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Date: October 1982
Location: Near Salt Lake City, Utah
Time: night
Summary: A young couple was sitting on an empty field behind a local school talking. There was a pleasant cool mist falling. Soon the ground became very muddy. It suddenly became very quite and both looked up at the same time, and the hairs on the back of their necks stood up, they looked behind and over their left shoulders and saw about 200 ft away “something” crawling on its stomach out of the shadows edge. They stared in horror as they watched the bizarre figure crawl towards them. It was dark in color, no apparent clothes on and was lying on his belly with its arms down, held close to its waist. It was inching forward with nothing but it’s feet to push it forward. It’s knees were bent forward, the joints went back and away. The head of the humanoid looked up and all they could see was two black pools where the eyes should had been. Both witnesses jumped up and ran into the car about 50 ft away. After a few seconds they started the car and drove off at high speed. Later strange tracks were found in the mud.
Source: Castle of Spirits, Stories

Date: October 1982
Location: Guavate, Puerto Rico
Time: night
Summary: William Santana was driving through the area when a thick fog suddenly covered the area. Suddenly the vehicle headlights illuminated a strange feminine figure, with long flowing black hair that floated in mid-air with its arms extended to the front. It wore a white flowing vaporous outfit. Santana became concerned and quickly drove away from the area.
Source: Jorge Martin, Milenio X # 7

Date: October 1982
Location: Near Osorno, Chile
Time: night
Summary: The female witness was driving back on her way one when she reached a spot on the road surrounded by tall trees. She had to slam on the brakes as she spotted a huge blue sphere hovering above the trees. The sphere was opaque and about 6 to 7 meters in diameter. She stopped the car and seemed to loose consciousness. When she came to, she was still in her car but parked on top of a hill on a rocky terrain difficult to access to by vehicle. Terrified she ran home the rest of the way. Later she was able to recall that she woke up to find herself in a lighted circular room where she could see shiny silvery panels on the wall. Around her and approaching her were five luminous figures, of humanoid form, wearing very light colored tunics, with featureless heads and shoulders, tall and thin. She could not remember what occurred next, but suffered from nightmares after the incident
Source: Hugo Soto, Raul Gajardo Leopoldo, Año Cero Noviembre 2001

Date: October 1982
Location: Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Time: night
Summary: A local resident, Mrs. Tatiana Surina was awakened at night by a gentle push. Near her bed she noticed two figures. A young woman with long golden hair and a blond haired man of average height. A bluish light surrounded both. The man was holding Tatiana’s hand at the wrist as if he was measuring her pulse. In a few moments a powerful humming sound was heard, resembling that of an electric transformer and both visitors vanished in plain sight.
Source: Aleksey Priyma “UFOs Witnesses to the Unknown”

Date:  October 1982
Location:  Near Des Moines Iowa
Time:  0300A
Summary:  After watching a bright maneuvering light over the farm the witness was awakened by the sound of the cattle bellowing nervously. Looking out the window he was able to see glowing green colored disc shaped craft hovering above the barnyard. On the ground below several small shadowy figures could be seen moving around. Suddenly thee of the short figures appeared at the bedroom door. The witness and his wife after initial panic were overcame by a feeling of peach and tranquility. The beings took the witnesses by their hands and led them to the hovering disc shaped object at the orchard. A stairway descended silently to the ground and both witnesses entered the dimly lit interior of the object. One of them was asked to lie down on a large white ivory-like stone, manacles clamped themselves on her wrists and ankles, and she was unable to move. An entity described as feminine shorter than the rest, with larger eyes and pointed nose, fuller lips stood around to watch. The feminine being removed the witness gown and began emitting humming musical sounds. The witness then remembers a syringe being inserted in her abdomen and then several samples of skin, hair, and blood were taken. The husband remembers being taken into a small cubicle where two short beings gave him a vial of green liquid to drink. He began feeling very hot and proceeded to attain an uncontrolled erection, once this occurred the beings clamped a mechanical suction cup around his penis and extracted semen. The witnesses then remember waking up in their bedroom in the morning.
Source:  Brad Steiger, “The UFO Abductors”

Date:  October 2 1982
Location:  Springfield, MO
Time:  8:00 PM.
Summary:   Ten witnesses of a deltoid object with no sound. 
Source:  IUR-8,1

Date:  October 4 1982
Location:  Soviet Ukraine
Time:  6:00 p.m. 
Summary:  A huge UFO of perfect geometrical shape and 900 meters in diameter hovered over a nearby ballistic missile base. Numerous eyewitnesses confirmed the sighting. So did Lt. Colonel Vladimir Plantonev, a missile engineer. According to him the UFO was a noiseless, disc-shaped craft; it had no portholes, its surface completely even. It made turns, like an airplane would. The missile silo at the base contained a nuclear warhead pointed at the United States. Plantonev was in the bunker that fateful day in 1982. The room contained dual control panels for the missile, each of them hooked to Moscow. As the UFO hovered overhead, signal lights on both the control panels suddenly turned on, for a short period of time. The lights indicated that the missiles were preparing for launch. Moscow could have initiated such launch, by its transmission of special orders, but no order came from Moscow, and no one at the base pushed any buttons. For 15 long seconds the base simply lost control of its nuclear weapons. 
Source:  Robert Hastings; ABC News

Date:  October 12 1982
Location:  Las Cruces, New Mexico
Time:  Night
Summary:  The first awareness was when i tested out my van and noticed a bright greenish light at the street near my trash cans. i though when did the city put a light there? the next thing i remember was a very bright light … then i was standing on the right side of the van looking down the street at a glowing ball with flames coming out like a tail and floating slowly away to the north east. when i entered my home i was greeted by my wife and kid and they all asked what took me so long to come the house they said that they heard me drive up about 20 min. ago. i tried to tell them what i saw but the words would not come out and the though would leave me this went on for about 7 years. i am now retired and 76 years old at the time i was 42 years ole and a business man in this town well respected in town and this area, i also have contracted with wsmr as camera and lab tech.
Source:  MUFON 83213

Date:  October 16 1982
Location:  Boyd County, KY
Time:  4:00 PM. 
Summary:  Cube-shaped object tumbles across sky while being pursued by two military jets. Any sound masked by jets. 
Source:  MUJ-189

Date:  October  1982
Location:  McGuire Nuclear Station, Lake Norman, NC
Time:   7:30 a.m.
Summary:   One of the more intriguing UFO sightings was reported at 7:30 a.m. on October 18,1982.  Gary Fortenberry and Jimmy Bumgarner, two employees at the McGuire Nuclear Station on Lake Norman were driving to work on Highway 73 at the Catawba River (Lincoln County) when they encountered an unknown. They watched a dull silver oval UFO with “four legs” above a nearby fogbank.  During the daylight encounter, they first mistook it for a water tank, but later in the day when they returned home from work, the fog had lifted and no water tank was to be seen anywhere in the area.  They did notice  that high voltage lines from the power plants were in the general area of the earlier sightings.  When first seen the UFO was about 250 feet above the ground The eyewitnesses had worked at McGuire for six years without experiencing anything unusual.  Several months before, when UFOs again visited the same  location, the power fluctuated, before the UFOs left the area.  Security  guards, when questioned by me on the phone, told me that such UFO incidents were to be made directly to AEC headquarters.
Source:  195 FLYING SAUCER REVIEW: (London) Volume 35 Issue 2 TOWN & CITY

Date:  October 22 1982
Location:  Westport, IN
Time:  8:00 PM 
Summary:  A large dull grey triangular shaped object with a humming sound came slowly from the southeast, flew over witnesses in yard of rural home, paused to hover in the northeast over a 10 foot tree, then moved out of sight in the northeast. Witnesses saw red light on each corner of object and convex bottom on object. P. Kearney 
Source:  Worley files

Date:  October 24 1982
Location:  Lowell, Indiana
Time:  9:20 GMT ?
Summary:   Pilot & student pilot in a single-engine Cherokee 140 just after reaching their cruising altitude of 2,300 ft (above ground level), on a 240° course encountered an object first thought to be a malfunctioning parachute. What happened after that is described in startling detail in the report linked above. At one point, the UAO flicked across their nose, veering to its left and missing the aircraft’s right wing tip by no more than 10 feet. At the instant that it passed, the vortex hit them so hard that the plane’s airframe groaned in protest, and the altimeter “went wacky”. It continued to curve to the left, back on what appeared to be its original heading of 355°, still accelerating, and eventually beginning to climb until it finally disappeared into the distance haze. At no time during the encounter had the UFO shown any sort of exhaust trail. 
Source:  From the International UFO Reporter, CUFOS, May-June 1983; Haines Case 50

Date:  October 25 1982
Location:  Hessdalen, Norway

Date:  October  1982

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