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‘1973 Sightings’

1973: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early January 1973: beam follows car near Nowra, Australia Date:  January 1973 Location:  Moquehue, Neuquen, Argentina Time: unknown Summary: An anonymous native told an anthropologist that he had encountered a small creature called the “Anchimayen”. That appeared to expel fire from his mouth and eyes and moved in quick jumps, unlike humans. According to the report, the figure resembled a 50 cm tall “naked baby”. Another local forest keeper in Boquete on the shores of Lake Lolog reported being visited at dusk by a tall “vigorous” man-like shape that suddenly diminished his height until it reduced himself to about 1 meter in height. Source:  Fabio Picasso, Small Entities in Argentina Date: January 1973 Location: Oxon Hill, Maryland Time: 0100A Summary: 15-year old Mary Ann Habib was driving with a carload of friends down… Read More

1973: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1973 Location:  Tres Arroyos Buenos Aires Argentina Time: night Summary: Ventura Maceiras had a second encounter with two entities; one of the two approached the witness, smiling, and greeted him by placing his left hand on his breast. There followed an exchange of communication telepathically in which Maceiras learned the name of his visitor, “Arnoil,” and his companion, “Ninquier.” They came from the planet “Prunio,” which belongs to the empire of “Lobernia,” its major city was ‘Arlenquistan,” and they were now in their 14,320th year. The witness was shown a book illustrating a surgical operation; three figures resembling globes that contained cancer viruses; and he was instructed on how cancer could be cured. Our earth-moon system was called “Cleotor.” The entities… Read More

1973: March UFO & Alien Sighting

Date: Spring 1973 Location:  Dijon area, France Time: 1000A Summary: A lone witness responded to her front door after persistent knocking and was confronted by a bizarre looking man with a reddish face and a beard, who asked her for food. He wore what appeared to be “brand new” pressed clothing. She gave him some bread & cheese. He then engaged her in conversation explaining to the witness that she had been reincarnated on this earth several times. After that he walked away and disappeared from sight. Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Date: March 1973 Location: La Tinaja Veracruz Mexico Time: unknown Summary: Cirila Montero Lagunes reported that her 3-year old son Ramiro had wandered off one day in March and returned six days later, with a… Read More

1973: April UFO & Alien Sighting

Date: April 1973 Location: Greslby Aland Island Finland Time:  unknown Summary: An unidentified witness observed for 10 minutes a bowl-shaped object 30 meters in diameter, with windows, hovering approximately 50 meters above the water at a distance of about 150 meters; it was of a metallic color with flashing red and green lights. The witness stepped out of his car to observe the object and detected a sharp, pungent odor as the UFO moved closer in sharp jerky motions. Each “jerk” advanced it about 10 meters toward him. Behind the illuminated windows he could see several moving shadows, and he “had a sensation of being watched.” The UFO was surrounded by a heat-like, shimmering waves. Source: Bertil Soderquist Date: April  1973 Location:  Burke, Franklin… Read More

1973: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:    May, 1973: Doraty Abduction Date:  May, 1973 Location: Near Houston Texas Time: night Summary: A family of five traveling by car on a clear night when they began noticing a bright blue white light pacing their vehicle. Eventually they stopped the car on the side of the road near a farm area and the main witness stepped out of the car to observe the light. She next recalled getting back into the car feeling nauseous and thirsty. When they drove to a nearby relative’s home the light appeared again and descended low over a nearby field. The object was round and had lighted windows. The witnesses became hysterical and the object suddenly shot up at tremendous speed. Later under… Read More

1973: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1973 Location: Newton New Jersey Time: unknown Summary: Several locals reported seeing a giant alligator man-like humanoid in a nearby swampy area that apparently was bipedal. No other information. Source:Mark Opsasnick, Mark Chorvinsky Strange Magazine # 3 Date: Summer 1973 Location: New Brunswick, Canada (rural area) Time: unknown Summary: During a boat ride through a swampy area the witnesses followed a deep stream and entered a swampier area. There they saw a bizarre creature, which could be seen just under the water, it wasn’t fish like, but had two short legs and a stubby upper body, with “crust like” flesh, partly covered in what appeared to be black fur. They followed the odd creature as it passed near the side of the boat. It was… Read More

1973: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1973: Hokkaido, Japan Date: July  1973 Location:  Quebec, Canada (exact location not given) Time:  0300A Summary:  While sleeping in her home Paulette Mercier woke up to a buzzing sound and looked out her window to see a landed disc-shaped object on a nearby field. She walked outside and was approached by two man-like humanoids that exited the object. The humanoids contacted the witness and spoke to her about her future role as a liaison between the extraterrestrials and earth people. The aliens spoke about the earth’s religions and that not one of them was the “correct” one or exact one. Source:  Catalog CASUFO, Denys Breysse Project Becassine Date: July 1973 Location: Oak Cliff, Dallas Texas Time: 0800A Summary: The young witness was playing… Read More

1973: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1973 Location: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Time: various Summary: An ungodly looking creature created havoc among the local god-fearing Amish community. Witnesses described the creature as following: The size of a good heifer, gray in color with a white mane. It had tiger like fangs and curved horns like a Billy goat. It ran upright on long legs, and had long grizzly claws. In one incident, the creature sent a team of horses and two brothers flying when it approached their hay wagon. The following day, a man was cutting weeds on his farm about five miles from the previous incident when he heard a fierce roar and turned to see a monster with three horns and a tail charging in his… Read More

1973: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Fall 1973 Location:  Sacramento California Time: 2100 Summary: The witness had been outside using his telescope when he caught sight of a dark triangular shaped craft with dark circular areas near each apex, moving silently overhead. He then apparently blacks out. He then wakes up standing in the middle of the yard watching the object pass overhead making a hissing sound. It had what appeared to be a row of vents along its top back end and two dull red, glowing areas on the rear. Later the witness was able to recall being taken onboard the object. Inside several seven-foot tall beings with domed heads, no mouths or necks and long wrapped around eyes examined him. At one point he recalled sitting… Read More

1973: October UFO & Alien Sighting

Date:  early October 1973 Location: Hanlin Station Pennsylvania Time:  unknown Summary: During the time that UFOs and flashing lights were reported over the Ohio Valley, a woman reported that her grandson, Paul Flurosek, 14, saw a little wrinkled man in the Hanlin Station area. The boy said the “little man” made a buzzing sound and just disappeared into the clouds. The youth said this happened during early October. Source:Humcat quoting Newspaper Sources Date: Location: Time: Summary: Source: Location. Siracusa Sicily Italy Date: October 1973 Time: 0900A The witness was alone in her house taking a bath, when suddenly an intense bright light appeared on the wall of the bathroom, in the center of the light a human like shape began to take form.… Read More

1973: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1973 Location: Somerset County New Jersey Time: unknown Summary: A witness confronted a huge hairy ape like creature in his yard, he felt paralyzed as small pinpoints of light that gave off a high-pitched whistle appeared next to the hairy figure. He was able to move again when the lights vanished. Source: Don Worley, 1982 Annual, Tri-County UFO Date: November 1973 Location: Ward’s Corner, Ohio Time: 0300A Summary: A Mrs Gilbert was just leaving a friend’s house, east of Branch Hill, when her headlights showed her a bipedal creature 3-4 feet tall, grayish in color, with large round red eyes looking at her. It began to “float” away, then “evaporated.” Another witness, Don Brandenberg, had watched a UFO land in the same… Read More

1973: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Winter 1973 Location: Reavis Ranch, Arizona Time: night Summary: Two men camped in the area claimed to have observed a UFO landing and taking off from the Circle-stone site. One man said he saw the UFO land and several small, green colored individuals disembark. The creatures later got back onboard and the craft departed in a giant flash of lights. Source: Stan Norman, Mysterious America Date: December 1973 Location: Calvert Texas Time: night Summary: Several witnesses watched a bright light hovering over a local bridge, later a blue white object landed on a nearby field, soon after a tall bulky hairy figure appeared on the bridge. The witnesses fled the area. Source:  Don Worley in 1982, Annual Tri-County UFO Study Group Date:  December  1973 Location:   Time:  … Read More

1973 Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1973 Location: Goshen Indiana Time: 2000 Summary: The witness a supervisor at a local rubber factory was called outside by one of his men who had been smoking a cigarette. Once outside the man pointed up and to the left. They both saw some type of craft moving very slowly from the northwest to the southeast. There were a number of slanted downward windows in the craft. They could see several figures moving about and some were apparently looking down out of the windows. The background behind the figures was red, making the figure look like silhouettes. The strange thing about the craft was the rather bobbing motion it had while moving. They watched the object for about 10 minutes until the craft drifted out… Read More