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Date: February 1999
Location:  Near Juneau, Alaska
Time: night
Summary: he witness (source) had an experience in which he received communication from 3 alien beings from the planet “Leahya” which orbits the Bellatrix in the Orion star system. It was as if his consciousness was taken aboard their starship. During the experience a man walked by his room and claims the witness was not there. He calls the aliens the “Orions” which were female, 6 ft to 6 ft 3 inches tall, of olive complexion, large almond shaped eyes, and 3 fingers instead of 4. They told him many things, including their method of space travel. The Orions travel inter-dimensionally in “time loop travel”. They use energy produced by flawless crystals and pure iron rods in conjunction with psychic energy that permeates the universe. In this mode of travel “time” is actually bent back upon itself creating a “loop” and the vehicle transects it in a straight line, but arrives light years away in a matter of days or weeks. The starship itself was a bio-molecular living entity named “Rania.” It is similar in concept to the starship portrayed on the sci-fi show “Farscape”. The aliens themselves can exist in our 3 dimensional worlds, as well as the 4th, 5th and 6th dimension. There is a 7th dimension, which he was told was the realm of the Creator, who they call “The One that is.” He was also told that the little gray aliens with black eyes are deceptive, and are in league with secret government agencies. The tall humanoid beings such as the Orions nd the Pleiadians are the ones who represent the harmony of God. The witness has been involved in other encounters.
Source:  Ravenwolf in I was abducted.com

Date: February 1999
Location: Near Corredor, Panama
Time: late night
Summary: Several persons traveling by car in an isolated road spotted a vaguely human figure that crossed the road in front of them at a very swift pace. It appeared to be encased in dimly lit plastic. It disappeared into a nearby embankment.
Source: Leyendas Urbanas En Panama

Date: February 2 1999
Location: McMinnville, Oregon
Time: night
Summary: Several campers at an isolated ranch were sitting around a campfire when they heard some noises in the brush. They went to look and found some weird footprints and followed them. They went through the woods and into a meadow and saw a huge bizarre creature resembling a walking tree, except for the head. The creature was walking through the meadow at a very fast pace. It scurried away as they shone a flashlight at it. Later that night the campers saw a bright light shoot over the area at high speed.
Source: Filer’s Files # 6

Date: February 4 1999
Location: Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Time: 2030
Summary: Jorge Alfonso was walking his dog when he noticed a bright light some distance away. Thinking that it was a car that had broken down he approached it. A he neared the light he was stunned to see an object about 3 meters in diameter. Through an opening he could see a (undescribed) humanoid operating some type of control. He approached to within 30 meters of the object. Two minutes later the craft rose slowly up and disappeared into the sky.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date: February 5 1999
Location: West Sussex, England
Time:  0300A
Summary: The 23-year old witness saw a small glowing sphere enter through her closed window into her bedroom. Suddenly she found herself inside a brightly lit round room with long windows. Inside she met a six-foot tall, pale skin, human like, well-built male with very blue eyes. There were also smaller humanoids described as dark skin, and wearing large hoods. Soon she found herself back home and found a large straight bruise on the right side of her neck that disappeared after two hours.
Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch

Date:   February 10 1999
Location:  North Pole, Alaska
Time:   20:40
Summary:  At about 2040 AKST North Pole Alaska area toward the NorthEast my wife and I witnessed a “Orange Sphere” hovering low on horizon just to the east of where I viewed and videotaped two similar objects on September 24th 1998. I first saw it at the kitchen window of our cabin and called for my wife, who was on the couch to come to the window, but, it was gone before she could get to the window, I went to get my coat and go outside to get more firewood when I saw the object. I then saw it again through another window, it appeared to be left of original location. I called for my wife again and she watched it, saying oh that’s probably a light from a house, I reminded her that no houses are over where the light was, she then said I am going out and stood at the kitchen window watching it as she put her coat on. I went outside before her and watched it. It was spinning and had bright orange fire encircling it, about 1/10 the size of a full moon, it then disappeared so I went back in and said it was gone. My wife said “No it’s back” as she was still at kitchen window. I looked out and saw it then she went out as I went upstairs to get the video camera. She was at slough (overflow of the Chena River) and viewing it clearly (before it was behind some trees at times) while I was getting the camera, I turned on the camera as a walked out the door, It disappeared as I walked out. My wife was white as a sheet and speechless, after all she has viewed the videotape of the September 24th sighting and now saw what was on the video in real life. Duration:20 minutes approx.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:   February 12 1999
Location:  Over North Atlantic Ocean, Near Iceland
Time:  01:00
Summary:  The object seemed distant, yet it was about the size of a pea as seen through the aircraft window. It was perfectly round and dark, with a dark reddish-brown cast to it. It was perfectly outlined against the brilliant white clouds, and did reflect sunlight back from its edges as if it were very reflective but part of it was in shadow. (?) There was only one object, and it remained relatively motionless, just sort of bobbing and weaving. On several ocassions, the object seemed to drift too much in a vertical or horizontal distance, then it quickly and smoothly returned to its original position. It stayed in full-view for as long as I could see as the airplane progressed. My seatmate was asleep, this being a flight from Birmingham, UK to Newark, NJ. So, there was no one else for me to confirm the sighting with. I don’t know what it was, but it seemed strange. Do balloons of any kind ascend to that height? I seem to recall the pilot saying that we were at about 38,000 feet. And the little inflight video screens noted that we were over the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere near Iceland. I am a marketing professional with no prior sightings of this kind. I was returning from a major trade show in the UK. I am a 35-year-old male American. Duration: 2-3 minutes
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:   February 14 1999
Location:  Mt. Popocatepetl Mexico
Time:  17:00
Summary:  Watching Live Video Cam of Popo at http://www.cenapred.unam.mx/UltimaImagenVolcan2.html. Spherical object moved just above the peak from right to left along the diagonal of the peak always just above it… image refreshed every 30 seconds… I watched it for over an hour than it moved straight up above the clouds in the background. Disappeared for awhile and then reappeared in the jpg I will send. The second one appeared on the left flank on the volcano only when I captured the picture… never saw it move.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: February 14 1999
Location: El Paso Texas
Time: midnight
Summary: The witness saw a bright green light descending; it seemed to get brighter as it got closer. As it approached it dimmed revealing a silver disc shaped object that was spinning. There were several lighted windows around its rim, and the witness was able to see several “shadows” inside.
Source: UFOPI

Date: February 15 1999
Location: Lucky Point, Knox County, Indiana
Time: 1403
Summary: For a total duration of three minutes a single witness saw a bright flash in the northwest. A silvery/shimmering disc the size of a 707 was then observed, with no sound. The object tipped on its side and traveled up and down in all directions. Moved in a figure 8 maneuvers and disappeared into the northwest. A picture was taken. Some time the next day the witness was approached by three men in dark suits who demanded the print and negative taken of the object. The three men identified themselves as employees of Indianapolis Power and Light and asserted that it was illegal to take photos of the power lines. IPL was contacted and denied representatives were sent to the witness.
Source:Kerry Teverbaugh, Indiana Mufon

Date: February 17 1999
Location: Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: Gley Freitas observed a large oval shaped object on the ground. Next to the object stood two tall humanoids wearing tight-fitting outfits and helmets. Afraid, the witness did not get any closer. No other information.
Source:Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:   February 19 1999
Location:  Caimanes Chile
Time:  22:00
Summary:  We were star watching as we had done for many nights. We saw an object that looked bigger than a typical star. It suddenly moved a very long distance very quickly. It then disappeared and reappeared five seconds later in its previous position. It did this two times. Other witnesses saw the same phenomenon. Duration: 6 minutes
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:   February 21 1999
Location:  Fairbanks (20m miles south of), Alaska
Time:  22:30
Summary:  saw a dark triangle shapes craft with very large white lights on the rear corners and also on the front all light were on the bottom of the craft. I had never seen an airplane with such large lights, 3 feet across. I do not know how large the craft was. But it was at least 40 feet and less than a quarter mile away. as it proceeded to clime I noticed several red lights at the rear. They were not blinking.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: February 21 1999
Location: Bangues, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Time: midnight
Summary: Jose Joaquim Dos Santos was parked on the side of the road resting in his car when he looked up and saw a short figure with a very large head looking inside the vehicle through one of the rear passenger windows. Scared, the witness exited the car and saw the short figure disappear into the distance on the roadway.
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date:   February 24 1999
Location:  Gent, Oost Vlaanderen Belgium
Time:  22:00
Summary:  We (me and my girlfriend) were walking home , we were looking at the hyades, when suddenly my girlfriend shouts and points out to something I could not identify. I could get a good look at it when it slides thru the air There was no tail(like a comet) it was too big to be an airplane flying so high that we couldn’t hear the engines. It wasn’t an airplane, it wasn’t a comet, it wasn’t a sky tracer nor a satellite. I’m very sceptic about this all and I really didn’t believe in et’s but now I do. I am sure that it was something we don’t know , it might have been a strange nature effect, But I am sure that it is unknown. I already have read a lot of books about weird things in this life on earth, I know alot of weird nature effects, but this one is unknown!
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  February 25 1999: The Washington State Elk Abduction

Date:   February 27 1999
Location:  Oudenaarde and Maarkedal (between) Belgium
Time:  21:15
Summary:  It was already dark outside and I was driving with my motorcycle. I came to a place where there wasn’t much light sow I could see the sky very well. Suddenly I looked up, I don’t now why, I Just did,and I saw right in front of me a green light. I can´t say how high that light was but I just now that it was very high.It was moving in a north-north-west(I think)direction. The light wasn’t bigger than a half centimeters.I´m not sure but I think I saw another light,white or Yellow,in the middle of the green light. There was also a little tail at the back of green light. It was moving at a very high speed.After 3 seconds it was gone.I have nothing heard.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  February 28 1999
Location: Votuporanga, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time: 0012A
Summary: Ana Carolina de Machado reported being chased by three hairy humanoids with large round eyes as she took a walk along the city park. According to the witness, the humanoids suddenly materialized in front of her and chased her. She ran to a nearby security detachment and managed to elude the creatures.
Source:Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:   February 1999

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