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Date:  Summer, 1964
Location: Point Isabel, Ohio
Time: Late evening. 
Summary: A couple saw a creature over 6′ tall with gold, glowing eyes and wide shoulders. Body hair not obvious; had pointed chin and large ears. Just vanished from short distance.
Source: Stringfield; Skylook-93,9

Date: summer of 1964
Location: Little Lever, Lancashire, England
Summary: In 1976, a British ufology bulletin has apparently reported that 12 years ago, in the summer of 1964, in Little Lever, Lancashire, England, by night, an anonymous elderly woman saw a glowing orange sphere silently explode near her house earlier in the evening.
Later in her bedroom she saw a 1.50 meters tall being without a distinct face, wearing an outfit composed of small rings. She was told telepathically not to be afraid, that a group of such entities was temporarily stranded on Earth. Another time, three beings appeared in the bedroom, thanked her for not being afraid, and told her that they were leaving soon.

Date: May 31, 1964 & June 2, 1964
Location: Leam Lane, Gateshead, Durham, England
Time: 11:35 p.m.
Summary: According to an article by a British ufologist in the magazine of the sensationalist American author Ray Palmer, on May 31, 1964, at 11:35 p.m., the Bell family, of Leam Lane, Gateshead, Durham, England, saw three luminous flashes in egg shapes passing through the sky in the East-West, each visible during approximately 3 seconds. Many neighbors are said to have been awaked by a strange humming noise which started at 00:30 a.m. the same night and lasted 30 minutes. A neighbor described this noise as being “like a swarm of bees, but approximately twenty times louder.” Keith Bell, aged 13, wondered whether this was related to a silver disc that he had seen above the farm around midday on May 28, 1964.
On June 2, 1964, David Wilson, 14 years old, went by Leam Lane Farm at 05:30 p.m. and noticed a group of roughly ten “children” who stood within approximately twenty meters of him on a haystack. He approached them within 30 meters or so and saw human beings of a size of six or eight feet and half which stood two by two on the haystack. They were in green costumes, with “hands that seemed to be like lit electric bulbs.” They were digging through the haystack as if they were looking for something. Other children in the sector also claimed to have seen these humanoids. A young girl said that their chief “was dressed in black and carried a stick with pink lines.” Another girl allegedly saw one of the humanoids sitting on the roof of a barn. Other children claimed that they had observed a dwarf who was riding on the back of a cow. A girl observed a circular silver object of the size of a car take off in a rotational movement and releasing an orange gleam.
Source: “The Little Men of Leam Lane”, article by Harry Lord in Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucers, page 12, December 1964.

Date: June 2, 1964: Strange-looking object over homes

Date: June 6, 1964
Location: 600 miles NW of Asuncion Island
Summary: S.S. Norma C. Penn. <>The 3rd Officer of the ship had a UFO sighting. This was reported to the Consul General in Pretoria and was followed up with the USAF UFO questionnaire (FTD Form 164). The object appeared as a light with the same brightness as the brightest star. It moved from a bearing of 112.5° to 90° at constant elevation. The object appeared to flash. The flight path of the object contained three distinct maneuvers, which included the object crossing its own path. Its motion was also described as erratic. The object disappeared in the east at 60° elevation. The sighting lasted 8 minutes. Blue Book conclusion: Star Vega  
Source: Rullan, 5.11, page 43

1964us_1112788iDate: June 10, 1964
Summary: As reported by telegraph on Nov 15, 2008: “This picture was taken somewhere in the United States on June 10, 1964, and was discovered in an attic some years later.”

Date: June 13, 1964
Location: Toledo, Ohio             BBU 8870
Time: 9:15 p.m. 
Summary: B. L. English, announcer for radio station WTOD, saw 3 glowing white spheres, glowing red on their sides, moving slow, hover then moving in circles very fast, making a low, rumbling sound.
Source: Berliner

Date: June 14, 1964
Location: Dale, Indiana
Time: 9:00 p.m. 
Summary: Charles Englebrecht (18) reported that a small basketball-sized object had landed in his back yard with E-M effects. Investigated by William Powers and also Indiana Unit No. 1 NICAP. Possible ball lightning. 

Date: June 15, 1964: Close-range sighting

Date: June 19, 1964
Location: Arica Chile
Summary: According to many ufological sources that seemed to have copied the same information, Argentinean national newspaper La Razon published a story of one Rafael Aguirre Donoso who was driving inlands some 20 km from the coastal city of Arica in Chile. He saw a strange craft land, and two man of light skin color came out and asked him for some water, using a mix of Spanish and English. Donoso gave then some water from his car’s radiator and the men went back in their aircraft and took off. Spanish ufologist Luis Gonzalez seems to have found out via correspondence that the case occurred on June 19, 1964, and not on June 15, 1964 as indicated in previous ufological sources, that the witness was a ship guard and not a miner, and that the men from the aircraft first asked for water in English first and Spanish later, and not in a mix of these languages. He specifies that Donoso was quite upset that nobody would believe his story. From the meager descriptions and in lack of the original newspaper article or any further investigation, it seems quite obvious to me that Donoso possibly met some light helicopter crew.
Source: Article in the newspaper La Razon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 21, 1964.

Date: June 29, 1964: Giant spinning top encountered by businessman

Date: Late June, 1964
Location: Rome, Indiana
Summary: A five foot circular burned circle, with three intensely burned circles arranged in a triangular shape as though made by table legs were discovered in the alfalfa field.
Source: Indianapolis Star, June 28 – “Mysterious Markings in Field Baffle Perry County Farm Family”

Date:  June 1964

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