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‘1996 Sightings’

1996: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1996 Location: Zacapa, Guatemala Time: 0100A Summary: Twice, cattleman Vicente Sosa reported seeing a strange bipedal black hairy creature with a very long tail. One time it stood in front of the witness staring at him with large glowing red eyes. It was apparently winged. Others saw a flying creature shiny black in color with bat-like wings & sky blue eyes. Shots were fired at the creature without apparent effect. A wave of animal mutilations was occurring in the area at the same time. Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 12 Date: January 1996 Location: Near Bishop California Time: night Summary: On two occasions a group of men driving a pick-up truck on an isolated road near… Read More

1996: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early February 1996 Location:  Barretal, Tamaulipas, Mexico Time:  night Summary:  During the same time period that numerous witnesses saw a large disc-shaped craft that emitted a loud humming sound flying at a low altitude over a river, other witnesses encountered a strange being described as short, ape-like, that walked hunched over on two legs, with three large claw-like protrusions on its feet, brown color hair, and huge bright red colored eyes. The strange being gave out a peculiar odor resembling “burnt wood.” There were also reports of animal mutilations in the area. Source:  Marco A Reynoso Date:   February 1996 Location:  Kijal, Terengganu, Malaysia Time:  0300A Summary:  A witness was driving along the Kemaman-Dungun Road, and while passing an… Read More

1996: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: March, 1996: A wedge-shaped dark craft over Ireland Date:   March 1996 Location:  Alfenas Brazil Time:  early morning Summary:  Antonio Candido de Moraes, who lives near Varginha, was cycling to work along a dirt road when he saw a strange creature. Thinking it was a monkey he stopped the bicycle. The creature resembled a little man covered all over with dark hair; it had a big oval head and protruding eyes that stared at him. Scared, he rode away and looking back, he saw the creature still staring at him while walking into the jungle. Source:  Varginha Diary Date:   March 1996 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Location. Wisconsin, exact location not given Date: March 1996 Time: late night… Read More

1996: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1996 Location: Alfonso Calderon, Sinaloa Mexico Time: unknown Summary: A horrifying winged creature that left tooth marks on her neck reportedly attacked 21-year-old corn farmer Juana Tizoc. She said the beast had horns and flew. At the same time livestock and other animals in the area were being found strangely mutilated. Source:  Tucson Weekly Date:  April 1996 Location:  Gota de Agua, Paraiba, Brazil Time:  evening Summary:  During a spate of numerous UFO encounters in the area, a woman reported seeing a landed silvery disc-shaped object and standing next to it was an undescribed “being”. Others saw a silvery disc flying over the valley.  Source:   UFO Roundup Vol. 1 # 10 Date:  April 1996 Location:  Varginha, Brazil… Read More

1996: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May 1996 Location:  Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico Time:  unknown Summary:  Two local boys, Jesus Barajas, and Julio Bermudez, reported having seen a strange being measuring approximately four feet in height, with black skin and bulging eyes, that later cleared a six foot fence and flew into the air. Source:  Scott Corrales, Chupacabras & Other Mysteries Date: May 1996: Alleged UFO Crash in Boyle Co., Ireland Date:  May 1996 Location:  Colonias del Yunque Puerto Rico Time:  0200A Summary:  Alberto Rivera was sitting watching television, when the whole area around was engulfed in white light, and a vast saucer appeared, with colored lights all around its rim. Rivero said that the vivid white light, “like rain” came right through the roof of… Read More

1996: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1996 Location: Sablino, near St. Petersburg, Russia Time: daytime Summary: Two men, Vladimir and Sergey had gone into the popular Sablino caves out of curiosity. They went through the entrance and went along for about 50 meters lighting their way with a flashlight. Suddenly the flashlight died and fell from Sergey’s hands. When he found it he could not switch it on again. Suddenly Sergey noticed Vladimir apparently moving away and yelled at him asking why he had move but Vladimir swore he had not moved. His voice sounded as if coming out of a vacuum and was echoing. Suddenly something flashed and they both heard a low trembling humming sound. Vladimir sensed slipping down and landing… Read More

1996: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1996 Location: Near Medford, Wisconsin Time: unknown Summary: A warden traveling down Highway 13 just south of the city saw a figure standing in the middle of the road. He slowed his vehicle as he approached it. He could not believe his eyes as he saw a shiny, green scaly, large figure staring at him. As he got within several yards of it, wings suddenly popped out from behind the creature’s back. The creature went vertical, zooming straight up and passing over the vehicle. It landed on the road behind the warden. To the witness it resembled a winged, reptile man. A group of highway workers also had a similar encounter along the same stretch of highway. They too saw a… Read More

1996: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1996 Location: Churston Woods, England Time: various Summary: Several separate witnesses over a period of several weeks reported seeing a green face monkey-like humanoid running through the woods. Most of them described the creature as about four to five-feet tall, with a flat, olive green face. It was also seen swinging from tree branches. Source: World of The Strange Location. Rio Grande Estates, Puerto Rico Date: August 1996 Time: 2100 Marilyn Torres, her sons and some of her neighbors reported seeing six to seven gigantic black flying creatures cruising over the area. They described the creatures as large and black possessing huge bat-like wings, which did not move. The creatures seemed to glide as they disappeared in… Read More

1996: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  September 1996 Location:  Rural Missouri Time:  0130A Summary:  The witness was driving alone back home to Kansas along some isolated dirt roads when he saw something in the middle of the road ahead about 100 to 150 yards…just beyond the reach of the headlights, just a shadowy figure. Not alarmed, he proceeded slowly, thinking it was a farm animal and that he would have to maneuver around it. As he approached it he first thought that it was a “real big dog” but as he closed in he realized it was a creature that he had never seen before. He could only describe it as a tall werewolf like creature covered in reddish and yellowish hair. It had… Read More

1996: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Fall of 1996 Location: Valparaiso, Florida Time: dusk Summary: At the edge of the Eglin AFB reservation, 5 people witness a commotion in some nearby woods. It sounded as if something large was approaching. As it got closer they saw a huge humanoid form, upright and that did not respond to yelling at. All the witnesses then fled in a panic. The location was in some dense woods. Source: BFRO Date: October 1996 Location: Cueva Honda, El Hierro Island, Canary Islands, Spain Time: 0100A Summary: Two men, Benicio Quintero and Onelio Gonzalez were fishing in an isolated area when they suddenly noticed some rotating multicolored lights that appeared to be approaching their location from a nearby hill. They appeared… Read More

1996: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1996 Location: Kiara, Western Australia Time: 0300A Summary: A young boy reported being visited at night in his room by several tall, grayish blue, thin beings, with large hairless heads, thin arms; small mouths and holes form ears and nostrils. They apparently took him on several occasions to an “airport” where he would be introduced to a little girl with blond hair. He suffered from nosebleeds after the encounter. Two years later the family would see an orange light going over their home. Source: ASPR/UFORUM Date: November 1996 Location: Madre De Dios, Peru Time: daytime Summary: In the Amazon Jungle area Ricardo Gonzalez reported encountering a tall, man like figure with perfect features that communicated with him… Read More

1996: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  December 1996 Location:  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada Time:  2230 Summary:  Two witnesses were returning from a visit to the United States when the car, as it was proceeding north on 184th, suddenly came to a stop. The passenger looked up and was shocked to see a group of tall stick-like beings gliding across the road approximately 30 feet in front of the car. The group of beings glided across the road from a clearing on the right side of the road to a clearing on the left hand side of the road. The car then began moving. The two witnesses did not speak to each other until much later. Source:  UFO BC Date:  December 1996 Location:  Near Hualqui,… Read More

1996: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1996 Location: Padova, Italy Time: 0300A Summary: The witness, a psychology student was sleeping along with two other students in a local flat when suddenly he realized he had woken up. He rested, relaxed in bed listening to the heavy breathing of a roommate in the same room. Suddenly from the bedroom door that had been left open, an apparently human-like figure entered. The figure was dressed in white and was not too tall; the witness immediately felt it was a woman. The figure came close to the side of the bed and took the witness left hand and began to pull with certain strength. It seemed that the entity wanted to pull him off the bed. Overcome with terror he began to… Read More