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‘1991 Sightings’

1991: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1991 Location: Near Nerekhta, Kostroma, Russia Time:  late evening Summary: On December 17 1990 the witness Filaret Yakolevich saw a clear red somewhat flattened sphere, it descended at the edge of the woods, approximately one km from his house. The next day he responded to the scene in order to investigate the landing site. He found three oval indentations on the ground. In between these tracks she found 25cm holes, and burned dry weeds all around. From the holes small streams of water flowed out. Soon after this incident Yakolevich began to suffer strange incidents in and around his home. His watch dog seemed to be on edge at all times, doors, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator doors seemed to open on their own accord. A young woman… Read More

1991: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early February 1991 Location: Davizta Uzbekistan Time: unknown Summary: Three local teenagers spotted several metallic robot-like creatures described as resembling truncated pyramids covered with metallic scales. They had what appeared to be wings on their sides and moved about making huge leaps. In the field where the creatures were seen investigators detected a powerful magnetic current. No other information. Source: UFO NS # 260 Date: February 1991 Location:  Near Searchlight, Arizona Time: 0100 A Summary: James J Youlton was driving his mother and brother to Las Vegas. In an isolated stretch of highway, while his mother slept in the backseat, James and his brother spotted a strange man on the side of the road. As they got closer, the stranger started waving… Read More

1991: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Spring  1991 Location:   Near Ulan Bator, Mongolia Time:  unknown Summary:  While local nomads reported seeing flights of disc-shaped objects over the region a woman near the capital reportedly encountered a landed disc along with several human-like beings that emerged from the craft communicating with her by using telepathy. She was then given a ride in the object and flown over the capital. Source:  Fortean Times # 61 Date:  Spring  1991 Location:   Not given Time:  0200A Summary:  The witness suddenly awoke to find the bedroom illuminated by a greenish golden glow. The glow seemed to be everywhere and had no definite source. The witness tried to turn but was unable to move. He then felt a presence at the door. Although he could not turn… Read More

1991: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  April 1991 Location:  Edwards Air Force Base, California Time: unknown Summary: A construction contractor working at underground installation 30 stories deep was walking down a hall with another man when some doors opened unexpectedly. They then caught sight of a figure at least 9-feet tall wearing a lab jacket and talking to two human engineers. The figure was humanoid with long arms almost down to his knees, a large head with huge black slanted eyes and greenish skin. Security personnel then ushered both witnesses out. Source:  Elaine Douglass, Right To Know Forum, Sep/Oct 92 Date:  April 1991 Location: Playa Del Taurito, Gran Canaria Spain Time: 0130 A Summary: Eight soldiers stationed at the local Air Force Base of Gando, including Jose Andres Maxias Soler, were aroused from their sleep by officers who took them by helicopter… Read More

1991: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 1991 Location:  Olivares, Puerto Rico Time:  unknown Summary:  A woman walking alone in a wooded path near her home was apparently accosted and attacked by several small gray-colored humanoids that were intent in trying to abduct her. She managed to fight them off and run home. Luckily the beings did not follow her there. Source:  Jorge Martin, Alien Update Date: May 1991 Location:  Bukit Tunggal, Terengganu, Malaysia Time:  unknown Summary:  Vague report indicating someone capturing a strange two-inch tall humanoid. No other information. What happened to the tiny humanoid? Source:  Ahmad Jamaludin Date: May 1991 Location:  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Time:  1635 Summary:  The 18-year old witness was out fishing at a beachfront location on the grounds of Ramey military base… Read More

1991: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1991 Location: Rural Maine, exact location not given Time: 0200 A Summary: The witness had gone to bed late at night when he suddenly heard what could best be described as “tones” in his head. It was as if he was wearing headphones, the notes seemed to move from ear to ear. As the tempo of the sounds increased, they were joined by, not so much a voice, but a feeling that said – “Relax, Don’t be afraid. Go with it.” Suddenly it felt as he had stuck his head out a car window that was accelerating from 0 – 300 in just a few seconds. Then everything stopped. He floated in total silence, looking through what seemed like a filter at… Read More

1991: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  mid 1991 Location: Sacramento, California Time: night Summary: During a spate of poltergeist and other phenomena at a local residence one of the investigators saw an entity called “The Black Guardian” by members of the household. He described the entity as about 7-feet tall and wearing a black hooded robe. The only features on its face were its eyes, which were almond, shaped, and glowed a faint red. 3 other people who had seen it confirmed this description. Source: Dean Ogden, Fate May 1993 Date: middle of 1991 Location: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico Time:  late night Summary: During a period of intense UFO activity in the region, the witness was visited in her bedroom at home by a short gray-blue skinned humanoid with a large head and black… Read More

1991: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August  1991 Location:   Near Baku Azerbaijan Time:  unknown Summary:  Students from a local military academy encountered a strange creature near the city. It was described as huge, covered with black hair, and with one large red “eye” in the center of its face, just like a Cyclops. Source:  Fortean Times # 63 Date: August  1991 Location:  Mediterranean Ocean, exact location not given Time:  1400 Summary:  Onboard the Russian vessel “Yuri Levitan” seaman V V Petukhov had just finished his chores when a strange feeling overwhelmed him, he felt like if he went above decks he would see a “UFO”. Doing just that he did noticed 7 silvery disks hovering high in the sky partly camouflaging themselves among the… Read More

1991: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Autumn 1991 Location: Cutthroat Bridge, England Time: 1530 Summary: The Johnson family was driving along Manchester Road, past Ladybower Reservoir and as they neared the bridge, Mike, the driver, slammed on the brakes as the car ahead of them had suddenly stopped. They lowered the car window and looked up the road to see on the hillside on the left a large looming figure walk towards the road and began to cross. Slowly, the 8 ft tall man like figure slumbered across the road. They described the creature as covered in long brown hair, shaggy in appearance. Its eyes looked normal but he walked different, like he was crouching. Another car came to a halt and pressed the horn. Suddenly the creature… Read More

1991: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  October 1991 Location:  Edinburgh, Scotland Time: early morning Summary: George Niedzwiedz remembers lying face down on his bed and being woke up by someone in the room standing at the back of the bed just to his right, it was touching the witness shoulder with some kind of instrument. It brought on a tingling sensation. He also heard some words in his mind saying “he wont be taking part of this one.” The object was described as being small, cone shaped with a light at the tip. He remembers watching his wife leave the room without being able to prevent it. He felt that he was being deliberately being restrained in bed. He received the impression that the entity was “old or… Read More

1991: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1991 Location:  Near Prahlad Nyi, Russia Time:   Summary:  A Russian military fighter aircraft shot down a UFO. The UFO crashed near this small town, north of Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The UFO and its undescribed occupants were transported to Zhitkur.  Source:  Chronology of UFO Crashes in The Former Soviet Union Date: November 1991 Location:  Near Warrington, England Time:  0200A Summary:  Returning from the movies, three witnesses were driving under a heavy rain when they approached a roundabout when the driver noticed something unusual—a white Toyota Saloon was parked up right in the middle of the roundabout, actually on the grass center. Thinking that it had been stolen or abandoned, he slowed the car. Now all three men noticed… Read More

1991: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: winter 1991 Location:  El Cobre Spain Time:  night Summary:  Two sentries standing guard duty at an old abandoned prison had been hearing strange noises for several nights resembling doors closing and shutting. One night they heard noises coming from the rear area of some old cellblocks. They obtained a gas lamp and went over to investigate. They approached an old section where they were some paneled windows located. Upon getting closer they noticed a dim light coming from behind the windows. Upon closer investigation the light suddenly became extremely bright, completely illuminating the area. Curiously no light emanated from under the door. Then they both watched stunned as a luminous figure appears behind the window. They follow the… Read More

1991: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1991 Location: Not given Time: 0300 A Summary: The witness was woken up by a very bright white light shining down on the backyard. She sat up in bed and was able to see the light shining through the curtains. Passing in front of the window were shadows of thin figures, with large heads, they were small and moved very fast. She tried to wake her two sleeping dogs but they would not budge, they seemed to be unconscious. Scared she dragged one of the dogs and hid inside the closet. Soon she came out of the closet and suddenly a rush of information entered her head, she saw pictures and glowing symbols, triangles, circles, and other objects. Then a short pale,… Read More