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Date: April 1994
Location: Near Tallahassee Florida
Time: late night
Summary: Three men driving on an isolated road were startled when their vehicle headlights shone on a short thin figure standing on the middle of the roadway. The figure had a large head and bright luminous eyes. It suddenly darted across the road towards the nearby tree line. It briefly stopped before disappearing into the woods and glanced at the witnesses. The three men later returned to the site and saw an additional three beings, one taller than the other two, standing on the roadway. These also had luminous eyes and ran into the woods disappearing from sight.
Source: Hank Worbetz

Date: April 1994
Location: Tvrdosovce, Slovakia
Time: late night
Summary: A 20year old man woke up with a strange feeling that someone was in the room with him. Next he received a telepathic message from an invisible presence, that told him to heal his sister, who had been sick. He then put his hands on his sister’s palms. He felt heat go through for about 10 minutes. The next day his sister was apparently cured. He felt the invisible presence in his room a week later.
Source: Dr Milos Jesensky

Date: April 7 1994
Location: Victoria, Argentina
Time: 2130
Summary: The witnesses were out in an isolated area when they spotted a large white object apparently on the ground about 200 meters away. The object suddenly became brighter illuminating the nearby trees. A white line was now visible on the object; they now saw 3 small lights moving within the object. Suddenly the object seemed to grow in size resembling a translucent bubble. Inside they could see about eight to ten figures standing around in a group. Seconds later a thick white fog enveloped the area around the object and approached the witnesses. They could now see the object dim and apparently disappear straight up at high speed. Ground traces were found.
Source: Silvia P. Simondini FAO 

Date:  April 15 1994
Location:  Maine 
Summary:  When I was a child I suffered from extreme night terrors. I thought there was something taking me in the night. I would awake to blinding light and then I’d wake a second time, as if I were having a dream inside a dream. These terrors kept on for most of my childhood. It wouldn’t happen every night, but once or twice a month. My family moved north when I was 8, after years of brutal nightmares the new environment seemed to calm my mind. This didn’t last long though. More frequently I felt as I I were being taken by the white lights. I pleaded with my parents to believe me but they didn’t. They had no answers either. One of the nights I woke before the white lights. I was laying in my bunk bed, my brother on bottom and I’m on top. I was looking at the glow in the stars I had on my ceiling when, in an instant I was blinded by this white light. I felt fear come over me and I couldn’t scream for help. I helplessly watched my door creek open. There it was. The night person I was dreaming about. It didn’t look at me, it looked around for a second and walked toward the bunk beds. I remember trying to scream but I couldn’t. I couldn’t breathe or move. It walked up besides the bunk beds, inspecting my brother. I tried to scream and got nothing. It looked up at me with snap of its head. Almost like it was surprised I was looking at it. As if I startled it. It stretched it’s hand out to my face as if to grab me. I fought my fear and managed to ball up a fist and try to hit it. I did, but barely. I tapped it, just barely touching it. It recoiled its hand and sidestepped away, out the door. In the morning I told my family. They laughed and said I have new friends. I kept this to myself until now. My family can back up my story. Only 3 people outside my family know this. I’ll take a lie detector anyday.
Source:   MUFON CMS

Date: April 15 1994
Location: Torralba De Ribota, Zaragoza, Spain
Time: 2000
Summary: Three twelve year old boys including Diego Percebal were walking near the old crumbled and abandoned Virgen De Ciguela shrine when they observed a strange humanoid figure moving near the building. The figure was dark in color about 1.30 meters in height, somewhat deformed with a huge oval shaped cranium and it moved on two short, thick legs. The humanoid was heavy set and wore a shiny black suit was seen entering the abandoned shrine. The creature possessed a round dark featureless face. The boys saw the strange humanoid hide behind some debris and broken boards. Terrified the boys ran to obtain several adult witnesses, several which responded to the site and went inside the shrine to investigate. The adult witnesses saw the strange figure moving behind a partially collapsed brick-wall and ran from the area. There were other encounters with the humanoid in the area.
Source:  Iker Jimenez, Encuentros, La Historia de Los Ovni en España 

Date: April 22 1994
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Time: 1500
Summary: A witness reported a large ball of light that landed nearby and transformed itself into a tall entity that ran into the woods and disappeared. No other information.

Date: April 23 1994
Location:  Near Mount Rainier, Washington
Time: 2130
Summary: Brian Canfield was on his way home in his truck when he noticed a strange figure descending from the sky, which landed hard on the road asphalt. He described the creature as over 2.75 meters in height, with a muscular humanoid body and long arms that ended in claws; its body was completely covered with bluish hair with a wolf-like head, white fangs and shiny yellow eyes. The creature stood on the road staring at Canfield that strangely did not feel threatened. Eventually the creature deployed a pair of large wings on its back and rose up disappearing into the distance.
Source: Mundo Misterioso

Date:  April 1994

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