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Date: May 1978
Location: Athens Greece
Time: 0200A
Summary: The 17-year old witness suddenly woke up and was unable to move. He then saw three human like figures approaching his bed from the balcony area. The three persons came closer and one of them sat on the bed. The person that remained standing was a female with bushy hair, wearing a blouse with skirt. The second person was a tall heavy set man with short hair, he wore black gloves and a black close necked top, the third was a young blond haired girl, tall and with unnatural long fingers. She wore a black blouse and skirt. The young girl removed her blouse then engaged in sexual intercourse with the witness. Later the girl dressed and all three went out an apparently closed balcony door.
Source: Thanassis Vembos, Strange Magazine # 2

Date: May 1978
Location: Richfield Connecticut
Time: 0330A
Summary: A loud buzzing sound woke up the main witness and his wife, they both looked outside and saw at about 250 feet away a group of “men” that appeared to be busy at some task. These men suddenly all turned and looked at the witnesses simultaneously. The men wore silvery helmets, tight fitting suits with reflective stripes and had glowing discs of light above their eyes. Each appeared to have its own light source. The men finally moved away in a slow jerky gait disappearing from sight behind a garage.
Source: IUR Vol. 3 # 7, July 1978

Date: May 1978
Location: San Mauro Torinese Italy
Time: evening
Summary: A young boy reported having seen a very large red-lighted object flying at a very low altitude above the roadway. Inside several moving man-like figures could be seen. 
Source: Maurizio Verga, “Itacat”

Date: May  1978

Location. Vila Cister, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: May 1978
Time: 2200
14-year old Liz De Albuquerque (involved in a previous encounter) was walking back home along a construction area when she noticed a small white luminous sphere quickly approaching her position. The sphere approached to within five meters from the witness. It seemed to be about 2 meters in diameter and hovered at about seven meters from the ground. Suddenly she heard a voice speak to her in perfect Portuguese. The voice asked if she wanted to come with “them”. Terrified the witness said no and ran quickly to her house. There was a period of missing time reported. During hypnotic regression the witness remembered seeing a familiar face appear within the sphere of light. It was the face of an alien she had encountered six years before. During the encounter she was allowed to ask several questions about the aliens purpose and history. No other information.

Source: Grupo UFO Genesis, Brazilian. Presidente Prudente, Brazil

Date: May 1978
Location: Presidente Prudente, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Three humanoids about 1.20 meters in height and wearing blue tight fitting coveralls were seen walking a long a field. 
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date: May 1978
Location: Obninsk, Moscow, Russia
Time: daytime
Summary: Timur Pastukhov an employee at the local experimental meteorology institute was observing the transmitter mast due to high winds in the area. The mast was about 100-120 meters away from the witness. At one point he briefly looked into another direction and when he looked back he was surprised to see four human like figures standing near the mast. Their appearance and conduct struck him. They stood on a high hill under extreme windy conditions. They were also dressed strangely, they wore dark brown raincoats or jackets, their heads were bare and they had short-cropped black hair. All four were very identical and looked to be about 30 years of age. Another witness now arrived and also saw the mysterious figures another engineer watched the strange figures climbing the mast under improbable weather conditions. After awhile the 4 figures disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared.
Source: UFOZONE Russia

Date: May 1978
Location: Lake Pirogovskaya  Russia
Summary: In a article published in 1981 in a ufology magazine, it seems that Russian ufologist Nikita Schnee reported that a respected high rank officer of the Red Army, or some military man named Anatoly, had an encounter with “entities” near the shores of a place indicated as Lake Pirogovskaya at the end of May or at the beginning of June 1978. The entities are described as wearing dull color cellophane-like clothes and to have led him to a “room” where they gave him “salted lemonade” to drink and had a long chat with him. According to various versions’ circulating on the Internet without reference of source, the officer was amazed that these aliens didn’t even know that alcohol was welcome to celebrate this intergalactic meeting – the aliens told they came from another galaxy. They are said to have produced some alcohol thanks to the chemical formula that the officer then gave them. As the officer found it decidedly amazing that such an advanced extraterrestrial civilization does not know about alcohol, those virtuously answered back that maybe if we had used they we would not be so highly developed. The entities are said to have told him that they were observing the Earth but did not want to interfere with our business. The entities are said to have decided to erase the memories of the events from the officer’s mind but it worked only partly. The officer is said to have found himself laying, back where he had initially met them, with his mind somewhat hazy, apparently from the salted lemonade, or perhaps by the alcohol, and there was “an apparent time distortion.” Back home, it appears that his wife did not want him to talk about the encounter to his chiefs, but he had to because he had been missing from duty while with the aliens. It is told that the Red Army was finally convinced that he told the truth, thanks to hypnosis and the lie detector, the case then variously being presented as “officially admitted alien abduction by the Red Army” or “verified to experts’ satisfaction” as “genuine.”
Source: N. Schnee, in “Contact Reported Near Pyrogovskoye Lake”, FSR, Vol. 26 #1, 1980.

Date: May 1978
Location: Strokino, Kazan, Russia
Time: 1500
Summary: Doctor of technical sciences, N F Kusov was staying at his dacha in order to finish a manuscript he had been working on. As he sat in his study he noticed an uncommon light shining from outside, apparently from behind some trees. He decided to go investigate the source and saw at about 100 ft from the light a cigar shaped object, 8 meters in length, sitting on the earth in a clearing at a 45-degree angle. Kusov approached to within 15 ft of the object, which emanated a beautiful orange light with different tints. As Kusov approached the object even further he suddenly felt his insides “bursting” open, he realized he was being enveloped in a low frequency (7 hertz) field. The vibration of this field is capable of destroying any living organism. Kusov took several steps back, and the discomfort passed. He approached again and the same thing happened. At this point he noticed, to his consternation how the rays of the sun seemed to be absorbed by the surface of the object, seemingly entering what it appeared to him as a “black hole”. Shaken by what he had seen, Kusov walked back to the dacha but suddenly broke into a run towards the object, which still sat on the ground, again he could not approach the craft due to the high degree of discomfort. Suddenly the object rose above the earth to about 2-3 meters, and then shot away vertically upward; interestingly Kusov felt no shockwave emanating from the object’s “liftoff”. Shocked he stood around for 5 minutes then frightened walked back to the dacha. There he looked at his wristwatch and was astonished to see that almost 5 hours had passed and he thought he had only been outside for 30 minutes.
Source: UFOZONE Russia, quoting Ziegel

Date:  May 1, 1978: Bigfoot sighting in Maryland

Date: May 2 1978
Location:  South Middleton Massachusetts
Time:  unknown
Summary:  A witness noticed two white gray humanoid figures standing on the grounds of the property. They stood motionless and held their arms close to their bodies. No other details were noted.
Source:  David F Webb, FSR Vol. 27 # 2

Date: May 2 1978
Location: Escazu Costa Rica
Time: 1830
Summary: The witness, 10-year old Eduardo Enrique Lacayo was out playing in the front yard of his uncle’s house when he saw a cat. He decided to chase the animal as it ran towards a large empty lot across from the house. As he ran towards the field he suddenly noticed a hovering silvery disc shaped object that emitted a strong yellow light. The object resembled two soup plates placed together and was about 15 meters in diameter, and it was hovering at about 200 meters above the ground, with a slight wobbling motion. Suddenly a gray cloud like mist emerged from the object and descended towards the ground. Stunned, Enrique watched as the mist like vapor assumed the shape of a human-like figure that remained suspended above the ground. The figure wore a kind of “cape” or long tunic that did not reach its feet, since the witness was able to observe gold-colored lace less shoes on the figure’s feet. The figure was about 1 meter 70 cm in height. The cat apparently also observed the spectacle since the witness noticed that the animal’s hair stood on end and scurry terrified from the scene. The witness did not notice any facial features on the figure, except what appeared to be thin lips. The figure extended its arms at the witness as if beckoning to him and appears to open its mouth. At this point the witness, who had so far felt no fear, ran quickly away from the area. Looking back he did not see the figure and the object was seen rising up at very high speed.
Source:Carlos Vilchez

Date: May 4  1978
Location: Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina
Time: 22:00
Summary: Soon after a blinding blue light caused a road accident near Villa Mercedes, San Luis province, Argentina about 100 city residents saw 50 greenish-blue UFOs flying over the city. In the midst of a dazzling light, they perfectly executed a series of maneuvers: they broke into two formations and then rejoined, and then they disappeared from view. Shortly after that some people reported that they had witnessed the landing of a saucer-shaped craft nearby. A being dressed in a green uniform emerged from the craft for a short while.
Source: “FSR, FSR (formerly Flying Saucer Review), FSR, London, 1966”; “Farish, Lucius, UFO Newsclipping Service, UFO Newspaper Clipping Service, Plumerville”; Hatch, Larry

Date: May 6, 1978: UFO crash in Bolivia witnessed by thousands

Date: May 10 1978
Location:  Pelotas Rio Grande Do Sul Brazil
Time:  2250
Summary:  The witness was walking back home alone when he observed in the sky a very bright object that began descending at high speed. The object descended low over a nearby fenced field and the witness could now see that it was a shiny circular metallic craft within a ball of fire. The craft descended projecting two bright beams of white light to the ground and extended four metallic legs to the ground. The area around the witness seemed to darken, as he felt compelled to walk forward towards the fence. Soon he was grabbed by two short humanoids wearing shiny white close fitting suits and head enclosing helmets with closed visors and on top two small antenna like protrusions. The beings spoke to the witness then took him inside the object. Once inside he experienced difficulty in breathing and noticed that the air appeared warmer and denser. The room was illuminated by a bright light and then he noticed two more beings seated at a strange console like apparatus. The beings walked over to the witness and then he was surprised to see that these were female dressed in shiny white suits, with attractive capes of the same material. These also wore helmets with antennas. They were a little taller than the other humanoids and had hair to their shoulders. One had black hair and the other was blond. The black haired female approached the witness and told him that he was going to be taken to their planet. The witness declined the invitation and begged to be released. At this point the blond woman walked over and ordered the others to let him go. He was then allowed to walk out and down a stairway to the ground. He then stood on the ground and watched the object ascend at high speed and vanish.
Source:  Casellato, Da Silva and Stevens UFO Abduction at Botucato

Date: May 10, 1978: Interview of Abductee Jan Wolski

Date: May 13, 1978: Police Officer Suffers Burns from a UFO 

Date: May 13 1978
Location: Saint Constant, Quebec, Canada
Time: 2245
Summary: Two witnesses, Yves Nailler & Sylvia Pazenteau were sitting in a parked truck when they saw an orange red luminous glowing object of an undetermined shape descend over them. A beam of light was shone on the witnesses who then briefly saw what appeared to have the head of an entity looking at them. The witnesses felt panic and experienced a strong heat wave and had difficulty moving their arms. Then glowing object then disappeared from sight.
Source: Marc LeDuc CASUFO, Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Date: May 14, 1978: Ocala, Florida Radar-Visual Case

Date: May 14 1978
Location: Oulton Marshes Lowestoft England
Time: 2000
Summary: Two young girls were locking up some horses they just finished riding when they saw a large dome shaped object hovering near the ground among some trees. The object was silvery in color and was encircled by orange lights. The lights changed to pink then to a dazzling white and the object began to rise. The object then descended again and the lights dimmed. The two girls then noticed four strange humanoid figures walking towards them. Two were described as seven-foot tall and the other two smaller. All moved in a jerky, zigzag fashion. The humanoids were described as having no feet, short legs and arms, short black hair, small eyes, no hands, no ears and pale colored skin. All wore orange colored robes with a silver strip down the neckline. All four beings were encased in a white hazy glow. During the incident horses were rearing, the dogs were howling and cats were running around frantic.
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting UFO Quest Intl. Vol. # 1, June/July 1979

Date: May 15 1978
Location: Near Cuajimalpa Mexico
Time: evening
Summary: Walking along a road after work at a restaurant, Ignacio Sanchez Munoz observed a hovering multi colored luminous cube shaped object that was emitting a buzzing sound and a yellow beam. He then received telepathic thoughts saying the cube was empty, but soon human-like beings would arrive on Earth. After conversing with the voice for an hour he was told, “Soon we shall return to chat with you.”
Source: IUR Vol. 3 # 7

Date: May 17 1978: Emilcin Poland Alien Encounter

Date: May  1978

Location. Mahopac New York
Date: May 18 1978
Time: near midnight
The witness was walking with his dog near a local dam; it was raining at the time. At the moment the witness was practicing his mental powers and was apparently able to control the speed of the rain. As the rain stopped a heavy mist began rising from the ground. He suddenly noticed a humanoid figure standing a few feet away. The figure seemed to be composed of a dense fog like substance. As the figure faded away the witness noticed some bright lights behind the trees. An oblong-lighted object then rose up into the sky. It paused at a low angle and the witness signaled at it with his flashlight using dots and dashes sequence. The object blinked back in response using the same sequence then rose higher and vanished.

Source: Harold Salkin, UFO Universe November 1988

Date: May 22 1978
Location: Pelotas, Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A dome shaped lighted object landed on a field outside this town. Four short humanoids wearing silvery outfits were seen moving briefly outside the object. No other information.
Source: GEPUC Brazil

Date: May 22 1978
Location: Tavarnuzze Italy
Time: 2145
Summary: A married couple was in their living room with their daughter when they suddenly began hearing the dogs barking wildly. They went outside to investigate and saw two or three luminous pulsating spheres descending over the area, their color changed from reddish to silvery. One of the spheres descended very close to the ground. The frightened witnesses began untying the dogs when they observed near the sphere a short dark figure and another similar figure inside. Both were very short. One of the figures stepped forward and stood near the road, while the other one stood by a bush. The witnesses then heard a shrill voice, resembling that of a child. Both figures wore dark red cloak like outfits. One of the figures suddenly vanished and as a vehicle drove by the sphere apparently dimmed. When the vehicle left the sphere was seen rising vertically away from the area. “close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants. One object was observed by one witness named Lipuma in a yard for over four minutes.”
Source: Maurizio Verga, “Itacat”

Date: May 23, 1978: Strange Man in Cincinnati

Date: May  1978

Location. Cincinnati Ohio
Date: May 23 1978
Time: 0118A
The witness was driving her car through the downtown area and as she stopped at an intersection she saw a five-foot and a half tall man approaching her vehicle. The being was described as lacking a nose, hair, ears, and a mouth. He had slit like eyes, full-length gloves, and a black cape. The witness accelerated away as the traffic light changed.

Source: IUR Vol. 3 # 7, July 1978

Date: May 24 1978
Location:  Tuscaloosa, AL
Time:  9:15 PM. 
Summary:  Driving in the city a 21-year-old college student saw a metallic object nearby. His car radio experienced a burst of static as he sighted the object, which was glowing yellow-white with blue, orange, green, and yellow lights rotating on its bottom. The driver continued to drive past the object and did not see how it departed or when. 
Source:  Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 72, citing CUFOS

Date: May  1978

Location. Paramus New Jersey
Date: May 24 1978
Time: 0130A
A lone witness driving on route 4 west, saw an object described as cigar shaped flying parallel to the road. At one point the object stopped and hovered silently across the road, just above the treetops. The witness exited the car and approached the object and saw through a large lighted window on the craft two figures that did not appeared to be human in appearance. Frightened the witness entered the vehicle and drove away from the area. The witness also reported a 4-hour period of missing time. No hypnotic regression attempted.

Source: NUFORC

Date: May 25 1978
Location: Leninabad (Khodzhent) Tajikistan
Time: 0410A
Summary: The witness, a well-educated PhD in physics and mathematics was living in a house close to the bank of the River Syrdar’ya suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by a sudden impulse. When he looked out the window, he noticed a cone-shaped object, which had landed on the river’s edge, on the outskirts of town. Following a further sub-conscious impulse, he dressed and went outside to approach the object. The landed cone-shaped object appeared to made out of polished metal, approximately 10-12 m in diameter. It had an entranceway on the upper part of the cone. The craft had landed on 3 landing prods, made out of some alloy, dark in tint. In the center of the alien craft were white cylinders (like tanks) about 3 m in height. An alien crew consisting of three man-like creatures that invited the witness inside the object met him. He described the aliens as almost human in appearance, a little bit taller, wearing tight-fitting flight outfits. The faces were human in appearance with only slight differences; the hands reportedly had 5 fingers. Inside the craft the witness saw what appeared to be control panels and several armchairs, he saw no other “furniture”. He was shown what he was told was a power plant in the center of the object. After conducting medical tests on the witness he was supposedly taken to their home planet, a visit that was quick with no movement sensed by the witness. He was told that their craft produced a vacuum around it during flights in the atmosphere and transformed electric, magnetic and gravitational fields. They also told the witness that they lived in a planet called “Sikkam” in the Cygni star system. Upon arriving at the planet, went outside the craft and was surprised to find a very clear environment, with landscape and environs resembling those of Western Europe. The weather condition was cloudy and fresh no sun was visible. After staying for a while he was returned home.
Source: Mark A Milkhiker, Anton Anfalov

Date: May 30, 1978: Cullen Abduction

Date: May 31 1978
Location:  Washington, DC 
Summary:  This happened in the late 70’s in Washington, DC. I was a child of about 7 or 8. My parents had just come home from the grocery store and my siblings and I were helping to bring the groceries in. It was summer, not sure which month, I just remember it was warm outside because I didn’t have on heavy warm clothing. At some point I ended up on the front walkway by myself for a couple of minutes and it was at this time that something in the sky caught my eye. It was higher than the tree line, but not that vertically distant. It was whitish and somewhat see through and oblong shaped. It contracted as it moved through the sky from the southeast to the northwest. Its movements reminded me of a jellyfish except it contracted laterally. I just stared at it and had no fear but thought it was seriously out of the ordinary and that I had never seen anything like that before, or since for that matter. It came from over the houses on my side of the street and I lost sight as it contracted/moved off in the distant in a straight line north/northwest (toward Silver Spring, MD / Chevy Chase, MD) over the houses across the street. I don’t recall telling anyone until I was an adult, not out of fear, I don’t think I thought a great deal of it at the time. – 
Source:  MUFON

Date: May  1978

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