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1986: March UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)

Date:  Spring 1986
Location:  Near Tabossi, Entre Rios, Argentina
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  Several witnesses onboard a bus were approaching a hill where some high-tension wires were located when they what appeared to be a potential passenger waiting on the side of the road. The witnesses were somewhat surprised to see that the stranger was staring intently at the high-tension wires above him. As the bus drove by slowly he figure took a quickly glance at the passengers, which were able to describe it in more detail. The figure was very short in stature, wearing a shiny silvery outfit with what appeared to be some kind of “cuffs” that covered its arms; it had large staring eyes and a large baldhead. A sensation of fear invaded the conductor and he quickly accelerated away from the area.
Source:   Fabio Picasso, Argentina

Date:  March 1986
Location:  Thousand Oaks California
Time:  unknown
Summary:  The witness encountered in her living room a short half-solid and half transparent being that radiated sweetness and peace. He stood with his hands folded and was surrounded by a soft bright white glow. He told the witness telepathically that “its time.”
Source:  Carole Alberts, UFO Vol. 3 # 2

Date:  March 1986
Location. St. Petersburg Florida
Date: March 15 1986
Time: 2230
The witness was sitting on her couch watching television when suddenly she felt static electricity that made the hairs of her arms and neck stand up. She then felt something besides her. Looking, she saw a human like figure apparently made out of light or energy. You could see right through the figure, and bone like structures were visible. The being spoke something that the witness was not able to understand. It sounded like a phonograph record being played to fast. 10 minutes passed that seemed only seconds for the witness. Afraid she took her two boys and left the house.

Source: NUFORC

Date:  March 21 1986
Location:  Santa Ana Corrientes Argentina
Time:  0100A
Summary:  A farmer reported seeing an object with brilliant lights descend and land slowly near him. Two short humanoids wearing black tight fitting outfits emerged from the object. These approached the witness; signaled to him, then spoke in an unknown language. The beings left when the witness told them he could not understand them. A six-meter circle of burned grass was found on the site and the witness suffered from headaches after the incident.
Source:  UFO Data Base

Date: March 22 1986
Location: Near Teocaltiche Mexico
Time: after dusk
Summary: A local peasant couple living with their cancer stricken 6-year old daughter were startled when a seven-foot tall human like figure wearing a glistening suit walked into their tiny hut. The being hesitated then pointed a paralyzing beam of greenish-blue light that seemed to emanate from the palm of his hand. The couple could not move as they watched the tall figure carry their daughter and gently placing her on the kitchen table. For two hours the being spoke to the little girl in a strange language then placed two glowing metal tubes next to her temples. Five minutes later he removed them and the girl jumped up apparently cured. The being then departed in a black bullet-shaped craft that had landed next to the witness house.
Source:  Lillian Crowner Desguin, UFOs Fact or Fiction

Date:  March 1986



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