(Last Updated On: January 9, 2017)


Date: June 20th 2001

Sighting Time: 8:00 – 8:15 pm

Day/Night: Night

Location: Chigasaki Beach, Kanagawa, Japan

Urban or Rural: Rural

Hynek Classification: NL (Nocturnal Light) Point or extended luminous source observed at night.

Duration: 15 minutes

No. of Object(s):  1

Size of Object(s): Large

Distance to Object(s): 2 km

Shape of Object(s): round

Color of Object(s): bright, yellowish

Number of Witnesses: 1


Summary/Description: Two large very bright lights hovering low in the sky. Difficult to judge distance but further away than an island that is about 2km off-shore. Size was also difficult to judge, but 10 times the size of nearby lights on fishing boats. The lights moved slowly up and down, occasionally slowly disappearing and reappearing. Once a third light also appeared. The lights were yellowish and very bright. After 15 minutes they all went out.

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