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Date: November 1971
Location: Hillsboro, Kansas
Time: unknown
Summary: While driving near Hillsboro, “Luke” saw a silver saucer shaped object descend and hover 12 feet over a nearby field. Going closer to investigate, he saw a hatch open and a ramp descend to the ground. Two beings, about 4 1/2 feet tall and with large, bald heads, wearing white robes, came down the ramp and communicated with the witness telepathically, giving him a “feeling of calm and security.” He asked if he could see the inside of the ship and the two entities escorted him aboard; inside, the ceiling was brightly lit and the floor had an acrylic like finish, while banks of computer like instruments lined one wall, and a master control panel contained five rows of four buttons each. Two high back chairs, on invisible swivels, faced the control panel. After his tour, “Luke” was escorted back down the ramp, and the ship soared out of sight.
Source: Richard Palacioz, Jon Roe

Date: early November 1971
Location: Ipu Ceara, Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: Shortly after a number of observers saw an intensely bright saucer shaped object flying over O Iguato, a farmer in Ipu, a village located in the same state, said the object landed on a rocky hill near his farmhouse; out of it jumped “three little beings.” The incident seized the farmer, Raimundo Nonato, ‘with such a violent nervous crisis,” the witness made straight to the local police to report the incident.
Source: FSR Case Histories # 11

Date: November 1971
Location: Westbrook Connecticut
Time: 1700
Summary: A woman driving home from shopping saw a silvery object pass close overhead and land in a nearby swamp. It passed close enough for her to be able to see several entities through windows in the object. She went into the house at 0502A and was promptly sick at her stomach; the next thing she knew was that it was 0520A and her husband was arriving home. She was greatly disturbed by this loss of at least 15 minutes.
Source: Dave Ward, Hal McCarthy Apro

Date: November 1971
Location: Bradenton, Florida
Time: 1700
Summary: Police officer Jerald Meiers was on his way home after shift change and as often stopped near the inland waterway to sit and relax. It was just about dark as he approached the usual spot, there was a kind of a mechanical buzzing sound in the air and as he walked forward he saw what looked like air on a hot highway, that is, it moved and shimmered but in a local area and not around it, perhaps like a vortex. As he got closer he seemed to hear the sound inside his head and then a form began to become visible, about nearly two feet off the ground. It was human-like, in that there were two arms and legs, and a torso and head, but in some form of suit like a spacesuit, bluish black or lead colored with helmet and a face plate, glass like. And then a voice in “English” which he heard in his mind asked, “Why do humans have war”? He thought about what he just heard and decided to answer, “Greed”? And then the figure went on to ask about the use and need for currency (money) and about atomic power and weapons and such. As the witness continued to listen and answer the figure became clearer, like a regular person would appear, and clearer in voice with less static or sound. Meiers could barely see inside the helmet but there was a face, barely visible, rather human like, he could not see ears but frontal aspects like eyes, a small mouth, a thin nose and a rather normal forehead and cheeks, seemingly bluish gray in color, this was possibly due to some filter effect on the face shield. After what seemed like minutes it faded back into the vortex or shimmering round area in the area. The whole time the “vortex” was about 2 ft off the ground. As to the questions asked, specially the ones dealing with atomic power or weapons Meiers was not sure of the answer and told the entity that he “would get back to him”. However he returned to same spot over the years but never encountered the entity again. The only thing that he thinks might be a residual result of the encounter was numerous visions of technical drawings of lens-shaped craft and systems that power them and plasma based weapons systems and advanced flying devices. These visions come to Meiers in his dreams. He contacted his shift commander about the encounter but was told to shut up and not to tell anybody.
Source: Fortean Times

Date:  shortly after November 2 1971: Delphos, Kansas Landing Ring

Date: November 4 1971
Location: Near Austin Texas
Time: 0400A
Summary: Trudy Van Riper was awakened by her cats “growling and carrying one;” when she opened the door they hid under the living room couch. When she looked out the window she saw an “elliptical moon” lighting up her back yard and part of the pasture beyond. Going to the front door, she discovered a strange little vehicle sitting on her lawn, which resembled a Volkswagen without fenders or doors. From the top emerged 3 small men dressed in dark garments, one of which communicated with her telepathically, saying, “Are there any pigs in that field? They are hungry.” Then she saw near the men two peculiar animals covered with fuzzy hair, standing erect. She went back into the house and when she looked again the object was airborne, and the “moon” was gone. Later she learned that several pigs had been lost at a nearby farm.
Source: Fate December 1972

Date:  Nov. 5, 1971
Location: Coarsegold, CA
Time: About midnight 
Summary: A rancher and his wife observed a brilliant orange triangular-shaped object with a blinking red light on top. Two more identical objects then appeared alongside the first. A thin orange light beam them emanated from one of the objects and played around on the rocky terrain. No sound was heard, and after 20-30 minutes the lights blinked out. The unidentified objects were hovering directly above two old gold mines.
Source: Los Angeles NICAP Subcommittee report filed by Mrs. Idabel Epperson, who interviewed the witnesses by telephone.

Date: Nov. 6, 1971
Location: Pickaway County, OH
Summary: A UFO resembling a plate turned upside down on another plate that glowed with a white light, reportedly followed the president of a local school board and his wife as they were driving on a rural road just south of Lockbourne Air Force Base. The object flying at an altitude of approximately 500 – 1000 feet, was observed for more than one hour, and appeared to to follow the couple to their farm and orbited the area for about 45 minutes. The object then began a spiral upward vanishing from sight, according to the witness.
Source:  UFO Investigator/ Dec. 1971, page 3

Date: November 7 1971
Location:  Norris City, IL
Time:  Evening
Summary:  Former Navy weather observer and wife observed for 9 minutes a bright, slowly-moving “white-orange” light approaching from the East. Object appeared to be about 1500-2000′, changed course and disappeared.
Source:  UFOI, 71, page 3

Date: November 8 1971
Location: Near Turku, Finland
Time: 2045
Summary: A 37-year old female teacher was on her way home after work. It was cold and rainy and she arrived at the bus stop at 2045. She had waited for the bus for some minutes when a dark “car” stopped in front of her and the man in the car asked her where she was going. When she answered that she would be going some 20km in the direction of Turku, the driver offered her a lift to the bus stop in her hometown. She accepted and stepped in. At once she noticed that there was some kind of transparent magnetic or electrical field between her and the driver. The driver, whom she could see only in profile, was in a strange way elegant and of slender built. She was astonished to see that he wore an outfit silvery-gray in color. However, it was pretty dark inside, so she was not able to see additional details. The driver asked her questions about her work, about the pupils and so on, displaying an unfamiliarity with school life. She also noticed that the “car” was driving soundlessly and some 1-2 meters above the surface of the road. Strangely, no other traffic met them, nor passed by, although the road was usually very transited. She could see the familiar landmarks. When they came to the bus stop, she asked to be led off, but the driver said he wanted to continue the conversation. She refused since she had little children waiting for her @ home. The driver then asked if he could continue the conversation some other time, but she refused saying that her husband would not understand, the driver then asked where her husband was, to which she replied that he was in Sweden on business, so she had to hurry and tend to the children. She bade goodbye and then the driver also bade goodbye, after which the car door opened by itself and she stepped out. As she watched the car disappeared, although there were more than one km of straight road visible. She suffered from hot flashes immediately after the encounter and later from a severe headache, a reddened face and static electricity.
Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland

Date: November 13 1971
Location:  Lucerne Valley, California
Time:  1715
Summary:  Three hunters found several 12-14″ circles imprinted in the soil about 12’feet apart, suggesting to them UFO landing marks; they set up camp nearby. About 1715 a large yellow white light was seen to land near the site; then a smaller yellow white light emerged from the spot and traversed to the desert area below the mountains much faster than a man could travel. When one light began to approach the hill where they camped, one suggested trying to signal with their flashlights; the other rejected the idea, and their apprehension increased when they heard the braking of branches nearby and an unintelligible cry, although they actually saw no beings. They left the area in haste. The next day at the site they found two holes 2″ in diameter, identical to the ones they had noted in the “landing mark” triangle.
Source:  Ann Druffel for Nicap

Date: November 17 1971
Location:   Bananeiras Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Time:  2130
Summary:  The third incident involving Paulo Caetano Silveira occurred in the company of his friend, Elvio B. While the two were driving back to Itaperuna from Natividade De Carangola, Paula Caetano’s car began to malfunction; he pointed this out to his friend, he replied that he was drowsy and wanted to sleep, as before, the car was displaced off the road and stopped, and the same object again focused on the car, the door opened, and Paulo was transported to the object, accompanied by the same type of entity as described previously, but this time the being was dressed in pink. The witness was examined by a machine that extended from the ceiling; blood samples were taken and he was shown several panels, on one of which was displayed the town plan of Itaperuna; the second panel seemed to show an atomic explosion. The whole episode lasted no more than five minutes, at which time he recalls being back in the car. His friend, on the other hand, claimed that when Paulo said they were being followed by an object, it was nothing but a bus; he could in no way support the encounter with an object, although he could not account for his finding the car by the side of the road, the door open, and his friend on the ground nearby in a stupor. Paulo was taken to SAMDU Hospital again, where doctors found a wound on his arm. Police could find no trace of blood in the car.
Source:   Dr. Walter Buhler

Date: November  1971

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