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Date: July 3 1964
Location: near New Delhi‘ India
Summary: This excellent photograph was taken by legendary Billy Eduard Meier, A self-proclaimed contactee, he is a very controversial figure in the field of Ufology, with opinions ranging from hot to cold on the nature of his involvement with aliens from other worlds, and the authenticity of his work.

Date: July 10, 1964
Location: Cape Girardeau, MissouriJackson, MississippiBelleville, Illinois     BBU
Time: At 2:25 a.m. local time (0825Z)
Summary:  A pilot flying from Perryville, Missouri, to Cape Girardeau, Mo., reported a UFO to Cape Girardeau ground observer in tower. The tower operator observed the object with binoculars and contacted Memphis who in turn contacted CHADS at Belleville, Illinois. Radar contact by the 798th Radar Squadron was made at bearing 152 degrees at 85 miles. The altitude varied from 33,200 feet to 8,900 feet. There were apparently no aircraft in that area. The visual observation from aircraft and ground of the objects described them as shaped like a cone or long rectangle and the color was intense white, orange or red. All visual observations at 270 degrees 20-40 degrees elevation. There were three objects seen but never more than two at one time. 
Source: McDonald list, Dan Wilson

Date: July 16, 1964
Location:  15 miles S of Houghton Lake, Mich.     BBU 8924
Time: 11:15 p.m. 
Summary: Northern Air Service pilot K. Jannereth saw 4 white lights in a stepped-up echelon formation, joined by 2 more, closing in on the airplane, then rapidly slow and fly along with it.
Source: UFOE, Section III, Berliner

Date: July 16, 1964: Conklin, Broome County, New York

Date: July 20, 1964 
Location: Clinton, Iowa-Littleton, Illinois [?]               BBU 8942
Time: 4:45 a.m.
Summary:  J. J. Winkle saw a 60 ft diameter round­ topped, flat-bottomed object with a long acetylene­ colored flame shooting downward, flying straight and level, make a half loop, then rise up. [Military and civilian witness(es)?? Two different cases?] 
Source: Berliner

Date: July 24, 1964 
Location: Langley AFB, Virginia                   BBU
Time: 4:26 a.m. local time
Summary:  multiple brilliant round objects were seen by tower operators using 7X50 binoculars and were observed on radar by the GCA operator. The sighting  was described as four objects one and one half minutes in trail followed by two objects one and one half minutes apart, and three to four minutes separating the two formations. The objects appeared as large as a silver dollar held at arm’s length and resembled burning magnesium. No sound was heard. The objects were observed to the south of the field at 75 degree angular elevation. This elevation is also given as 15 degrees and to the southeast of the field. 
Source: McDonald list, Dan Wilson

Date: July 27, 1964 
Location: Norwich-Sherburne, New York                  BBU 8969
Time: 7:30 [9?] p.m. 
Summary: Duabert, engineering supervisor [engineer?] stopped his car when he saw an aluminum sphere with a fluorescent luminous ring, stationary 50 ft above ground, which emitted 3 beams of very bright light before flying off at high speed.
Source: UFOE Section V, Vallée Magonia 618

Date:  July 27, 1964
Location:  Denver, Colo.            BBU 8973
Time: 8:20 p.m. 
Summary: A. Borsa saw a white ball of fire, the size of a car, climb slowly, then speed up. 
Source: Berliner

Date: July 28, 1964 
Location: Lake Chelan, Wash.             BBU
Time: 10:30 p.m. 
Summary: Former Navy pilot and another man, at work in a field saw an intense light, cone-shaped, emitted from the ground and a similar light in the sky, alternating which was on and off. A round, aluminum-looking object, about 30 ft in diameter, with one red and one white light, then appeared and descended to ground with a strong whistling sound similar to a small jet, piercing and high-pitched voices similar to those of children playing were heard. Before this object took off a low-flying jet circled its position. The densely wooded area was explored by helicopter and on foot 3-4 days later by Sheriff Nickell and a USAF officer, but nothing was found.

Date:  July 1964 

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