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‘1999 Sightings’

1999: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early 1999 Location: Surrey, England Time: 2300 Summary: The young witness woke up lying in an unfamiliar room paralyzed, unable to speak and surrounded by thin, greenish looking humanoids with red bulbous eyes. The green humanoid opposite to her was holding something in his hand, that looked small, pink, and meaty, reminded her of what a tumor might look like. She also noticed other “objects” nearby, but she could not make them out. Terrified she tried to scream and move but was unable to. Soon she found herself back in her bedroom. She had trouble sleeping after the experience. (Information discovered later indicated that indeed a tumor had been removed from the witness). Source: UFOs and Aliens among us Date: early 1999 Location: England, exact… Read More

1999: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1999 Location:  Near Juneau, Alaska Time: night Summary: he witness (source) had an experience in which he received communication from 3 alien beings from the planet “Leahya” which orbits the Bellatrix in the Orion star system. It was as if his consciousness was taken aboard their starship. During the experience a man walked by his room and claims the witness was not there. He calls the aliens the “Orions” which were female, 6 ft to 6 ft 3 inches tall, of olive complexion, large almond shaped eyes, and 3 fingers instead of 4. They told him many things, including their method of space travel. The Orions travel inter-dimensionally in “time loop travel”. They use energy produced by flawless crystals and pure… Read More

1999: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Spring 1999 Location:  Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England Time: 2000 Summary: After playing around a bonfire the two young witnesses were standing in the huge garden talking. Suddenly one of the girls turned white and started shaking, she pointed across the garden to the fence, the other one looked and did not see anything at first. The other girl told her she had seen two figures dressed in white standing by the fence. They stood around for a while trying to look for the figures when both saw the figures running across the garden at very high speed. All they could tell about their features was that they wore a white tight-fitting suit. They suddenly disappeared from sight. The first witness who lives… Read More

1999: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1999 Location: Near Marshfield, Wisconsin Time: night Summary: Two sisters were outside their home listening to music inside their parked car. Both suddenly rushed crying into the house reported that there was a “huge animal” in the front yard. At the same time the family dog was howling wildly outside. The girls reported that as they walked back to the house from the car they spotted some movement near some nearby brush. They then described seeing a creature that resembled a giant wolf or dog of some sort. It had long brownish hair long legs and a large head. The creature stared at them for several seconds and then turned towards them and crouched as though to attack. At this point… Read More

1999: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 1999 Location: Near Sevilla, Spain Time: unknown Summary: Undocumented report stating that a soldier on guard duty had seen a landed craft and several gigantic humanoids standing near it. No other information. Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista Date: May 1999 Location: Kentucky, exact location not given Time: unknown Summary: An alien spacecraft with a crew onboard possibly crashed in the area. Local residents saw a military search and rescue convoy with flatbed trailers operating in the area. But if a UFO was really retrieved with a crew, dead or alive or not is not exactly known. Source: CSETI UFO Crash list Date: General Carneiro, Santa Catarina, Brazil Location: May 1999 Time: 0200A Summary: A loud humming sound coming from outside awakened the witness, Ernesto Eleoterio Maciel. Upon opening a window, he… Read More

1999: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1999 Location: Vyborg, Russia Time: daytime Summary: 32-year old Mariya was found barely alive, naked and injured on a highway outside of Saint Petersburg. She was taken to a hospital where it was found that she had numerous cuts, bruises and other injuries. After initial investigation local militia came to the conclusion that she had been raped. There was a strange detail present; the lower part of her body was covered in an unknown substance resembling mucus or frogspawn. When she regained conscious she reported that she had been staying with some friends at a country cottage when one day she decided to take a motorboat into the bay of Finland. She wanted to look at an island, which had the… Read More

1999: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  July 1999 Location: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Time: 0230A Summary: Several friends were driving home late one night when suddenly a figure appeared in front of their truck, they slammed on the brakes but were unable to avoid the figure as they drove right through it. As the exited the vehicle one of them saw the figure of a man encased in a pale green aura standing in front of the group. The witness screamed and the figure vanished. Source: EBE All Web Date: July 1999 Location:  Cerro del Indio, Chile Time: evening Summary: Claudio Castellon director of the Maria Elena Museum along with 13 other archeologists were surveying an old abandoned Spanish settlement when out of the hillside two tall figures approached. The men remained paralyzed unable to… Read More

1999: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  August 1999 Location: Maine, exact location not given Time: 0130A Summary: The witness was in his bedroom late at night when he suddenly felt a breeze and turned around to shut the window. He saw in front of him on the left window a bizarre face staring at him. The face was “beastly” in appearance, yet it had a manly air about it. The hair was like a mane that surrounded the pale brown face, and faded as it reached the face features. It had glowing yellow eyes that stared directly at the witness. It had a curved nose, like a dog and an open mouth. It had pulled back black lips, revealing long, sharp, yellow stained teeth. He could hear the… Read More

1999: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Autumn 1999 Location:  Roslindale, Massachusetts Time: evening Summary: The witness was walking in a wooded area in the Arnold Arboretum along a paved path when he became aware of a figure moving at great speed along the paved path, coming from his left. He was surprised to see the figure moving much too fast to have been walking, so he assumed it must have been a biker. He noticed that there was no noise at all and the figure seemed to be wearing a long black cloak. Looking up at the figure he was stunned that it was at least eight feet in height and skimmed along over the ground without any evidence of a bike or propulsion. The figure stared fixedly… Read More

1999: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1999 Location:  Midhurst, West Sussex England Time: 0800A Summary:Lee Fellick was approaching Midhurst on the A286 road when suddenly a figure stepped out into the roadway a short distance ahead of his car. It was wearing a long waistcoat, baggy trousers, boots, and a Quaker-style hat. Fellick braked instinctively and by the time he had slowed down, he was about 15 ft away from the figure and realized that it was transparent in nature. He could see right through it. The apparition crossed the road and just “dissolved” into some trees. Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land Date: October 1999 Location: Not given Time: 2239 Summary: After seeing a maneuvering light below the clouds over the area and other mysterious activity, the witness was lying down… Read More

1999: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1999 Location: Grove Hill, Alabama Time:  morningSummary: After local police received calls about a strange entity seen at a local field, assistant deputy Gene Sheffield responded to the site. At the field Sheffield and another man saw a bizarre humanoid described as very tall, muscular and reptilian in nature with its body covered in what appeared to be scales. Sheffield gave chase on foot but was unable to capture the elusive being. Footprints were reportedly found. Source: Año Cero XII Date: November 1999 Location: Chilla Well, Northern Territories, Australia Time: daytime Summary: A craft resembling two plates put together and about four ft between, with a silvery blue light in the middle came down in this aboriginal settlement and hovered just above the ground. Several human… Read More

1999: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  December 1999 Location:  Pusalu China Time: night Summary: A luminous golden shimmering figure, human in shape, was seen by dozens of villagers, “It was beautiful” remarked a witness, Wang Cunquio. It ascended slowly from the barren hills behind the town into the dark skies above. “It looked like someone flying up to heaven.” Remarked witnesses. Source: The International Directory of Haunted Places Date:  December 1999 Location:  South Windsor, Connecticut Time: various Summary: Debbie Summer reported seeing a tall scaly humanoid with spikes on his head and glowing red eyes and wearing a black cape. She reportedly saw this creature on several occasions. Around the same time her youngest daughter reported seeing an unknown object hovering outside their window. No other information. Source: Direct from witness & I was… Read More

1999: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1999 Location: Camp Garcia, Vieques Island Puerto Rico Time: various Summary: Local sea cadets in the eastern part of the island around “El Tapon” lagoon reported encountering strange little dark men, that were very fast and ran speedily from one place to the other, sometimes in a zigzagging motions and at other times in jumps. They were described as three to four-feet tall, skinny with long arms with large egg shaped heads. At times the cadets would see the little dark men jump into the lagoon, disappearing underwater. Around the same time they also observed shiny blue-white spheres that varied in size four to eight inches in diameter that also entered the waters of the lagoon. Source: Jorge Martin, UFO Magazine Vol. 16… Read More