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Date: 1600’s
Location: Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia
Summary: 17th Century fresco depicting the Crucifixion of Christ, located in the Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia. Notice the two saucer shaped objects on either side of Christ ~ complete with stylized flames, blasting off in either direction. In the two blow ups (below) you can see that they contain faces. Certainly ancient UFOs were associated with the highest of divinity ~ but were the requisite lights perhaps thought to be the eyes of angels?  

Date: January  23, 1603
Location: Besanon, France
Summary: “In the year 1603, being in Besangon for the duties of my charge as Visitor to Sainte Claire monastery, it happened that on a Thursday, the 23th day of January, between 7 and 8 P.M., we were told that all the people were assembling in the streets, terrified. I went out, and like the others I saw a great light in the air over the cathedral, covering the whole of Mount Saint Etienne with a round-shaped, heavy cloud, reddish in color, while all the air was clear and the sky so devoid of fog that the stars were seen shining brilliantly. “This light remained quasi-motionless over Mount Saint Etienne, and from there we saw it coming so low that it nearly touched the houses and lit up the nearby streets, but with a motion so slow that it was hardly noticeable, and it halted for at least a quarter of an hour over Saint Vincent Abbey, where some pieces of relics of two glorious Saints are kept. Then, escaping over the Grande place of Chammar to the Doubs river, it went away through the Grande rue that goes to the bridge, and straight to the cathedral where it vanished, but as we said before, with such a slow motion that its travel lasted until 9:30 at night, which is to say at least two hours.”
Source: Reverend Jacques Fodere, Narration historique et topographique des convens de J’ordre de St-Frangois (Lyon: Pierre Rigaud, 1619), 10-11.

Date: 1606: San Lorenzo in San Pietro, Montalcino, Italy – Glorification of the Eucharist

Date: May 1606
Location: Nijo Castle, Kyoto, Japan
Summary: Large numbers of “spinning fireballs” are reported over Kyoto, Japan. A “whirling, red wheel” hovered over the Nijo Castle. The Samurai guards were put on alert.
Source: Michel Bougard, La chronique des OVNI (Paris: Delarge, 1977), 86.

Date: May 1608
Location: between Angouleme and Cognac, France
Summary: “The day was calm and clear, and in an instant a large number of small, thick clouds appeared. They came down to the ground and turned into warriors. Their number was estimated between 10,000 and 12,000, all handsome and tall, covered with blue armor, aligned behind deployed red and blue banners (…)
“This sight was such that peasants and even the nobility took alarm. They assembled in large number to observe these soldiers’ progress; they noticed that when they came near a thick wood, to maintain their good order, they rose above it, only touching the leaves of the trees with the bottom of their feet, eventually walking on the ground again to a forest where they disappeared.
“I have written this based on a manuscript report by the late M. Prevost, curate of Lussac les Eglises.”

Source: Chronique de Pierre Robert, cited by A. Catinat, Chartes, Chroniques et Memoriaux (Lyon, 1874)

Date: 1608: Strange Sightings in Baie des Anges, Nice, France 

Date: August 1 1608
Location: Genoa, Italy
Summary: Two human figures holding what looked like flying snakes were seen fighting over the sea. Only their torso was visible above the waves. Their cries were so “horrible” some of the witnesses were sick with fear. They were seen repeatedly for a couple of weeks, and about 800 cannon shots failed to scare them away. It should be noted that this event is often confused with a series of unrelated weather phenomena between Nice and Lambesc in France, where “bloody rains” were reported. 
Source: Anon., Discoursau Vray des terribles et espouvantables signes… (Troyes: Odard Aulmont, 1608).

Date: August 15 1608
Location: Genoa, Italy
Summary: “Over the sea off the harbor of Genoa, there appeared three coaches, each drawn by six fiery figures resembling dragons. With the said coaches were the aforesaid signs that still had their serpents and went on screaming their horrible cries and came close to Genoa, so that the spectators, or at least most of them, fled in fear of such a prodigy. However, when they had made three times a trip along the harbor and uttered such powerful screams that they resounded across the mountains around, they got lost over the sea and no news of them has been heard since. “This caused great damage to the citizens of Genoa, as among them the son of Sr.
Gasparino de Loro and also the brother of Sr. Anthonio Bagatello. Several women were also afflicted and had such fear that it caused their death.”

Source: Anon., Discoursau Vray des terribles et espouvantables signes… (Troyes: Odard Aulmont, 1608).

Date: 1608: Genoa, Italy’s USO Battle

Date: 1608: Marseilles, France Sightings

Date: February  15, 1609
Location: Tianmen mountain, China
Summary: Bright lights illuminated the temple walls: an object like a ship or an eye with blinding light was seen in the sky.
Source:Shi Bo, La Chine et les Extraterrestres, op.cit., 43, citing Feng Mengzhen, Collection of Stories from the Palace of Snow.

Date: July  3, 1612
Location: Fluelan, Switzerland
Summary: According to this broadsheet, some terrible and wondrous signs were seen in the heavens in Switzerland, on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of July, 1612. They included three suns, three rainbows, a white cross, and two battling armies. The text in this broadsheet contains rhymed strophes. It describes the events rather superficially and repetitively addresses its Christian readers ‘young and old’ to repent their sins because wondrous signs from heavens are indicators of bad times, war, and menace.
Source: Beschreibung der am 3.4.5. vnd 6. Julii dises 1612. Jars erschienen vnd grausamen erschrocklichen Wunderzeichen am Himmel (Basel: Johann Schroter, 1612). With 22 strophes from Christian Fischer. Herzog August Bibliothek, HAB 38.25 Aug. 2, fol. 799.

Date: 1613
Location: Perth, Scotland
Summary: “she was carried out of her bed … to a hillside which opened before her. She went in, and stayed three days in “the fairy kingdom.” Eventually she was brought out by “a man with a grey beard” who taught her how to cure diseases and foretell the future.”
Source: Criminal Trials in Scotland. Edinburgh, 1833.

Date: March 4 1614
Location: Kinki, West Japan
Summary: A single object was seen in the sky, described as a four-sided figure
Source: Quincy catalog typescript, and the “Nihon-Kaikimonogatari. “

Date: May 10 1614
Location: Westley, UK –   A daytime disc was reported.  
Summary: A daytime object was seen in the sky
Source: Quincy Hatch, Larry *U* computer database Author, Redwood City, 2002

Date: 1619
Location: Fluelen, Switzerland
Summary: Herr Christophorus Schere, prefect of Uri County, saw a bright, long object, fiery in color, near Fluelen, flying along Lake Uri: “As I was contemplating the serene sky by night, I saw a very bright dragon flying across from a cave in a great rock in the mount called Pilatus toward another cave, known as Flue, on the opposite side of the lake. “Its wings were agitated with much celerity; its body was long as well as its tail and neck. Its head was that of a serpent with teeth, and when it was flying, sparkles were coming out of it like the ones thrown by an incandescent iron when struck by smiths on an anvil. At first, I thought it was a meteor, but after observing more closely, (I saw) it was truly a dragon from the recognizable motion of the members. This I write to you with respect, that the existence of dragons in nature is not to be doubted any more.”
Source: Athanassius Kircher, Mundus Subterraneus (Amsterdam, 1665), Lib. VIII, 93-94.

Date: 1619
Location: Prague, Czechoslovakia
Summary:A succession of fiery globes is observed. Some of them split into several parts or other globes. The report reads: “A strange and prodigious thing was seen in a village that is 6 leagues from Prague, the capital city of Bohemia. Never had we seen such a spectacular or frightful sign before. The inhabitants of the village were on guard as the country is full of soldiers, because of the partialities and differences that exist in the empire today. The village priest was with them at about 10:00 in the evening. He was praying, looking up at the sky, when suddenly he stopped, astounded by what he saw. He could see a globe that resembled the moon, but fiery. It divided into two parts, and one of the parts divided into four smaller globes. “The most amazing thing was that one of the globes disappeared, and in its place we saw a bloody crucifix. These things stayed [in the sky] for a short time, and then disappeared gradually, finally vanishing into a big hole. Then we just saw a great globe which resembled the moon, as we had witnessed at the beginning. This whole process
repeated three or four times, and then everything disappeared.” 
Source: An 8-page pamphlet titled Signes Prodigieux d’un Globe de Feu apparu en Allemagne, Capable d’Espouventer toute la Chrestiente, y ay ant este veu un Crucifix sanglant (Prodigious Signs of a Globe of Fire that appeared in Germany, Able to Frighten all the Believers, and a Bloody Crucifix) (Paris: Pierre Bertault, 1619).

Date: 1620: Demon in Quimper-Corentin, France

Date: April 9, 1620
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Summary: “Two suns were seen, one red and the other one yellow, hitting against each other (…) Shortly afterwards there appeared a longish cloud, the size of an arm, coming from the direction of the sun, which stopped near the sun, and from that cloud came a large number of people dressed in black, armed like men of war. Then arrived other clouds, yellow as saffron, from which emerged some ‘reverberations’ (?) resembling tall, wide hats, and the earth was seen all yellow and bloody. The sun became double and it all ended with a rain of blood.
Source: Effroyable bataille apergue stir la ville de Genesvre le dimanche des Rameaux dernier… (brochure published in 1620) cited in Les Soucoupes chez Heidi (GREPI, 1977).

Date: October 9 or 13, 1621
Location: Nimes, France
Summary: “Over the city of Nimes, about 9 to 10 P.M., over the amphitheater, was seen something like a great sun, very resplendent, which was surrounded by a number of other luminous torches. “It seemed to want to move straight towards the Roman Tower, over which appeared something like fiery chariots surrounded by very bright stars.”
Source: Les Signes Effroyables Nouvellement Apparus…, Cited by Veronica Magazine (Gouiran & Lamblard, 1976). Also see Michel Bougard, La chronique des OVNI (Paris: Delarge Ed., 1977), 92-93.

Date: 1624: Gierstedt, Anhalt, Germany

Date: April 9 1628 or 1635
Location: Bawlkin Green, UK
Summary: An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed by several witnesses in a city (Greene).
Source: FSR, London, 1970


Date: 1634: Elves in Wiltshire, England

Date: 1635: Humaniod Sighting in Saalfeld, Germany

Date: 1635
Location: Port-Louis, Brittany, France
Summary: A 60-year old man named Jean Le Guen, who lived in Riantec near Port-Louis, asserted that he had observed a procession of beings he took to be “angels” in the sky. They were going from Port-Louis to Caudan.
Source: The Diary of Jesuit Father Julien Maunoir; written in 1672, recording a statement about the case by the Lord of Lestour. Published as Miracles et Sabbats. Journal du Pere Maunoir, missions en Bretagne (1631-1650) presented by Eric Lebec (Paris: Editions de Paris, 1997), 85.

Date: 1637
Location: Between Chartres and Paris, France
Summary: Travelers marveled at three large ‘stars’ surrounded by smaller ones, with a long streak of other ‘stars.’ In the absence of a better description, including the duration and trajectory of the phenomena, the skeptic may well decide that the travelers in question simply saw a series of bright meteors.
Source: Les prodigieux Signes nouvellement

Date: 1638: The Devil in Lublin, Poland

Date: 1638 or 1639: Charlton, Massachusetts Sighting

Date: April 1639
Location: Yuan, Fengxian, Shansi province, China
Summary: A red, white, yellow and blue “star” flew over a funeral, circling the village for a long time. The villagers were presenting their condolences to the family of Yuan Yingta, a minister of war under the Ming dynasty who had sacrificed himself on the battlefield while resisting the Man army. Suddenly a luminous object like a star, red, white, yellow and blue in color, flew over the funeral procession. This brilliant thing did not touch the ground, but it flew around the village for a long time, then rose up in the sky again. Its light was visible five kilometers away.
Source: Shi Bo, La Chine et les Extraterrestres, op.cit., 45, citing scholar Lou Ao, Histoire Locale du District Fengxian.

Date: July 1639
Location: Santiago, Spain
Summary: A short pamphlet published in Seville in 1639 titled An Account of the Prodigious Visions of Armies of Men, Standards, Flags, Vessels, and Other Things, that Visibly have been Seen over a Long Time, near the Town of Santiago in Galicia, in the Fields of Lerida, since June to this Present Year of 1639, reported that “in Santiago three ships appeared in the air with the sound of drums and many people.” Unfortunately no more
details are given.
Source: Relacion certissima de las prodigiosas visiones…que visiblemente se han visto largo tiempo, cerca de la ciudad de Santiago de Galizia… (Seville, 1639).

Date: 1640
Location: Hormigueros, Puerto Rico
Time: afternoon
Summary: When beautiful Maria Monserrate, 8-years old, vanished from her house in Hormigueros one day, her father, Don Geraldo, mobilized his entire household to find her, imagining her lost amid the exuberant tropical vegetation of southwestern Puerto Rico. Fifteen days later, she was found sitting besides a huge ceiba tree, singing merrily. When questioned by her overjoyed father, Maria stated, “A lady dressed in white had fed her sweet fruit and stroked her face.” The girl’s physical description of the “white lady” corresponded with that of her family’s patroness, Our Lady of Monserrate.
Source: Samizdat Summer 1994, Religious apparitions & UFOs

Date: April 13, 1641
Location: Aragon, Spain
Summary: Domingo Sanchez, gardener at the Monastery of Maria de Aragon, who was sworn to chastity, requested permission to marry. On the night of April 13th, in bed with these thoughts, he saw a demon that pulled him out and dragged him for a long time around his lodgings, hitting him. The man sought help from the Virgin, who appeared, surrounded by lights and “aided him until dawn.”
Source: Jose Pellicer de Salas y Tobar, in his Avisos historicos, a compilation of historical reports spanning the period May 24th 1639 to November 29th 1644.

Date: May 4, 1641
Location: Madrid, Spain
Time:  9:00 P.M., 
Summary: “the sky being very calm, without there being a single cloud in it, (Jose Pellicer reported) an extremely black and dark cloud, that approached from somewhere between the east and the north, dilated and narrow, crossing between the west and Midday, that was stationary for some time” – giving the impression that Pellicer may have seen something resembling the ‘cloud cigars’ dealt with in modern reports. Pellicer goes on to mention a burst of sound of unknown origin in the sky over Molina de Aragon. The people there heard “loud noises, bugles, drums, as if an invisible ferocious battle were happening but without anything to be seen.”
Source: Jose Pellicer de Salas y Tobar, in his Avisos historicos

Date: May 9, 1641
Location: Braga, Portugal
Summary: A flat disk (“wafer”) appeared in the sky along with two human figures designated as “angels.” There were numerous witnesses, and the original text makes fascinating reading: “Year of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ 1641, May 9th, in this city of Braga, in the lodgings of Reverend Doctor Jao d’Abreda Rocha, ecclesiastic judge and general vicar of this court, the archbishop of Braga: there the Reverend Judge was alerted by D. Gastao Coutinho, general of the province of Entre Douro e Minho, of the fact that many people going towards the area of Porto acting upon a warning given in this city that the enemies were approaching in that area, saw some signs on the moon, in which there appeared a Wafer and two human figures that looked like Angels; and that the said judge know the truth of it: about which the Reverend Doctor ordered this writ to be made, that I sign; and he asked the following witnesses. Father Simao Alvares, apostolic notary, wrote it.”
Source: Francisco Lopez Liureyro, Favores do Ceo. Do brago do Christo que se despregou da cruz, & de outras marauilias dignas de notar. Dedicados ao III. me Senhor D. Rodrigo da Cunha… (Lisbon: Antonio Alvarez, 1642); reprinted as Favores do ceo a Portugal na acclamagao do rei D. Joao IV e acabamento da oppressao dos reis Filippes.por Francisco Lopes, livreiro lisbonense. Precedidos d’una noticia 146 bibliographica do auctor, escripta pelo Professor Pereira-Caldas (Porto: Ernesto Chadron and Braga: Eugenio Chadron, 1642, 1871).

Date: September 14, 1641
Location: Akhaltsike, Georgia
Summary: Armenian chronicler Zacharia Sarcofag saw a strange phenomenon at sunset. The sky was not yet dark when suddenly “the ether on the eastern side was torn up and a big dark-blue light began to descend. Being wide and long, it came down approaching the Earth and it illuminated everything around, more brightly than the sun.” The forward part of the light “revolved like a wheel, moving to the north, calmly and slowly emitting red and white light, and in front of the light, at a distance of an open hand, there was a star the size of Venus. The light was still visible until my father had sung, weeping, six sharakans, after which it moved away. Later we heard that people saw this miraculous light up to Akhaltsike.” A sharakan is a brief prayer sung over two to three minutes, so the phenomenon would have lasted at least 15 minutes, according to researcher Mikhail Gershtein.
Source: Zacharia Sarcofag, On the Fall of Light from the Sky. Cited by M. B. Gershtein, “A Thousand Years of Russian UFOs,” RIAP Bulletin (Ukraine) 7, 4, October-December 2001.

Date: July 3, 1642
Location: Olesa de Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain 
Summary: Joseph Aguilera and others saw a globe changing to “three moons,” later an enormous light seen for one hour.
Source: Guijarro, Josep, Guia de la Cataluha Magica (Barcelona: Ediciones Martinez Roca, 1999), 48.

Date: August 4, 1642
Location: Alborow, UK
Summary: Traces found. One object was observed by a male witness for 90 minutes (Johnson).
Source: FSR, London, 1970

Date: March 11, 1643
Location: England
Time: 11 at night
Summary: “I must not forget what amazed us exceedingly the night before, namely, a shining cloud in the air in a shape resembling a sword, the point reaching to the north. It was as bright as the moon, the rest of the sky being very serene. It began about 11 at night and vanished not till about one, being seen by all the south of England.”
Source: from the diarist, John Evelyn

Date: April 11 1643
Location: Boston Massachusetts
Time: night
Summary: A group of men saw two lights arise from the water in the form of a man. Then more people witnessed the event. The lights shot out flame and sparkled. The form moved from its location to a distance and back again on several occasions. The same or similar phenomenon was again seen on the 18th.
Source: Paul Deveraux, Earth Lights

Date: January 18 1644
Location: Boston Bay Colony, Massachusetts
Time: 8 P.M.
Summary: Three men coming to Boston saw two “man-shaped lights” come out of the sea. About 8 P.M. several inhabitants of an area of Boston located near the sea saw a light the size of the full moon rise in the northeast. Shortly thereafter, another light appeared in the east. The witnesses observed a curious game of hide-and-seek between the two objects. During this celestial ballet, several persons known to be sober and pious, who were aboard a boat between Dorchester and Boston, claimed they heard a voice in the sky uttering the following words in a most terrible voice: “Boy, boy, come away…” These calls were repeated about 20 times, coming from various directions.
Source: John Winthrop, Winthrop’s Journal, “History of New England” (1630-1649) (New York: Barnes and Noble, 1959).

Date: January 25/26 1644
Location: Boston, Mass
Summary: Luminous objects were seen sparkling, emitting flames. Again, the aerial ballet of the previous week was observed and a voice calling out: “Boy, boy, come away.”
Source: John Winthrop, Winthrop’s Journal, “History of New England” (1630-1649) (New York: Barnes and Noble, 1959).

Date: 1644: Dwarf captured Near Chemnitz, Germany

Date: 1645 or 1946 : Little people in St Teath, Cornwall, England

Date: April 1645
Location: Caudan, Brittany, France
Summary: A sixty-year old man named Jean Coachon, who lived in Calan, near Lanvodan and Vannes, stated that he had witnessed a procession of sky beings he called “angels,” circling above the church, with the Virgin among them. This was related by the Lord of Lestour, who collected such stories.
Source: Eric Lebec, ed., Miracles et Sabbats. Journal du Pere Maunoir, missions en Bretagne (1631-1650) (Paris: Les editions de Paris, 1997), 85-86.

Date: November 11 1645
Location: Location unknown
Summary: A body large enough to be a satellite was seen near Venus from Naples by the astronomer Francesco Fontana. He made further observations of the “satellite” on December 25th 1645 and January 22nd, 1646. Jean-Charles Houzeau, director of the Royal Observatory of Brussels, baptized the satellite with the name “Neith” in the 1880s.
Source: Francesco Fontana, Novae coelestium terrestrium que rerum observationes.. (Naples, 1646).

Date: May 1646
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Summary: Strange people and animals appeared in the sky of this city. Coming from the southeast a significant fleet of air ships with many sailors (occupants) on board approached this strange spectacle. A gigantic combat followed and at the time of the disappearance of the phenomenon a great cloud appeared where there was nothing before.
Source: Michel Bougard “The Chronicle of the UFO”

Date: May 21, 1646
Location: Newmarket & Thetford, England
Summary: “Betwixt Newmarket and Thetford in the foresaid county of Suffolk, there was observed a pillar or a Cloud to ascend from the earth, with the bright hilts of a sword towards the bottom of it, which piller (sic) did ascend in a pyramidal form, and fashioned it self into the forme of a spire or broach Steeple, and there descended also out of the skye, the forme of a Pike or Lance, with a very sharp head or point (…) This continued for an hour and a half.
Source: Signes from Heaven: or several Apparitions seen and heard in the Ayre… (London: T. Forcey, 1646).

Date: 1648: Edinburgh, Scotland Close Encounter

Date: 1649
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Summary: A fireball which “moved in bounds up and down” was observed.

Date: Winter, 1649
Location: Egyryn, England
Summary:  Unidentified objects were sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Several objects were observed.
Source:  FSR, London, 1966


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