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‘1977 Sightings’

1977: January UFO & Alien Sighting

Date:  January 1977 Location:  Clearwater Colorado Time:  night Summary:  The main witness and his wife had bought a ranch in an isolated area in 1975 and for more than a year they had been experiencing strange sounds, UFO manifestations and Bigfoot sightings on the property. There were some cattle mutilations as well. One night him and the eldest son went up to the top of a hill to examine a burned spot from the previous year. As they sat in the car, a beam of yellow light shone on them from nearby woods. Walking towards the trees, they discovered a buzzing black box, clearly seen in the light of the full moon. As they approached, it changed tone, now… Read More

1977: February UFO & Alien Sighting

Date: February 1977 Location: Clearwater Colorado Time: 0200A Summary: On a weekend not long after a previous encounter in the woods, the witness was at the ranch sleeping on the couch. It was a weekend, as the other witness was out for Denver. About 0200A, the witness was suddenly fully awake, and found he was unable to move. He was looking toward the French windows. He saw, standing there before the window, a being seven-foot tall, unlike the two he’d seen earlier. He was very thin, and had a box like device on its chest, pointed, with three hose like extensions on either side, and wore what appeared to be a “space helmet” over its head with a plastic… Read More

1977: March UFO & Alien Sighting

Date:  Spring 1977 Location:  Wavertree Merseyside England Time:  0830A Summary:  The witness was in her kitchen cooking when she had a strange feeling, she then saw a man in the doorway. He was blond with piercing blue eyes and was apparently wearing brand new clothing; he also had a deep tan. He asked the witness if she any “trousers,” she said no and closed the door but he blocked it. He finally left but the witness did not see how or which way he went. About the same time a neighbor reported the same or similar individual materialized behind her in the living room. He asked her for a glass of water. The frightened witness ran to the phone… Read More

1977: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April  1977 Location:   Mexico, exact location not given Time:  unknown Summary:  14-year old Sergio Bayardi Porta reportedly committed suicide on orders from a small “cloud” that apparently engaged him in conversation. His heartrending suicide note informed his mother that aliens from the planet Sonolcuclo, “three light centuries away from our galaxy,” had requested his help on their world. Unfortunately, the only way to reach this improbable destination was by committing suicide. Source:  Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & Other Mysteries Date: April  1977 Location:  Mason County Washington Time:  afternoon Summary:  In a wooded area two mushroom pickers reported seeing a shiny metallic cigar shaped craft descend and hover close to the ground. A purple elevator type object descended from… Read More

1977: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May  1977 Location:   Tyler Texas Time:  0115A Summary:  Hearing a growling sound outside the witness stepped out to investigate. He then saw two tall dark figures standing on his porch. The beings had no facial features, no hands or feet and were floating ten inches above the ground. Strange tracks were found and on a later night the witness and his girlfriend saw a hovering silvery disc with four blue white lights over the area. Source:  Allen Hendry, UFO update, Probe Sept 1980 Date: May  1977 Location:  Nikobus Mountain, Germany Time:  0500 A Summary:  In the Odenwald Forest four young witnesses encountered a tall hairy humanoid that scurried away into the forest. It left behind 45 cm… Read More

1977: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Bombay India Date: Summer 1977 Time: 0400A Summary: Lalit Chawla, his wife Nina and their two young sons were out for an after dinner walk in the Juhu district when they noticed a gigantic disc shaped craft with flashing multi colored lights on its base hovering above them, spinning slowly. They were all briefly engulfed by a blue beam of light, then the craft ascended at a high rate of speed, disappearing towards the Arabian Sea. The next day there was a marked changed in Lalit’s behavior, mostly remaining to himself and staring. Other strange events occurred in the house. That same night around 0400A, Lalit drove to nearby Juhu beach, closely followed by his wife and brother… Read More

1977: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July  1977 Location:  Not given Time:  early morning Summary:  Three days before Ann Cannady was to enter the hospital for surgery on her advanced uterine cancer, the doorbell ran, her husband opened the door and there stood a 6’6″ tall black man, with deep azure blue eyes. He introduced himself as Thomas and told he that the cancer was gone. Confused and startled they let him in and asked him who he was. He replied, “I’m Thomas, I’m sent by God.” Next he held up his right hand, palm facing Ann, and leaned toward her. She felt an incredible heat coming from his hand. Suddenly she felt weak and fell to the floor. As she lay there a… Read More

1977: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  August 1977 Location:  Sierra Madre Mountains Mexico Time:  unknown Summary:  A brief report states that at least 200 Mexican soldiers were searching for little men with square feet and luminous suits who dropped from the sky about a month ago. Newspaper reports stated that a saucer had crashed in the western Sierra Madre and that there had been several survivors among its occupants. Police were also reportedly at the scene of the crash. Source:  EFE News service out of Mexico City\ Date:  August 1977 Location:  Banks of Dnieper River, Ukraine Time:  unknown Summary:  A 39-year old man reportedly encountered several aliens ranging from 1.6 m to 3 m in height, of stumpy build, light pink skin, with very… Read More

1977: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Autumn  1977 Location:  Near Moulton Northampton England Time:  0100A Summary:  A motorist driving back home after a date noticed a bright light coming over a nearby hill. As the light approached he stopped his vehicle to watch. Moments later a large circular object became visible that had been masked by the light. The witness was then able to see that the object was dark and emitted an intense bluish green flare from a large oblong shaped window on its lower section. Behind the large window stood three man-like figures with large heads. They appeared to be staring at the witness. The beings had oriental features, large dark eyes, and very short dark hair. All three wore bluish green… Read More

1977: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  October 1977 Location:  Near Marsh Gibbon England Time:  unknown Summary:  A family driving on Station Road near the village suddenly experienced total engine failure and the car stopped. A tall silver suited figure then appeared from behind a hedge on the side of the road and proceeded to walk around the vehicle once, then disappeared behind the hedge on the other side of the road. The paint on the vehicle was reportedly found scorched. A similar event was reported the next month in the same area. Source:  Norman Oliver, Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 11 # 6 Date:  October 1977 Location:  Colusa California Time:  night Summary:  The witness, an elderly Cortina Indian saw a lighted small airplane like craft… Read More

1977: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1977 Location: Monte Cerrado Para Brazil Time: 0200A Summary: A farmer living in an isolated location was awakened by a strong light that was circling overhead, shining a powerful beam of light into his shack. He opened the door and saw a hovering object with two figures inside. He went back in and armed himself with his rifle he then pointed the weapon at the object but suddenly became paralyzed and was unable to shoot.  Source: Cipex, Brazil Date:  November 1977 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Location. Baia do Sol, Brazil Date: November 1977 Time: afternoon A man was sleeping after lunch when he awoke to see a red light blinking outside his house. Thinking it strange… Read More

1977: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Winter  1977 Location: Toul, France  Time:  2200 Summary:  Two witnesses encountered a landed reddish oval shaped craft on a field. Two or three small humanoids (no description) were moving rapidly around the object. No other information. Source:  Source:  UFO Web France Date: December  1977 Location:  South Middleton Massachusetts Time:  unknown Summary:  The witness reported that he had seen a four and a half foot tall figure that wore a white suit and a square helmet with two dark eyeholes, with broad shoulders and arms that hung down the sides. It had three digit-gloved hands, resembling mittens. The figure always stood at the edge of a nearby thicket. Apparently this same or similar figure was seen several times during… Read More

1977: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  1977 Location:  Peter Pond Lake, Saskatchewan Canada Time:  unknown Summary:  A scaly creature, reptilian in nature was seen exiting the waters of Peter Pond Lake and the incident was reported to the nearby Royal Canadian Mounted police detachment.  Source:  In the domain of the lake monsters: The search for the denizens of the deep by John Kirk Date:  1977 Location:   Near Oporto Portugal Time:  0130A Summary:  E S H was returning home on foot late at night when he noticed some kind of luminous flashes coming from a nearby empty field. He went to investigate and was confronted by a tall humanoid covered in a luminous tight fitting outfit from head to foot. It had a small… Read More