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‘1998 Sightings’

1998: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1998 Location: Boraceia, Brazil Time: 0100 A Summary: After seeing a strange illuminated object hovering over a field, two of the witnesses armed with a flashlight and a gun went to the field to investigate. On their way there two pet dogs joined them. The dogs began barking towards the direction of the water and the witness shone the flashlight in that direction. The light illuminated a strange creature about 2 meters tall. The creature’s head was oval shaped. Its arms were curved and reached all the way down to the knees; it had long legs and had a small nose. The witnesses heard a sort of murmur-type sound coming from the creature. Around the tall creature there were several smaller similar… Read More

1998: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1998 Location: Belas Knap, Cotswolds, England Time: afternoon Summary: Paula Copestake, her husband Phillip, and 8-year-old son Edward were visiting the Neolithic site in a crisp clear afternoon. While Mr. Copestake was busying himself taking photographs of the forecourt area, Paula Copestake climbed to the top of the mound in order to take in the panoramic view and to enjoy the solitude. She was therefore disappointed to see a group of people moving towards the site from the northwest, across and adjacent field. At first sight there seemed to be about five people, one smaller in front and the others in two pairs, walking quickly towards Belas Knap along the field boundary which forms part of the… Read More

1998: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Spring 1998 Location:   Moscow Region, Russia Time:   1100A Summary:   The witness was outside his dacha working on his vegetable garden when suddenly out of nowhere a very tall man-like figure wearing a black tight-fitting overall appeared. The witness however felt no fear. After looking at the stranger he heard a telepathic message in the form of a question, “How is your health”? Anything wrong?” The witness answered to the assigned questions and began to attentively scrutinize the facial features of the stranger. They appeared to be normal, human like and well proportioned. Then the black silhouette began to brighten and became transparent and then vanished. Source:   Vasily Kosinov, “They are among us” Date:  March 1998 Location:   Las Palmas,… Read More

1998: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1998 Location: Milan, Italy Time: night Summary: A woman living in the Via Astura reported encountering a luminous human like figure surrounded by a bluish phosphorescent halo. It stood in her bedroom briefly and then vanished. Source: CUN Milano Date: April  1998 Location:  Lake Powell Utah Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date: April 1998 Location: Perth, Western Australia Time: 0500A Summary: Natalia Ashton woke up to find a bizarre transparent figure with huge, yellow eyes looking at her. This being turned and moved to the bedroom door and transformed into an old figure. She woke up her husband, Shane, who, afraid opened the curtains and the being disappeared. (The main witness has been involved in other incidents) Source:  Natalia Ashton Journal of Alternative Realities Vol. 9… Read More

1998: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May 1998 Location:   Not given Time:   late night Summary: The witness was getting ready to go to sleep when she saw what appeared to be a figure at her bedroom door. Frightened she attempted to go to sleep and then she heard a really loud buzzing sound that seemed to increase in intensity. She began to pray, but to no avail. Her next memory was of floating in the air above the bed. She then blacked out. She woke up lying on a very cold steel bed, she was totally naked. The air was very damp and there was a sort of fog around the room. She then saw a figure coming towards her. She described it as… Read More

1998: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1998 Location: Near Petrozavodsk, Russia Time: morning Summary: Farmer Igor Nikolayevich Petukhov was working on the fields when suddenly his attention was drawn to a gradually increasing metallic sound. Looking around him he saw at about 40 meters away a bluish luminous “strip” hovering in the air. The object then slowly moved behind the nearby storage shed causing a degree of uneasiness on Igor. The witness then put down his tools and walked towards a nearby barn in order to hide from the strange object. However several seconds later something flew towards Igor from behind the storage shed. To Igor’s surprise it was a very small humanoid figure about 25-30cm in height. At first Igor attempted to… Read More

1998: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early July 1998 Location: Between Petro-Svistunovo & Orlovskoye, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine Time: night Summary: A group of fishermen and their families including Sergey Kalinichenko were camped out on the banks of the River Dnepr. One late night, Sergey and his oldest daughter, Tatyana spotted a pulsating light between the trees. The pulsating light was located somewhere on the right side of the wooded area; it seemed to pulsate at intervals of about 5-10 seconds. They observed the light for quite a long time and others in the camp also woke up to see the light. 30-40 minutes later the witnesses noticed several humanoid figures moving in between the trees. The humanoids were dressed in white overalls and were moving in a strange manner, apparently floating… Read More

1998: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1998 Location: Vieste, Puglia, Italy Time: 0200A Summary: Six friends were walking along the waterfront after attending a party watched a luminous object in a descending trajectory. It continued on a horizontal flight and then descended vertically over a small nearby islet. The object hovered changing colors from blue to yellow and then red. 30 minutes later one of the witnesses confronted a strange figure standing behind the automobile. He described it as a black humanoid, lacking eyes, nose, or mouth. It had long arms ending in a point. He did not see hands or feet. The figure suddenly ran away in the opposite direction of the witness at very high speed. Source: CISU Puglia Date:  August  … Read More

1998: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: autumn 1998 Location: Warsaw, Poland Time: evening Summary: The S. family was living with their two children in the vicinity of the “Old Town” in Warsaw. Their 10-year old daughter Ania occupied a room with her mother. One evening Ania found strange marks on her skin. That evening look usual she had gone to bed while her mom was in the other room. She couldn’t sleep and felt powerlessness as a strange energy levitated her from the bed. Suddenly she woke up in a strange room she had never seen. She was lying on a bed, unable to move a muscle. A black figure was standing next to her. It was definitely not a human since it had no face, and resembled a black… Read More

1998: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1998 Location: Sarny area, Rovno region, Ukraine Time: unknown Summary: Forestry wardens in the Sarny area discovered huge humanoid footprints near a remote unpopulated lake amid the dense forests. The footprints appeared to have been left by giant entities, measuring 80cm long and 26cm wide. The distance between them was about 1.5 meters. Authorities took the incident very serious and the next day the local authorities and journalists arrived at the lake and was established that the footprints originated from the lake and led into the forest. But no one dared to examine the dense forest, so the delegations went home. Local residents stated that they had never encountered huge animals in the area, much less humanoid in shape. Journalists collected the testimonies, evidence and took video… Read More

1998: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1998 Location: Sodermalm, Stockholm, Sweden Time: unknown Summary: A man reported being visited and communicating telepathically with a 1 meter tall being, with whitish porous skin. He reported several contacts and feels that the alien being was “preparing” him for something. According to the witness the alien was able to change form into anything at will. Source:  Michael Sjoberg, UFO Sweden Date:  November 1998 Location:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Time:  night Summary:  The witness was laying down alone in his bed (he was staying with his parents in their villa), he always kept the light on, since he did not sleep in the dark. There was then a light in the bathroom and the door was open.… Read More

1998: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  winter 1998 Location:  Ai-Petri Plateau, Crimea, Ukraine Time:  unknown Summary:  Nikolay Sevryukov, a hunter from Simferopol, reported that he saw a tall hairy humanoid on the plateau on several occasions. At first he thought it was a bear, but when he came closer he was surprised to see a definitely biped hairy entity that was walking on the mountain slope, crashing through branches and trees. The humanoid was very hairy and robust built, more than 2 meters in height. Evidently the creature sensed the hunter in the distance, jumped back and disappeared in plain sight, as if dissolving into thin air. Source:  Natalia Leskova, special correspondent for “Trud” (Labor) Moscow June 22 2000 Date:  Winter 1998 Location:  Near… Read More

1998: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1998 Location:  Near St. Louis Missouri Time: night Summary: The witness woke up from a night’s sleep to find herself in a marble like autopsy table. The area she was in had a gray mist with non-directional lighting coming through. She thought she was in a walled enclosure and when she looked down at her feet she noticed what she took to be a very startled alien. This was a being about the size of an 8-year old child, very thin in build with long arms and legs, gray in color and lacking any sort of clothing. It had very large completely black, elongated eyes, with a pointed chin and large head. The entity had a very large forehead with a complete… Read More