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‘1994 Sightings’

1994: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  January 1994 Location:  Kainuu, Finland Time: 0315A Summary: Two soldiers out on maneuvers in a forested area were awoken at night by a noise apparently coming from above (or the sky). Looking up they saw a light that first they interpreted as a helicopter. It landed about 200 meters from them. They decided to investigate what it was and were met by two human like figures, totally naked (!) “It was -20 degrees. The humanoids gave the two soldiers two circular bands to put on their heads, apparently a translation device. The aliens invited the witnesses onboard the UFO. They explained that they come from a planet about 240 light years away called SUNA. After that they performed some “tests” on the soldiers. Before leaving the object… Read More

1994: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  February 1994 Location:  Braxton County West Virginia Time:  night Summary:  Three men driving on an isolated road were rounding a curve when they spotted a tall winged figure standing on the middle of the roadway. The figure had long “turkey” like legs, somewhat thin. It looked at the witness with bright glowing eyes. The creature then turned and rose up an embankment and disappeared. One of the witnesses thought the head resembled that of a pterodactyl Source:  Bob Teets in West Virginia UFOs, Close Encounters in the Mountain State Date:  February 1994 Location:   Uzhgorod, Ukraine Time:  night Summary:  After suffering an injury, the witness, I Tsellar was at home relaxing in her sofa after having taken an… Read More

1994: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   Spring 1994 Location:  Dublin Ireland Time:  night Summary:  The witness reported being taken onboard a craft, where he saw something resembling a “translucent apparition” with golf ball sized groups of multi-colored lights floating inside of it. He also saw a creature, which was humanoid, with large black eyes and a small slit for a nose. Light appeared to emanate from the humanoid’s mouth.  Source:  IUFOPRA Date:  Spring  1994 Location: Sacramento, California Time:  clear spring day Summary:  A minister claims she and her daughter saw an unidentified flying creature that looked like it was “straight out of Jurassic Park”.  The minister, a 50-year-old Texas resident and avid bird watcher, said they were at Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, south… Read More

1994: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1994 Location: Near Tallahassee Florida Time: late night Summary: Three men driving on an isolated road were startled when their vehicle headlights shone on a short thin figure standing on the middle of the roadway. The figure had a large head and bright luminous eyes. It suddenly darted across the road towards the nearby tree line. It briefly stopped before disappearing into the woods and glanced at the witnesses. The three men later returned to the site and saw an additional three beings, one taller than the other two, standing on the roadway. These also had luminous eyes and ran into the woods disappearing from sight. Source: Hank Worbetz Date: April 1994 Location: Tvrdosovce, Slovakia Time: late night Summary: A 20year old man woke up with… Read More

1994: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 1994 Location: Feijo, Acre, Brazil Time: unknown Summary: An Indian chief in a remote Amazon area reported that a huge hairy humanoid with sharp claws attacked and killed several of his men, apparently eating a couple of them. Another Indian Chief, Joao Kampa, from the nearby Coco-Acu settlement also reported an attack by a similar creature that killed two of his men. The creature is reported to emit a strong defensive odor out of the center of its belly from some type of odor emitting gland located there, sometimes confused with a mouth. Locals call the creature “Mapinguary“. Source:  Pablo Villarrubia Mauso Date: May 1994 Location: Near York, England Time: evening Summary: J Bardet was walking across the Pike Hills golf course near the Askham Bog… Read More

1994: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1994 Location: Near Santa Fe, New Mexico Time: 0300A Summary: Andrew W Montoya and some friends were driving around an isolated area and soon the passenger sitting next to Montoya fell asleep. Soon a strange feeling came over him. He looked off to the right and saw a white ape-like creature running besides the car. He immediately woke up his friend and he saw the creature also. At that time the ape turned and looked at them. The ape’s eyes were an orange-red that seemed to glow as if there was a fire behind them. It kept up with the car for a little while and then turned off and ran into the mountains. The car had been going at approximately… Read More

1994: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1994 Location: Tlatelolco Mexico Time: 0200 A Summary: The 26-year old witness suddenly woke up with a start and saw a meter tall figure approaching his bed. He described the creature as horrible in aspect. It was gray in color, with huge black slanted eyes and long dangling arms. His mouth was opened revealing several fang-like protrusions. It also had small pointed ears. It quickly approached the witness using bizarre zigzag or side-to-side movements. The witness at this point was unable to move. He felt a very foul breath emanating form the creature’s mouth. He was then suddenly able to move and struck at the creature that fell to the carpeted floor. The creature’s skin felt very soft to the touch.… Read More

1994: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1994 Location: Cali, Colombia Time: 0330A Summary: In a cool night the witness was soundly asleep in his bed when he began feeling a strange warmth surrounding his head and shoulders area, he began to toss and turn. He suddenly woke up and looking towards the side of the bed he saw a bizarre figure that appeared to be kneeling on the floor next to his bed. It appeared to be a male figure with long hair and apparently almost totally covered in dark hair. Terrified he began to pray in earnest and he hid under the covers. He did not see the bizarre visitor depart. Source: Bitacora Date: August 1994 Location: Allport, Pennsylvania Time: morning Summary: Michael Shane… Read More

1994: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early September 1994 Location:  Villa Palmeras, Santurce, Puerto Rico Time: late night Summary: The same witness to the previous incident was awaken by the appearance of two short gray-luminous figures in his bedroom. He was briefly paralyzed but was again able to move. The beings ran out of the room as soon as he was able to move. Suddenly a section of the ceiling became luminous and a type of movie screen became visible. Two figures now appeared on the screen, one of the figures was tall and was wearing a uniform, a metallic helmet, and what appeared to be epaulets on his shoulders. He was gray colored with large black slanted eyes. Behind this figure stood a huge wide entity resembling… Read More

1994: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1994 Location: Ohio, exact location not given Time: 0315A Summary: The witness awoke to the sense that something was in the room. She turned over and was startled to see three entities standing at the foot of the bed. There were two taller ones (4ft.) and one shorter one (3ft.). The shorter one told her telepathically, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.” In an instant they were gone, and the witness as sitting up in bed. She vaguely remembered the entities presenting her with a child and telling her that it was hers. She became upset and the smaller being tried to calm her by attempting something resembling a smile. After this incident the witness had numerous terrifying vivid dreams. Source: CAUS… Read More

1994: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1994 Location:  Hartford Connecticut Time:  late night Summary:  The witness, who was 7-9 months pregnant at the time one night, felt herself surrounded by several beings. One of the beings was gray; the other was tall and black with a black robe. This black being appeared to have spikes or something similar on his head. She became alarmed and was told to be calm and not to be afraid. She was told they were looking at her unborn baby and was asked if she wanted to see him. They then apparently took the baby out of her (!) and she was allowed to hold it. Moments later the tall, black being said that they had to put the… Read More

1994: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early December 1994 Location: Dade County, Florida Time: late night Summary: A young boy remembers waking up standing in his backyard looking up at a large hovering triangular-shaped craft. Around the object stood several men wearing military style uniforms and were armed with what appeared to be automatic rifles. One of the men kept yelling to the witness, “Hurry up! Get away there is radiation”. A woman stood in front of the witness and communicated with him. Apparently by using telepathy, the woman was described as human-like with carrot red hair and piercing blue eyes. She wore what appeared to be a flowered dress like outfit and was holding a human child on each hand. A girl on one side and a… Read More

1994: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1994 Location: Northwest Queensland Australia Time: 0445A Summary: Andy, a worker at an isolated drag line of an open cut mine, felt someone was watching him. He then noticed two, average sized persons dressed in silver body suits. They turned away, and about 5 minutes later, an object took off at great speed and disappeared. Source: Keith Basterfield. Date: 1994 Location: A Espenuea, La Coruna Spain Time: evening Summary: After receiving telepathic messages a retired technician saw in a secluded area a landed disc shaped craft, 10 meters from his position. Two beings exited the object, one a tall blond male, of Nordic appearance wearing a white robe, and a shorter creature resembling a robot. The two figures briefly approached the witness but did not communicate with him. They both… Read More