B. was driving home from work with two colleagues when they encountered a landed saucer-shaped object 10 meters in diameter, in a field near the road…Suddenly it was dark! The three were puzzled at first and then shocked as they realized that 3 hours had vanished from their lives.… Read More

1972: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1972 Location: Near Warminster England Time: unknown Summary: On the Bath Road after seeing an orange disc shaped object descend over the area, the witness encountered a tall figure dressed in white clothing. It moved along the road in quick loping movements, no facial features could be seen but it was described as huge and man-like. No other information. Source: Steve Gerrard quoting Warminster UFO Newsletter # 7 Date: 1972: Barbados Flying Saucer Shaped UFO Date: 1972 Location: driving back to their dorm in Cedar City, Utah Time: 10 p.m. Summary: One night in 1972, four coeds from Southern Utah University were driving back to their dorm in Cedar City after spending the day at a rodeo in Pioche,… Read More