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Date: August 1 1961
Location:  Subic Bay (Philippines
Time: 2:00
Summary: Looking east about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon, I saw this star-like object at a very high speed. There was only one light which is the bottom of the craft. The object was round as I can can see it from below. It was at night so I cannot tell what the upper portion of the object look like.The object was coming at a very high speed and stopped over us.I was amazed by this object, traveling at high speed and made a sudden stop and hover with no overrun. As it hover us, the object turn on its bright light and I could see clearly for about a mile. It was like daylight with no heat.I would also like to add that I did not hear an engine sound from this object and that’s what scared me. I thought to myself that this object is not from earth. Also, I have kept this a secret for 35 years, because I don’t know what it was until last summer I saw on the television a special on UFO sightings. It was an astronaut orbiting around the earth who saw it first coming towards earth and I was the second one to see it here on earth. I don’t Know if there are more people saw this on earth.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 12 1961
Location: Kansas City Kansas BBU 7579
Time: 2100
Summary: Two Drake University students saw a large object shaped like an oval with “running boards” bearing a series of lights. It hovered for about 4 min at tree-height, shot straight up, climbed away toward the east, then disappeared from view in five sec or so.
Source: Magonia 522

Date: Aug. 17, 1961 
Location: Stillwater, Minn. 
Summary: A V-formation of yellowish lights (or V-shaped UFO with body lights) passed behind trees at low altitude.

Date: August 25 1961
Location: Toulouse (France
Summary: Approximate date. Five persons observed a luminous, yellow sphere, 8 m in diameter, flying about 10 m above the road. Horizontal and vertical bands of darker tone gave the impression of “windows.” The object flew up very fast when the car reached town.
Source: Magonia 523

Date:  August  1961

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