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Date: Aug. 1, 1963 
Location: Garston, Herts., England
Summary: A former RAF pilot, and flying instructor, observed a triangular UFO which hovered for a long period of time, then climbed out of sight. An air traffic controller four miles away also observed the UFO.
Source: FLIGHT International, 15 August 1963.

Date: Aug. 4-5, 1963: The Wayne City, Illinois Car Chase

Date: Aug. 6, 1963
Location:  Sanford, Florida
Summary: Orville Hartle, Chairman of the LaPorte, Indiana NICAP Subcommittee, on a brief visit to Florida, observed a UFO. He obtained a full report with signatures of 13 additional witnesses. The object appeared in the northwest sky first as a red, then a white moving light. To the west, the star-like light hovered, then moved south. To the south, the object began a series of gyrations and pulsated on and off, visible intermittently. It moved up and down, back and forth, once emitting a flare of greenish-white light.

Date: Aug. 7, 1963 
Location: 4 miles E of Fairfield, Illinois BBU 
Time: 8:45-9:10 p.m. 
Summary: Chauncey Uphoff and Mike Hill heard dogs bark, saw a yellowish-orange diamond shaped noiseless luminous object to the SW about 1,000 ft altitude moving E, joined by a pinpoint white light that went from SE to NW climbing with a possible drumming sound and when near the first object the latter blinked out. When the pinpoint light disappeared to the NW the diamond-shaped object reappeared as dim gray to the SW maneuvering towards them to the S about 45° elevation then SE with a U-turn or loop, appearing on edge with a tail or trail, changing color to orange then brilliant blue ­white, disappearing in the SE. Object’s angular size much larger than the moon.
Source: NICAP

Date: August 7 1963
Location: Centralia Illinois
Time: night
Summary: Five persons observed a luminous source flying slowly over the railroad tracks. Direction of travel: west, then north. It appeared ready to land in a wooded area. Its luminosity was variable.
Source: Magonia 576

Date: August 8 1963
Location: Mount Vernon Illinois
Time: 2210
Summary: An oval, luminous object coming from the north dived toward Centralia Road, followed a car, flying around it. Then it went away toward the west, disappeared like a bulb turned off, and was seen again in the west flying very fast. It was observed by numerous people. Total duration: 15 min.
Source: Magonia 577

Date:  August 9, 1963 
Location: Mt. Vernon, Illinois BBU 
Time: 10:10 pm. 
Summary:  Former Mayor Harry Bishop observed a large, bright red light which appeared to be only about 300 or 400 feet high, was oval shaped, and was “about the size of a washtub.” It followed a car along Centralia road. When the car stopped, the driver jumped out and looked upward. The UFO stopped and hovered, then moved away at right angles to its original course at a high rate of speed.It seemed to be making a light whirring sound. Bishop estimated that the fireball was in sight for from ten to 15 minutes. 

Date: Aug. 11, 1963 
Location: Warrenville, Illinois          BBU 8506
Time: 10 p.m.
Summary:  R. M. Boersma saw a light move around the sky. 
Source: Berliner

Date: Aug. 13-14, 1963 
Location: St. Calen, Switzerland                   BBU 8514
Time: 8:04 p.m. 
Summary: A. F. Schelling saw a fireball become a dark object after 4 mins, then a bigger glow, 1 min later, finally exploding. Note: same witness had another, un-described, sighting on Aug. 14. 
Source: Berliner

Date: Aug. 13, 1963 
Location: Nr. Ellsworth, Maine
Summary: A family and their housekeeper observed an elliptical object, apparently on the ground adjoining Molasses Pond, for more than an hour. Body lights were visible along its length, and rays of light shone upward from each end of the object occasionally.
Source: Witnesses interviewed by Walter N. Webb, NICAP Adviser

Date: August 13 1963
Location: Ellsworth Maine
Summary: An elliptical object with lights on its entire length and occasional flashes at both ends was seen at ground level for over one hour by an entire family.
Source: Magonia 578

Date: Aug. 13, 1963 
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Summary: While vacationing in Hawaii, a chemist observed a UFO and reported it to NICAP. Dr. Richard Turse, Princeton, N.J., about 11:30 p.m., saw a round reddish object pass overhead from southwest to northeast. The UFO “traveled across the sky at great speed making two sharp turns at the same speed.”

Date: Aug. 18, 1963 
Location: Ft. Kent, Maine
Summary: A silvery disc-shaped UFO was seen by two young boys, whose parents agreed they must have seen something unusual. The disc passed from north to south, emitting a hum intermittently.

Date: August 20 1963
Location: Rome Italy
Time: 2132
Summary: In a wooded area near Rome, a man in a car observed an object resembling a plate turned upside down, with a central turret, flying low over his vehicle.
Source: Magonia 579

uo14aDate: August 28 1963
Location: Sagrada Famila Brazil
Time: 1915
Summary: Two brothers, F. and R.
Eustagio, 11 and 9, saw a luminous sphere at treetop level. Through an opening they observed “several rows of people inside” and a thin, 3 m tall being, who glided down to the ground along two vertical beams of light. He walked with a strange, swinging motion, then sat down. He wore a transparent helmet, had one eye in the middle of his forehead, wore high boots that left a triangular imprint, and carried a box emitting flashes. He made a threatening gesture and flew up to the sphere, which left. The children somehow became convinced that the being was “good” and would return.
Source: Magonia 580

Date: August  28, 1963: The Friendly Giant

Date:  August 1963

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