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‘1997 Sightings’

1997: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1997 Location:  Pico Del Toro, Zacatecas, Mexico Time: unknown Summary: A local farmer, Gonzalez Cabrillo, reportedly encountered a landed UFO and its occupants who he communicated with. They were described as human like & dark complexioned with generally human like features. They allegedly told the witness that they came from the planet “Ummo“. Many other sightings were made in the area around the same time, including the sighting of a flight of 10 cross-shaped objects that flew at 20,000 feet overhead. Source:Colonel Steven Wilson (Retired) Date: January 1997 Location: West Dade County Florida Time: early evening Summary: Beth C. was driving south on Krome Avenue and was attempting to drink water from a plastic cup she was holding in her lap, when suddenly a large… Read More

1997: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1997 Location: North Berwick, East Lothian Scotland Time: early morning Summary: The witness, Angie, suddenly woke up with a start and realized that the only part of her body she could move was her eyes. Disbelievingly she stared into the gloom of her bedroom at a small hunched figure, about 3 ft tall that stood by her bed. The witness was terrified and could not move. As she continued to stare at the creature it moved suddenly emitting a strong smell of “burnt cardboard or paper.” It leant over her and as it did so the witness hear telepathically in her head mechanical sounding words “Gran says do it in the morning.” With that the small entity vanished, leaving a heavy… Read More

1997: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  March 1997 Location:   Alloa, Scotland Time:   0525A Summary:   Geraldine McNeill was out walking her dog on the sloping ground above Lornshill Academy on the outskirts of the city when her black Labrador started whining with fear and stopped. The dog simply refused to go any further. Looking around Geraldine spotted a strong beam of light shining through a row of trees directly ahead of her. It seemed to be pulsating “on a regular rhythm” and at the same time changing color from pale cream through to yellow to deep yellow, and back to cream again. Ms McNeill estimated that the light beam was about 30 ft across. Clearly, a large object must be at the source of the… Read More

1997: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early April 1997 Location: Roldan, Argentina Time: evening Summary: Two sisters were walking near route AO 12 facing a silo factory, when they were startled by the appearance of a diminutive creature, entirely covered in hair and with shiny eyes. The younger of the sisters felt compelled to go towards the entity as if something were overcoming her will. Her older sister shouted at her and seized her arm to keep her from going any closer. The two sisters said that the creature made no hostile gestures upon seeing them, aside from the strange power of attracting one of them. At a given moment the creature made a surprising jump and landed on the other side of the road (over 12 meters),… Read More

1997: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early May 1997 Location: Olhos D’Agua, Brazil Time: 1500 Summary: A local inhabitant was collecting fruit at the plantation when he spotted a short strange hairy creature with large red eyes running among some small trees, it moved in quick bounding motions not unlike those of a kangaroo. The witness ran in its direction but it was already gone by the time he reached the area. Source: Carlos Alberto Machado, Ojos del Dragon Date: early May 1997 Location: Near Campinas, Brazil Time: night Summary: During a spate of bizarre animal mutilations in the area a woman in a rural area reported seeing a six-foot six-inch tall creature, very thin, with small forearms and long claws and of a dark gray color. No other information. Source: UFO Roundup Vol.… Read More

1997: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1997 Location: Finnish Bay, Saint Petersburg region, Russia Time: daytime Summary: Officer-submariner, Nikolay M. an amateur diver had been diving in shallow water in the bay when he spotted a strange elongated object, shaped like a cucumber. Thinking that it was part of the wreckage of an old vessel, Nikolay tied a rope around the object and tried to pull it to the surface. However he was not successful and decided to attach some slings to the strange “cucumber” and connect it to his automobile bumper to pull the thing out of the bay. He came to the surface and obtained the necessary equipment in order to perform that task. He brought a pneumatic drill with him… Read More

1997: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1997 Location: Thossey Dans L’Ain, France Time: evening Summary: A woman working alone in a camping ground cafeteria saw five strange men walk into the restaurant. They sat down and ordered drinks and began speaking to the woman. They told her that they had come from another planet and that they spoke all languages. Since she spoke four languages, she asked them questions in all four, each time they answered correctly. They also spoke to her in other “strange” idioms, and without revealing their origin, they had their drinks and left. Around the same time and in the same area 3 witnesses had seen a landed UFO. No other information on the second case. Source:GREPI Date: July 1997 Location: Near Klamath Falls, Oregon… Read More

1997: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1997 Location: Glinik, Poland Time: 0010A Summary: Zdzislaw Komorek was walking back to the village among some low hills on a warm cloudless night when he suddenly noticed a strange human like figure which seemed to be made out of bright light, at a distance of 50 meters away. The figure was about 1.5 meters in height, white in color and with a large head and human like hands. However, Komorek was unable to see any facial features. The figure was gliding silently above the ground. Terrified the witness quickly left the area, and noticed that the figure was following him always keeping a distance of about 50 meters. At one point he looked back and the… Read More

1997: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Fall 1997 Location: Moscow Region, Russia Time: 1800 Summary: The witness was riding a public trolley when he suddenly felt a strong presence around him. Looking around he saw three young women, who stood in a semicircle. All three were dressed in identical black raincoats and black gloves. They are very similar to each other, with identical length black hair that fellow below their elbows. They stood silently staring fixedly ahead. Curious, the witness began to slowly approach the strange trio he touched one of them pulling one of the gloves revealing grayish skin. The women did not react and continue to stare fixedly ahead. When the trolley stopped all three women left the bus and walked into… Read More

1997: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1997 Location: Not given Time: 0245A Summary: The witness woke up in the middle of the night when suddenly she heard a buzzing sound coming from outside. As she laid there the sound got louder and louder until it was in her bedroom. She sat up but as she did, she instantly fell asleep, but as she was lying down she saw six figures, three on each side of the bed. She described them as about 3-4-feet tall with large heads and very large eyes; they appeared to be grayish green in color. They also had very thin bodies and long fingers. Before she totally went to sleep she felt something touch her leg and arm. Source:… Read More

1997: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early winter 1997 Location:   La Grange George Time:   0200A Summary:   A man reported three silvery dark beings about 4 1/2 feet tall entered his home by coming through his bedroom wall. He suddenly became paralyzed. The entities then took him through his bedroom wall. The entities seemed to have had ceramic like skin with no seams or wrinkles. The witness thought they might have been some type of solid form of energy. Most of his glimpses of the humanoids were distorted “like looking at coins in a deep pool of water.” He was unable to discern any facial features, but the beings were humanoid in shape. They had arms and legs but strangely their hands seemed club-like except… Read More

1997: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  December 1997 Location:   Marca Huasi, near San Pedro de Costa, Peru Time:   unknown Summary:   During an expedition to the plateau led by guide Jerry Wills, a man saw a woman on the rocks above him and climbed up to join her. As he got closer, he realized she had no legs and was floating in midair. She had long black hair and the face of a cat. The entity snarled at the man and scared him so badly; he had to be immediately evacuated from the area. Source:   The International Directory of Haunted Places Dennis William Hauck Date:  December 1997 Location:   Tempe, Arizona Time:   0630A Summary:   The witness, who had been sleeping in her car waiting for her… Read More

1997: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1997 Location: Near Botafuegos, Spain Time: 0500A Summary: J L was driving his motorcycle near the town when he observed a dark human-like silhouette standing by the side of the road. The figure was very tall, at least 2.5 meters in height. Once he drove by the figure he stopped his motorcycle, and concerned looked back at the figure. As he stared at the figure it suddenly vanished in plain sight. He then drove away, but the figure appeared one more time at the side of the road, but this time he kept on driving and did not stop. Source: Manuel Benitez, Jose Antonio Caravaca Date: 1997 Location:  Llangennith, Wales Time: 0630A Summary: A young surfer was on his way to the beach and was driving slowly… Read More